SAB TV's Lapataganj

Chidiya Ghar's Sumit Arora aka Gaumukh to play a cameo in Lapataganj
Lapataganj to spread awareness about fake Guru's!
SAB TV’s one of the most hilarious show Lapataganj, produced by Garima Production, is ready to bring a social message to audience through its new plot based on self-proclaimed Godmen called Blue baba. The man has already entered in Lapataganj with his team with the intensions of making people fool and also grab more and more money through false means.

The innocent people of the town, who believes in divine power of God, are considering blue-baba as a divine man sent by God. They will soon fall to his false stints and start doing things as per his directions.

“A man painted in blue has proclaimed himself as Lord Krishna. This happens to be a plot planned by the man along with a politician to influence the villagers of Lapataganj wrongly. This will mark the entry of Eji (Abbas Khan) who will unleash the truth about the man being no saint or God but a criminal don,” said sources.

The laughter will not end with the entire plot as the blue-baba, as the directions he is making to his followers are quite funny one. While some people are changing their work pattern, in order to bring money, some have started chanting words to gain better health and wealth.

Well, we must say the plot will help to bring a clear picture of our country where god-men are falsely ruling in people’s beliefs and mind as well.

So, get ready for this interesting twist in the SAB TV show.

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