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5 Reasons why CID-Adaalat movie is a MUST WATCH on Sony TV

Rejoice, readers! Because your weekend is just going to turn epic. If you're feeling a little left out of the festive sprit, here's something to cheer you up. Sony Entertainment Television is coming up with the 'baap' of all collaborations by bringing together CID and Adaalat for a three-hour movie. It does not get better than this.

Titled CID – Adaalat Karmyuddh, the film will be broadcast on Saturday (20 December) at 8 PM. gives you 5 reasons why you MUST NOT miss this show on:
Biggies Unite:
It's the coming together of KD Pathak and ACP Pradyuman aka Ronit Roy and Shivaji Satam, respectively. Both are big stars in their own ways and are super popular with the masses. Won't it be fun to watch the duo put their thinking caps together on a mega episode? Accept it, you've always wanted to see the duo solve cases together. Isn't it?
Detective Drama:
Both CID and Adaalat have ardent fans because of the interesting crime-riddled plots. From crazy killers to cheating partners, we have seen it all on the show. This time, it's all about a 'Mahaguru' in an ashram, involved in many international crimes, who is accused of murdering a journalist. While CID swoops in to arrest him, Pathak decides to defend him. Hmm. Interesting, eh?

A Novel Concept:
If you tired of the usual saas-bahu sagas on TV then this movie will certainly break the monotony for you all. We all want to watch something interesting on the small screen over the weekend because that's when we get time to completely unwind. What better way to bring in the holidays than a three-hour long movie?
Relatable Characters:
A Mahaguru embroiled in controversies is something we can all relate to, isn't it? Perhaps that's what make these two shows so popular. Because every character, be it good or bad, is from our everyday life. We are hoping to see more such folks in this film. Fingers crossed!

Direction and Production Design:
We know how much effort has gone into this collaboration as Sony is trying to present a great viewing experience to its legions of admirers. So you can be rest assured that the direction and treatment of the show would be top-notch. With a neat production design and sound writing, our weekend masti just got better. We can't wait for the show to hit the screens tonight. Can you?
All our wonderful readers, don’t miss watching this once in a lifetime movie experience CID – Adaalat Karmyuddh at 8pm on Sony TV.

KD Pathak to solve a mystery of a 'pishach' in Sony TV's Adaalat

K D Pathak to solve a mysterious murder case this weekend on Sony TV's Adaalat

Romit Raj impresses Ronit Roy with his comeback avatar in Sony TV's Adaalat

Rishi Khurana in Sony TV's Adaalat
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