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When War Chhod Naa Yaar cast surprised Dil Dostii Dance actors!
When War Chhod Naa Yaar cast surprised Dil Dostii Dance actors!
The star cast of coming film War Chhod Na Yaar, including Javed Jaffery, Sharman Joshi and Soha Ali Khan visited the sets of popular youth show Dil Dostii Dance, aired on Channel V and produced by Cineviataas. It was unplanned visit of the actors to pep up all the youngsters like Shantanu Maheshwari, Vrushika Mehta and Kunwar Amar present on the sets. The team reached at their rehearsals room and surprised one and all.

“When the master dancer Javed Jaffery casually strode in much to the teenage actors’ delight they all were rushed in to seek Javed’s blessings,” said sources. The beautiful actress Soha Ali Khan and talented Sharman also accompanied Javed and they together shared funny moments they had while shooting the film War Chhod Na Yaar, with young guns of the show.

They shared, “Soha and Sharman made Javed dance in the sandy deserts which immediately elicited peals of laughter from Sharman and Soha.” Sharman also shared his funny moment when he enjoys jive dance form with Javed.

Co-incidentally, their visit happened when Soha Ali Khan celebrates her birthday. The entire cast wished the actress and when they asked her what she did on her special day. “I actually spent my day in Delhi with my family,” said Soha and also wished all the actors of Dil Dostii Dance good luck. She also playfully warned them against indulging in any war-like situation on sets.

The particular episode starring Sharman, Soha and Javed in Dil Dostii Dance will be aired soon.

Health hiccups for Sharon and Swayam of Dil Dostii Dance!
It seems something went wrong with the popular stars of Dil Dostii Dance, which airs on Channel [V] and is produced by Cinevistaas productions, as they are facing health issues one after another. Recently it was reported that beautiful Vrushika Mehta, who plays Sharon on the show went through dengue but at the same day she got discharged from the hospital, went to shoot for the Mega Monday.

Aw! How courageous she is. Now, report says that her on-screen partner Shantanu Maheshwari, who essays Swayam has got injured while shooting an intense scene. He got his hand slammed so hard that he cut a nerve in between his fingers.

According to the sources from the set, revealed that Vrushika and Shantanu have not been at the best of their health for some time now. While one has been plagued by health issues, the other has been breaking knuckles and hurting himself.

When sources got in touch with Shantanu, he just smiled and said, “Yes, I have heard of this. True that Vrushika had been ill. And when I was shooting for a scene, I actually got so involved that I hit my hand badly. I split the webbing between my fingers and had to be rushed to hospital. I got back after having 5-6 stitches (smiles).”

We pray for the fast recovery for both!

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