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Cast of Sony TV's Amita Ka Amit visit Siddhivinayak temple

Amita's baby to go missing in Sony TV's Amita Ka Amit

With the birth of a child, the makers of Amita Ka Amit (Swastik Productions), on Sony Entertainment Television, are trying hard to push up their TVTs with some high-end dramatic sequences and plots.

As earlier reported by us, Kajri (Jasyshree Soni) has been keeping a close eye on Amita’s (Chandni Bhagwanani) baby as she feels that the child bears the soul of her deceased son.

On the other hand, Amita, who has been getting negative vibes from Kajri, will be at a loss trying to bring out the bare facts of Kajri in front of the family. Amita also doubts that her sister-in-law Riya (Nidhi Tikoo) is helping Kajri.

And now in the coming episode, Amita will be in shock when she will find that her son is missing from home. In the absence of Amita, who would have gone out for some work, her mother-in-law Falguni (Meenal Pendse) will ask Riya to look after Amita’s child.

A source informs, “When Amita will come back home she will rush to see her baby but will be shocked to not find him.”

When she will ask Riya about the same, she will feign innocence and look concerned about the missing baby. The family will gather around and start searching when suddenly Amita will bring forth the matter that even Kajri is missing and it must have been her who has taken away the baby.

So has Kajri taken the baby away? What will she do with him?

When we called Chandni, she smiled and said, “It’s a very interesting track; please watch the thrilling twists and turns.”

Sony TV's Amita Ka Amit completes 200 episodes

Although the countdown is running fast for Sony Entertainment Television’s Amita Ka Amit (Swastik Productions) to pull down the curtains, the cast and crew were in a happy mood as they completed its 200 episodes yesterday (11 November 2013).

And it was celebration time on the sets as producer Siddharth Kumar Tewary threw a success bash. The party was held on the sets which saw the presence of the entire cast and crew. There was a cake cutting ceremony followed by the popping of a champagne bottle and high level of entertainment followed. 

The set in no time turned into a dance floor where the entire cast shook their legs to the latest chartbusters. When we contacted the pretty and bubbly Chandni aka Amita she said, “It was a blast, we all were just enjoying every moment. This journey has been so memorable and I will cherish every moment forever.”

Amita Ka Amit all set for another leap; Amita to deliver a healthy baby

Love birds Amita and Amit to get back together on Sony TV's Amita Ka Amit

Amita and Amit to play a cricket match in Sony TV's Amita Ka Amit
Chandni Bhagwanani got injured while shooting Amita Ka Amit!
Chandni Bhagwanani got injured while shooting Amita Ka Amit!
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on Wednesday at 02:16pm
Recently while shooting for her show Amita Ka Amit, lead protagonist Chandni Bhagwanani hurt herself. She was walking around the sets during the break time talking on her phone and suddenly her feet entrapped into some wires, lying on the ground. She unknowingly walked along with the fixed wire in her leg, and one of the set lights attached to that wire fell on her.

She got faint for a while and seeing her lying on the ground her unit member rushed in her rescue. Her co-star Nishad Vaidya aka Amit was also among those panicked members, who got highly worried for Chandni. They immediately took her to hospital where the doctor after examining her, thankfully found no serious injury. She prescribed her some medicines and discharged her from hospital.

When sources contacted Chandni to know about her health, the bubbly actress said, “I have some internal swelling for which the doctor has prescribed some medicines. It was so sudden that I could not even react for some time. The crew was really sweet to help me swiftly. My co-star Nishad panicked and rushed to get ice and medicines for me.”

Apart from this little accident, Chandni said that she’s having a great time on her show as she has been well-accepted by viewers. “I have been getting positive reviews. I was worried about what people would think of me because I am on the heavier side. But my persona has suited the role and they have accepted me as Amita.”

Stay safe and healthy, Chandni!

Amita Ka Amit to witness a conflict between Amit and Jiggi!
Production house Swastik Productions is leaving no stone unturned to keep the audience glued to their TV screen. Next heard, there is soon going to be some high-voltage drama in Sony TV marriage drama Amita Ka Amit.

There will be some action sequence that are lined up by the maker that will begin when Jiggi (Paresh Bhatt) cousin of Amit (Nishad Vaidya) will make his entry in the house. Jiggi is completely different from Amit in term of nature and character. Both will be seen as two opposite polls and have disagreements on slightest of issues.

As per the sources, the usually soft spoken Amit will be seen bursting with anger on Jiggi which will lead him to leave the house. “Jiggi will be seen flirting with Kajal (Amita’s sister-in-law) which will not go down well with Amit and he will start firing him for not having the decency to talk to a woman. The fight will lead to Jiggi leaving the house in a huff,” informed sources.

The protagonist Nishad also confirmed the development saying, “With a lot of perseverance, Amita and Amit made Kajal realise that she needs to stay with her husband. And as she is about to leave Amit’s house to return to her husband, Jiggi will start flirting with her. Having seen all this, Amit, who is not one to stand such behaviour will scold Jiggi. Feeling insulted at Amit’s outburst, Jiggy will leave the house.”

Amita Ka Amit will soon see the entry of Paresh Bhatt!
In the past few episodes there have been various twists and turns in Sony Entertainment Television's popular show Amita ka Amit, as it is presently showcasing the blossoming love between its lead Amita (Chandni Bhagwanani) and Amit (Nishad Vaidya).

Now the latest buzz has that the show will soon see a new entry in the form of Paresh Bhatt, popularly known as Mohan.

Buzz has that Amita ka Amit will soon welcome a character named Jignesh from Rajkot, who has come to Mumbai in the hunt for a job. Sources claim that Jignesh will be seen as Amit's cousin and will live in the latter’s house. Little birdie chirps that this Jignesh’s character is going to bring a lot of humor to the show by his funny accent and fun loving nature.

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Amit heads towards US, while Amita give a miss to say him good bye in Amita Ka Amit!
Sony Entertainment Television's popular show Amita Ka Amit has been churning out some high intense drama lately, the misunderstanding level have been prevailing high between Amit (Nishad Vaidya) and wife Amita (Chandni Bhagwanani).

There will be more thrilling drama to be witness by audience in the coming episodes when Amit finally heads towards airport to go US for business work. Although he also wants Amita to accompany him, but due to the misconceptions he couldn’t managed to do so.

Sources further added that “In a dramatic way, when Amit leaves for US he hopes that his wife will definitely come after him and stop him from leaving for US. He will start imagining how romantic it would have been, only if Amita was by his side to airport. But unfortunately, circumstances make Amita not to get in touch with Amit and let him know how much she wants him to stay back.”

Meanwhile, it is also reported that the team of upcoming film Issaq, including Pratik Babbar and Amyra Dastur are coming in the daily as in promotion affair. They are expected to solve the misunderstanding prevailing between Amit and Amita.

What you think guys will this confusion ever end? Will Amita and Amit be able to patch up? Well, to know the answers, stay tuned or simply join us on facebook.
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