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Latest Update:
  • Today Episode.
  • Main Hoon Aparajita first episode review: Shweta Tiwari shines in this run-of-the-mill-saga
  • Main Hoon Aparajita is quite a run-of-the-mill saga. The first episode does not offer anything new to the audience in terms of content. There are unrealistic situations created to mount the drama. Aparajita's three daughters take way too long to react when they are teased and taunted by men on the street. Even Aparajita's reunion with Akshay looks abrupt.
Star Cast:

  • Shweta Tiwari
    is back on television after almost two years with daily soap Main Hoon Aparajita where she plays the titular role. The actress, who had set the bar high with her previous show Mere Dad Ki Dulhan, does not disappoint with her performance this time as well.
  • Shweta Tiwari, as Aparajita
  • Anushka Merchande as Chhavi
  • Dhwani Gori, as Disha
  • Shruti Choudhary, as Aasha
  • Manav Gohil, as Akshay
  • Shweta Gulati, as Mohini
  • Nishikant Dixit
  • Amita Khopkar
  • The opening scene shows Aparajita, the owner of Asha laundry, taking up an order from a customer who wants clothes the same day for a wedding. She promises to deliver and talks about her three daughters - Chavi, Asha and Disha - who help her with her work.
  • Meanwhile, the three girls are seen getting ready for school anxiously as it's the result day. All three of them have different personalities. While Chavi, who we learn has failed multiple times in the same class, is meek and submissive, Asha and Disha are relatively more confident. Their Dadi also lives with them and all of them are shown to share a close bond with each other.
  • In several recaps and conversations, viewers are told how Aparajita's husband Akshay (Manav Gohil) left her for another woman, giving society a reason to taunt the family time and again. For instance, their neighbour Pappi comes to taunt them after Chavi fails her exam yet again. She also talks about Aparajit's husband leaving them.
  • Aparajita stands solid by all her daughters and fights the world. She gives it back to Pappi. Even Disha ends up beating the men who tease Chavi and mock their mother's failed marriage while they are on their way to deliver the clothes at the wedding venue.
  • Later, Akshay is shown to return to Aparajita's life after 15 years. There's no trace of love in their reunion, rather the two are quite cold to each other.
  • However, Shweta Tiwari manages to hold the show and shines in it. She is the one who stands tall against all odds and does not give in. It still remains to be seen what Manav Gohil's character has to offer to the viewers. Overall, it makes for just about an average watch.

 Latest Update:

  • Spoiler:
  • Coming back to Bigg Boss 16, Abdu is the first confirmed contestant of Bigg Boss 16. At a promotional event in Mumbai, Salman Khan announced Abdu’s name as the first contestant of the season.
    With a broad smile, Abdu Rozik expressed his excitement and said, “I love going to the Bigg Boss house…excited, bahut excited!

  • Who is Abdu Rozik, Bigg Boss 16’s Confirmed Contestant
  • Bigg Boss 16 confirmed contestant Abdu Rozik is trending big on Google as the audience is excited to know who all others will be in this year’s contestants list. On Tuesday, Salman Khan at the press conference announced Abdu Rozik as one of the confirmed contestants of Bigg Boss 16. Despite his baby-faced appearance, Abdu is actually over the age of 19. Abdu became an overnight internet sensation in 2021 following the videos of him and Hasbulla fighting and arguing
  • Social media sensations Just Sul and Abdu Rozik to be seen on the show, This afternoon ETimes TV informed our readers exclusively that filmmaker Sajid Khan & Shivin Narang has been confirmed as one of the contestants this season. Now, the latest we have learnt that social media sensations Just Sul and Abdu Rozik have also been finalised for Bigg Boss 16.
  • Both Just Sul and Abdu Rozik enjoy immense fan base on social media and huge sensations over the internet. Just Sul, whose real name is Shantinath Sul is a Mechanical engineer and a social media sensation. He switched his career to become a social media comedian and actor.
  • Abdu Rozak hails from Tajikistan. He became a sensation with his singing videos. Apart from singing traditional songs, Abdu also sings Hindi songs. His videos are quite popular on social media, and he is one of the most loved personality. Abdu also rose to fame after a fight with fellow Internet sensation Hasbullah Magomedov. The video went viral and quickly became a topic of discussion. The artist has more than 2.5 million followers on Instagram. He is also part of Salman Khan’s forthcoming film Sabka Bhai Sabki Jaan. Handsome Hunks in the history of Bigg Boss All Seasons
  • Controversial reality show will most likely be launched on Saturday, October 1 and its second half will be aired on Sunday, October 2. Bigg Boss All Seasons - Most Stylish Contestants
  • As per the information given by many Youtube videos, Abdu Rozik suffered from rickets in his childhood and due to his family’s financial problems, they couldn’t get him treated which eventually led to his height getting stagnant at a young age. However, the statement hasn’t been confirmed by Abdu himself.
  • He continued, “I love you, everyone, please support me as (I am) Chota Bhaijaan, please support me, please vote for me! Please don’t fight with me…I love you,” soon after which Salman gave a disclaimer that Abdu is not a kid and that he is older than 18 years, and very much eligible to enter the Bigg Boss house.

Unknown Facts:
  • Abdu Rozik is a Tajik Singer and rapper. He is the world’s smallest singer.
  • Abdu hails from Tajikistan and has a Youtube channel called Avlod Media which has more than 580k subscribers.
  • Abdu will soon be seen in Salman Khan’s film Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan.
  • Abdu garnered a lot of fame after a video of him fighting Hasbulla went viral on social media.
  • Netizens like Abdu Rozik and Hasbulla for their small height and great personality.


 Latest Update:

  • Sherdil Shergill review: Surbhi Chandna and Dheeraj Dhoopar’s show dwells on the important topic of embracing motherhood without getting married.
About the TV Show:

  • Sherdil Shergill is an Indian Hindi-language television romantic series that premiered on 26 September 2022 on Colors TV. It is digitally available on Voot. Produced by Saurabh Tewari under the banner of Parin Multimedia, it stars Dheeraj Dhoopar and Surbhi Chandna.[
  • Surbhi Chandna and Dheeraj Dhoopar's much talked-about show Sherdil Shergill premiered on September 26 and here’s our first impression.
  • The show opens to establish Surbhi aka Manmeet Shergill as a brutally honest and successful architect, who is visibly annoyed and angry with Raj Kumar Yadav’s antics.
  • The first episode does not quite clarify who Raj is, but certain moments give a hint towards him being the other lead.
  • The show narrates the coming-of-age story of an unusual yet tenacious girl, Manmeet Shergill, who takes some unusual decisions that change her life forever.
  • She is young and ambitious and wants to make a name for herself in the male-dominated field of architecture.
  • Manmeet has a chance encounter with a carefree young boy Rajkumar Yadav that paves way for a beautiful love story.
New Star Cast:
  • Surbhi Chandna as Manmeet Shergill - Anmol's mother
    Dheeraj Dhoopar as Rajkumar "Raj" Yadav
  • Manmeet plays the role of a single mother, who goes to school for her son’s admission and faces questions like – Who is the father, why is there no father, modern girls don’t need a partner – to which, surprisingly Manmeet plays very cool with no reaction.
  • It also gives a glimpse into Manmeet being the apple-eyed daughter in the family with big dreams and how one single step of hers messes her bond with her father. Here it is also shown that Manmeet has a sister, who is about to get married and her in-laws are heavily influenced by the elder’s popularity and hence want her presence at the wedding.
  • Manmeet’s background quickly unravels showing us that she did get ready for an arranged marriage and also said yes to a guy. However, Manmeet sees her dream of making a building that would compete with Burj Khalifa getting shattered in front of the guy, who gets a job in Dubai and a house in front of Burj Khalifa.
  • While Manmeet says no to the guy, she gets scorned and cursed by her father saying ‘you will die alone’. How archaic!
  • Hence, Manmeet decides to embrace her longing to become a mother and opts for an IVF. Manmeet’s father’s dialogue ‘uss cheez ko mat leke aana’ referring to her son will make you cringe to the core.
  • Talking about Dheeraj Dhoopar, who plays the role of Raj Kumar Yadav, plays an annoying lad – in short – ‘bade baap ka bigda hua aulaad’. Manmeet doesn’t leave a chance to show Raj the mirror saying, “You are a product of nepotism”. And for a bit you’ll feel if that’s an episode from Koffee with Karan.
  • Sherdil Shergill looks promising with two big names paired for the first time. It will be interesting to see how Manmeet’s track unfolds and how Raj decides to become a stand-up comic as so far, we don’t get to see any humorous side of him.
  • Overall, Manmeet’s bond with the little kid, who plays her son, is very adorable. Surbhi and Dheeraj’s pairing is also quite refreshing. Also, Surbhi underplays Manmeet compared to how successful her character is established and we wish to see a bit more fierce and feisty side of her.


Latest Update:
  • Malayalam TV show Koodevide's recent episode with Elon Musk reference becomes fodder for memes.
  • TV shows have been time and again trolled on social media for their unrealistic elements, sequences and plots. However, this time, a dialogue in the popular Malayalam daily soap 'Koodevide' with a reference to Elon Musk has become fodder for memes.
  • In the recent episode of 'Koodevide', characters Adithyan, Rishi, Surya, and Aditi were seen having a conversation. In the chat, Adithyan, played by Anil Mohan informs Surya (Anishitha) that one of her projects was selected for a national conference. Further, he adds that the guest of the conference will be none other than her idol, Elon Musk.
  • The sequence in the show got heavily trolled on social media and one of the troll videos has already clocked half a million likes as well. The post is filled with hilarious comments by netizens taking a jibe at the Elon Musk reference.
About the Show:
  • Koodevide is an Indian Malayalam television romantic drama thriller series that premiered on 4 January 2021 and airs on Malayalam General Entertainment Channel Asianet and also available on the digital platform Disney+ Hotstar.
  • The show is produced by Movie Mill of Krishnan Sethukumar, and stars Bipin Jose, Anshitha, Krishna Kumar (later replaced by Anil Mohan), and Sreedhanya in the leads.
  • It is an official remake of Bengali series Mohor
  • 'Koodevide' is one of the popular shows on Malayalam TV.
  • The striking chemistry of actors Bipin Jose and Anshitha is much loved by fans. Along with them, actors Anil Mohan, Sreedhanya, Nisha Mathew also play meaty roles in the show.
  • On a similar note, one of the fun conversations of comedians Tini Tom and Ramesh Pisharody in the show 'Fun's Upon A Time, imitating actor Bala, recently went viral on social media.
Star Cast:
  • Anshitha Anji (Anshitha Akbarsha) as Soorya Kaimal
  • Shivarama and Devamma's younger daughter and Arya's and Nithin's younger sister. Shekhar's cousin, Adhithi's student
  • Bipin Jose as Rishikesh Adithyan aka Rishi
  • Adhithi and Adithyan's son, Soorya's teacher
  • Krishnakumar / Anil Mohan as Adithyan
  • Rishi's father, Soorya's teacher. He is Adhithi's estranged husband who comes to meet her regularly. Anandan and Rani's brother
  • Sreedhanya as Adhithi Padmanabhan
  • Adithyan's estranged wife, Rishikesh's mother, Rani's sister-in-law and Soorya's mentor. She supports Soorya in her studies.


  • Bengali - Mohor
  • Kannada - Sarasu
  • Telugu - Guppedantha Manasu
  • Hindi - Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani
  • Malayalam - Koodevide
  • Tamil - Kaatrukkenna Veli
  • Marathi - Swabhiman - Shodh Astitvacha

  • My mom s watching n full of praise for the serial. I watched only one episode. All d characters r carefully selected but y r those two girls looking like this?? So bad... It s like.. I dono to explain but I know no college will have such girls inside the campus. The way they dress s so absurd! Both r looking like super dumb n shameful! So pls look into it.
  • The serial was going well,  unfortunately after a while , it is boring.  After the incident , Rishi must narrate all the  back stories to SP Suraj, but He just kept silent.  The director and the script writer making the viewers fools.  Rishi must explain what Surya has seen , and who has pushed Mitra . This is utter foolishness.  Please bring back the serial to a sensible story.  Also Rishi must improve a lot. A serial's success is its dialogue presentation.  Unfortunately Rishi is not good on dialogue presentation.


Latest Update:
  • New TV show Ferari Mon to launch soon
  • Bengali television is ready to welcome a brand new television show. Titled ‘Ferari Mon’, the TV show will soon premiere on a popular Bengali television channel which recently launched daily soaps like ‘Indrani’, ‘Canning Er Minu’.
  • The upcoming project will star two young artists whom Bengali viewers have already seen in different daily soaps.
Star Cast:

  • While ‘Adorini’ fame Sudipta Roy, who had also appeared in the television adaptation of ‘Kheerer Putul’, the makers have roped in Bipul Patra to play the male lead. Prior to this, Bipul was featured in the mythological television show ‘Jai Jagannath’.
  • The show has an interesting cast and will also feature Sandy Saha who will play Agni’s close friend.
  • Ferari Mon’s story revolves around two college goers Tulsi and Agni, who are poles apart by nature.
  • According to the storyline, female protagonist Tulsi is a courageous girl.
  • She is strong and confident. Tulsi believes in herself and always fights for truth.
  • On the other hand, Agni is a rich brat who is overconfident and dominating.
  • They first meet in the college and the very first meeting causes a ripple.
  • When Agni’s speeding car pushes everyone sideways and he doesn’t spare the professor either, courageous Tulsi stops him.
  • Their enmity starts from there and the duo simply can’t stand each other. But following the classic pattern of love stories, the enmity doesn’t really stay longer and the duo eventually falls in love.

TRP Fight in New Bengali TV Shows:
  • Besides this, yet another channel is ready to launch a TV show starring Neel Bhattacharya and Sampurna Lahiri, while another rival channel will be launching a show starring Pallavi Sharma according to the industry insiders. Meanwhile, a number of new launches like ‘Jagaddhatri’, ‘Horo Gouri Pice Hotel’ and ‘Alor Theekana’ are already entertaining the audience. It will be interesting to see how ‘Ferari Mon’ fares in terms of TRP amid this rat race.


Latest Update:
  • Today Episode

  • Jagathi decides to leave the house after an argument with Vasudhara.
  • Guppedantha Manasu will witness yet another high-voltage episode as Jagathi and Vasudhara will be at loggerheads.
  • In the upcoming episode, Jagathi will meet Vasudhara after Rishi gives a deadline to the latter about the 'Guru Dakshina' issue. Rishi says his future with Vasudhara depends on her decision about the Guru Dakshina. Jagathi and Vasudhara will have a heated argument over the same. Jagathi will insist Vasudhara to prioritise Rishi over her but the latter is confident that she can make Rishi call her (Jagathi) as 'mom'. For the unversed, this is the Guru Dakshina that Mahendra and Vasudhara are determined about.
  • After Vasudhara fails to give into Jagathi's demand, the latter will decide to leave the house for Rishi's sake. This will leave Rishi infuriated. Rishi's reaction to this remains to be seen.
Star Cast:
  • Guppedantha Manasu features Jyothi Rai playing Jagathi, while Sai Kiran Ram plays Mahendra.
  • Mukesh and Raksha are seen playing the lead roles of Rishi and Vasudhara respectively. Both on-screen couples enjoy a significant following on social media.
About the Show:
  • The show which was launched in 2020 has grabbed the attention of the telly audiences within no time.
  • The popular daily soap has recently topped the TRP charts outshining Karthika Deepam featuring Nirupam Paritala, Shobha Shetty, Premi Viswanath and others. Both the shows have a marginal difference in their ratings in the U+R category of the recently released TRP report.
  • Guppedantha Manasu has been giving Karthika Deepam a stiff competition for a while now. Its TRP performance has been largely consistent.


Latest Update:
  • Choreographer Robert to take part in Kamal Haasan hosted show, Kamal Haasan is returning to host the sixth season of Bigg Boss Tamil.
  • The latest we hear on this front is that a noted choreographer is going to be part of this much-anticipated show in the upcoming season. If insider reports are to be believed, choreographer Robert Master is going to take part in Bigg Boss Tamil 6.
About Choreographer Robert:
  • Age 41
  • For the unversed, Robert Master is a noted choreographer-actor-director, who started his career as a child artist.

  • On the personal front, Robert was reportedly in a live-in relationship with controversial TV personality Vanitha Vijaykumar.
  • They have made many TV appearances together. However, they parted ways, denying their relationship.
  • Vanitha has been one of the most controversial BB Tamil contestants ever as well.
  • Robert won the Vijay Award for Best Choreographer for his work in Podaa Podi (2012), in which he also made a cameo appearance in the video of "Love Panlamma?"
  • WikiPedia Page

  • Robert has told him that he made up the relationship for the promotion:
    Robert was in live in relationship with actress vanitha vijayakumar, He and Vanitha appeared in a television show natchathira jannal which aired on Puthuyugam channel where he confessed he proposed her on the sets of Mgr Sivaji Rajini Kamal movie which was produced by Vanitha Vijayakumar.The movie marked his directorial debut. They also appeared on several tv shows for the promotion of the movie where he has shown to be tattooted Vanitha's name in his arm. Later they broke up and he went on to deny the relationship and he told in an interview that he had tattoo as a mark of respect for the producer of the movie that he directed. According to Bailwan Renganathan, Robert has told him that he made up the relationship for the promotion of his directorial debut movie Mgr Sivaji Rajini Kamal. Now after all struggles,he is living a happy life with his family.
  • Stolen a song titled: Prior to the release of the film Motta Shiva Ketta Shiva (2017), actor Tinku released a video alleging that composer Amresh Ganesh had stolen a song titled "Hara Hara Mahadevaki" from a film that he and Robert were making titled Thaathaa Car-ai Thodadhae. Tinku alleged that Amresh had worked together with them to create the song during early 2015, but production troubles had shelved the film and subsequently Amresh had taken the song to a different project. In a press meet in February 2017, Amresh Ganesh refuted the claims and provided evidence of Tinku and Robert continuously trying to scam him by gathering funds for the shelved project. Amresh stated that he had developed the song free of cost and had paid for the duo to take part in a failed shoot of the song in Bangkok, before the film was stalled. Moreover, Amresh revealed that Robert had owned up to playing the song to music composer Srikanth Deva, and had attempted to include it in another shelved film titled Minor Kunju Kaanom which Tinku, Robert and Srikanth Deva were involved in.


Its a FLOP Season - 10 Reasons why Bigg Boss Telugu 6 is FLOP
  • NO LOVE TRACK: As every season of Bigg Boss, Love story leads good TRP's and makes interesting to the show. But this season Bigg Boss Management expected from Sri Satya, Arjun, Vasanthi, Srihan but all are failed to show any interest in Love. Bigg Boss tried to show Surya and Arohi's track but fans getting bore very soon. BB also tried to show some footage of Raj Shekhar with Keerthi but they are not getting footage. So even after 25 days NO LOVE TRACK so this season is missed to impress one sort of young fans to watch BB.
  • NO STRONG FRIENDSHIP BONDS, even after 25 days BB not able to cook stories on love but this season also failing to make strong friendships. No two contestants are formed a strong bong so far. Earlier seasons we have seen within 10 days atleast 1 or 2 strong bonds where they sit, talk, enjoy and even defends in fights but this years fans are unhappy. Some what Geetu and Adi Reddy's bond seems to good. Some contestants are known outside like Revent and Arjun, Arjun and Sri Satya, Surya and Arohi but Fans are not seen very strong bond so far.
  • Comedy, Some time Comedy also lacking in this season, Contestants like Chanti, Fiama are not getting good time to show there performances even BB also giving chance to show case. We will be missing Baba Bhaskar.
  • GANGS, This season we have 21 contestants, but we are not seems who is with whom. it is like all 21 are playing individual games. Geetu/Adi and Surya/Arohi are two gangs we are able to see and surely they not nominate each other for entire season. Why Arjun and Revant play as a gang but they are not, even Arjun and Sri Satya can form a gang.
  • FIGHTS, During nominations we are able to see some fights but fans are expecting more fights in task too.
  • HYPER CONTESTANTS, looks like everyone is acting like mature and no contestant is showing hyper side, Geetu is not hyper but she is playing with too much mind. We are missing contestants Rahul, Sohil where they used to show full anger/hyper.
  • LGBTQ: Some what to make show interesting to LGBTQ personalities in BB but this year we are missing that too atleast no one from Film Critic/ Humanist like Babu Gogineni,Tamanna Simhadhri, Priyanka Singh
  • SINGERS ARE WINNERS, its like a no spoiler, as every year singers will be in TOP 2, this season also no strong competition to Revent so even he is in Nominations we know that he will be saved.
  • COUPLES, some what this season BB team picked a wrong couple Rohit Sahni and Marina because both are playing dull and like dead. Do we have less interesting couple in the industry? 
  • CUTE & Beautiful MINDS, Do you remember Monal, Divi, Punarnavi they are cute, beautiful with MINDS, they used to show footage but this season Sri Satya, Vasanthi not making any expectations, Fans are feeling bore.
  • FUN TIME, In the entire day we are not seeing all contestants are sitting in one place and hangout, we used to see in other seasons where every morning all contestants should sit and play a small game.
  • List will update soon


Latest Update:
  • Bigg Boss Tamil 6: Newlywed celebrity couple ‘Ravindar Chandrasekaran-Mahalakshmi  to participate in the reality show.
  • According to reliable sources, newly married producer Ravindar Chandrasekaran and actress Mahalakshmi are all set to participate in 'Bigg Boss 6'. While the rumours are rife that the popular celeb couple would be seen in the show, the makers are yet to confirm it. Interestingly, Ravindar, during the past seasons, has been a vociferous critic of the show. So, it will be quite interesting to see him participating in it.
  • Ravinder Chandrasekaran is a film director and producer who works in the Tamil film industry. He was born and raised in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Ravinder started his professional career in movie production. He started his own production house ‘Libra Productions’ and produced the ‘Sutta Kadhai’ (2013) movie, directed by Subbu.
  • He then produced various movies like Nalanum Nandhiniyum (2014), Kolai Nokku Paarvai (2014), Kalyanam (2017), and Murungakkai Chips. Later, he directed the Markandeyanum Magalir Kalluurium.
  • Marriage
  • The producer Ravinder ties the knot with the famous serial actress Mahalalakshmi.
  • As we all know, for the past one week, Vanitha Vijayakumar's name has been on the headlines due to the controversies surrounding her and her wedding with Peter Paul that happened last month. Youtuber Suriya Devi and producer Ravindar Chandrasekaran of Libra Productions reacted strongly against Vanitha, demanding justice for Peter Paul's first wife, Elizabeth Helen and her two children. However, Vanitha Vijayakumar got irritated by the videos of Suriya Devi and Ravindar and hence, filed a complaint with the Assistant Commissioner of Police yesterday (July 14) on the grounds of cyber bullying.
  • Vanitha addressed the media and strongly condemned producer Ravindar for his interviews. Talking about him, Vanitha said, “More than the films he produced, he became famous only after giving interviews against me. He attacked me personally. I don’t understand why he unnecessarily involved himself in a topic that is no way related to him. I haven’t even met Ravindar in person and yet, he’s here commenting about me in public. Guys like him shouldn’t be given a place in the Producers Council. No one should ever be associated and make films with him.” This created a huge buzz on social media.
  • Following that, producer Ravindar Chandrasekaran has now given a fitting reply to Vanitha, explaining why he got involved into this issue, through a Facebook live video. In this video, Ravindar sounded very angry and frustrated with Vanitha’s behaviour and actions. He said that he came into this issue only after seeing the difficulties and problems faced by Peter Paul’s first wife. He also added that Peter’s son was bullied and made fun of in a medical shop about this entire controversy. Ravindar said that he wanted to be there and help Peter Paul’s wife and children who are clueless about their future.
  • “I saw you shedding tears in the press meet. I don’t want to be a reason for a woman to cry and create a drama. I hereby tell everyone that going forward, I wouldn’t give any interviews regarding her (Vanitha) or this controversy. I request all the media channels not to call me regarding this. I tried to handle this situation in a dignified manner, but when you talk ill about the women in my family, do you think I’m going to be silent? You asked me to apologize, but I won’t. I don’t think I’ve committed any mistake or something wrong to apologize.
  • Even a lot of Police officers told me that I can file a complaint against Vanitha and that they’d take action. But, I never did that because I know it would cause unnecessary problems. I wasn’t raised like that. My sole intention was to get justice and some sort of answer for Elizabeth and her children. When I know you are not going to change, I will handle this personally by myself”, said Ravindar. This live video of Ravindar has gone viral on social media and has grabbed the attention of a lot of people who’ve been following this controversy.
  • Currently, Ravindar is bankrolling Shanthnu Bhagyaraj's next film, Murungaikkai Chips, directed by debutant Srijar. This comedy entertainer features Athulya Ravi as the female lead, while K Bhagyaraj, Yogi Babu, Jaangri Madhumitha form the supporting cast. For now, check out the Facebook live video of Ravindar Chandrasekaran here:

Latest Update:
  • Bigg Boss 16 Imlie fame Sumbul Touqeer introduced as new confirmed contestant
  • With just a few days left for Bigg Boss 16 to premiere on the small screen, the channel has started releasing promos of some of the confirmed contestants. The latest one features Sumbul Touqeer, who played the title role in the TV show, Imlie.
  • In the promo, Sumbul can be seen singing, "Imli ka boota, beri ka ber." Bigg Boss cuts in, "Imli khatti, kadhwa ber." Sumbul continues, "Iss season ke hum do sher," but Bigg Boss counters, "Galat, tum ser mein sawa ser."
  • The channel captioned the teaser as, "Hero ke sher, Bigg Boss utrenge iss maidaan mein khelne yeh khel 👑 Dekhiye #BiggBoss16, 1st October se, raat 9.30 baje."
  • Shero ke sher, Bigg Boss utrenge iss maidaan mein khelne yeh khel   Dekhiye #BiggBoss16, 1st October se, raat 9.30
  • Born November 15, 2003 in Katni, Madhya Pradesh
  • Sumbul Touqeer was born on November 15, 2003 in Katni, Madhya Pradesh. She is an actress, known for Article 15 (2019), Imlie (2020) and Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein (2019).
  • Sumbul Khan was born on 15 November 2003 in Delhi to a Muslim family. Her father Touqeer Hasan Khan is a Choreographer in television industry. She has an younger sister, Saniya Touqeer who is also an actress. Her parents were separated, when she was six. Her father raised her.
  • Sumbul has started her career as a child artist in television industry. She starred in the character of Mehtab (niece of Akbar) in Jodha Akbar followed by Waaris on &TV channel. In 2009, she entered Sony TV’s show, Chandragupta Maurya. where she portrayed the important role of Shubhada. In 2019, she made her Bollywood debut with the film Article 15.

Unknown Facts:
  • Sumbul Touqeer Khan was born in Delhi.
  • She has trained under Monika Verma’s academy ‘Sehejmoodra Acting Academy’.
  • Sumbul was passionate about acting since childhood. She used to participate in Krishna and Ram Leela plays in Delhi from where she got inclined towards acting.
  • In 2018, She starred in Chandragupta Maurya, the character of Shubhada, a close friend of Chandragupta in the show.
  • Her debut film in Bollywood was Article 15 (2019) and played the role of Amali.
  • Sumbul also participated in three reality shows as a child artist.
  • She was also seen in the Sony TV’s show Isharon Isharon Mein as Khushi Shrivastava.
  • In 2020, she played main lead role in Star Plus show Imlie opposite to Gashmeer Mahajani.

Bigg Boss 16:
  • Other than Sumbul, Gautam Vij and Chandni Sharma are the first two confirmed contestants of Bigg Boss 16. Even though the teasers did not mention names, it was easy enough for everyone to guess who the participants were.
  • Other than the confirmed names filmmaker Sajid Khan, Uttaran fame Tina Datta, Naagin's Surbhi Jyoti, actress Sreejita De are some other names who are most likely going to be a part of Salman Khan's show.
  • Last season, it was Tejasswi Prakash who won the Bigg Boss trophy beating Pratik Sehajpal and beau Karan Kundrra in the race.