Star Plus - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Du…Ek Baar Phir!

Swati Rajput, Muni Jha and Jaanvi Sangwan to enter Star Plus' Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Raghu to SHOOT Shlok in Iss Pyaar Ko...Ek Baar Phir

Child actors Lakshya Wahi and Reet Sharma to enter Star Plus' Iss Pyaar... has already reported about the fresh track opening up in Star Plus’ popular show Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon – Ek Baar Phir (Sphere Origins) with the entry of actor Arav Chaudharry.
Arav as we know, will play a business tycoon under whom Shlok (Avinash Sachdev) and Aastha (Shrenu Parikh) will work. We have also written about actress Dolly Mattoo essaying ‘daima’ to Arav’s character.

We now hear that two kids have been cast in Iss Pyaar…, and Arav’s character will play their father. The track will be on the lines of Hum Hai Raahi Pyaar Ke. 

Child actor Lakshya Wahi, who was last seen in Zee TV’s Ramayan, will play the son of Arav, while the little girl Reet Sharma has been roped in to play his daughter. 

Reet has done movies like Jaane Kahaan Se Aaye Hain, Maximum Movie, Dabangg 2, and will also feature in the to-be-released movie Take It Easy. On TV, she has featured in Gumrah, Hum Ne Li Hai.. Shapath, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha, The Buddy Project, Raavi.

As for Lakshya, he will be seen in Doordarshan’s Bandhan Kachche Dhaagon Ka very soon, and has been part of Jhansi Ki Rani and Ek Veer Ki Ardaas Veera. 

We tried contacting Reet and Lakshya but could not get through to them. 

We hear that the kids will start shoot from the first week of January 2015, and the track featuring the new family will go on air from mid-January.

Dolly Mattoo to join Arav Chaudhary in Star Plus' Iss Pyaar - Ek Baar Phir

Shlok to kill Aastha in Iss Pyaar Ko 2?

The recent twist in Star Plus' Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon...Ek Baar Phir is rather exciting. The track is about
Aastha (Shrenu Parikh) trying to bring out Niranjan's (Manish Wadhwa) reality to the world.

Having been kidnapped by Niranjan to avoid her getting the grants commission, Aastha has now managed to get a video that will bring his real face to the fore.

But Niranjan will now take a major decision to get Aastha killed. He will plan to keep Aastha in the Ravan idol and get her charred to death during the Ravan Dahan. He will also plan to get it done by Shlok (Avinash Sachdev).

Shares a source, "Unknowing that his wife is being kept in the idol, Shlok will be all set to burn the Ravan."

Will Shlok accidently kill Aastha? Will Shlok come to know about Niranjan’s dual face or his hideous truth will die with Aastha?

Niranjan to kidnap Aastha in Star Plus' Iss Pyaar Ko...Ek Baar Phir

Shlok to learn about Niranjan's evil side in Iss Pyaar Ko...Ek Baar Phir

The upcoming dramatic twist is a long impending one.

Yes, the dutiful son Shlok (Avinash Sachdev) has blindly trusted his father Niranjan (Manish Wadhwa) all his life, but now his wife Aastha (Shrenu Parikh) will reveal his father’s misdoings in Star Plus’ popular show Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon…Ek Baar Phir (Sphere Origins).

Aastha, who has been trying to unmask Niranjan’s reality for so long, has failed in every chance with the latter outdoing all her tricks. But now the feisty girl will be resolute to unveil his reality in front of Shlok.
Shares a source, “Aastha will gather the proofs and share it all with Shlok who would be shocked to realise his father’s evil side.”

When we spoke to Shrenu she said, “Yes, Aastha will tell the truth to Shlok in a very interesting way. How he would react will be for viewers to see. It’s a must watch series of episodes next on the show.”
Will Shlok believe Aastha and go against his father? What will Niranjan do when he will find out the development?

Cabir H Maira to enter Star Plus’ Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Shlok to accidently throw acid on Aastha in Star Plus' Iss Pyaar Ko...Ek Baar Phir
Kavya and Aastha to infuriate Niranjan in Star Plus' Iss Pyaar Ko...Ek Baar Phir
Well, another TV show that will add some twist to their tale during Holi festivity is Star Plus’ love story Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon…Ek Baar Phir (Sphere Origins). And the twist will take a deadly turn with Aastha’s (Shrenu Parikh) life coming under threat.

It will so happen that during the Holi celebrations, Aastha will force Shlok (Avinash Sachdev) into playing with colors. Shlok, who doesn’t enjoy such social outings, will be reluctant in joining in the celebrations. This is when Aastha will forcefully put colors on Shlok and he too will decide to do the same with her.

Viewers will then get to see Aditi (Neha Sargam), who has an ulterior motive of hurting Aastha, will be disappointed seeing that the Holi celebrations will be without water as she will have planned a dangerous trap for Aastha. And to complete her motive she will mix acid powder in gulal and give the same to Shlok to put on Aastha.

Informs a source, “Shlok unknowingly will chase Aastha with the same gulal and throw the whole lot of colors with acid on Aastha.”

So if you are thinking what will happen to Aastha, good news for all the fans. Aastha in time will dodge and get saved from this fatal accident.

So will Aastha and Shlok get to know about Aditi’s deed?

We tried reaching Avinash and Shrenu but they remained busy.

Court orders Aastha to get back to Shlok's house in Star Plus’ Iss PyaarKo...Ek Baar Phir

Of late, the love-hate relationship between the lovely couple Aastha (Shrenu Parikh) and Shlok (Avinash Sachdeva) is seeing some tumultuous turns in Star Plus’ Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon…Ek Baar Phir (Sphere Origins).

We had recently reported that the couple had filed for a divorce and now wait for their first Court hearing. But the moment in between will be replete with dramatic moments.

Firstly, Aastha will get caught in an office fire and Shlok, like a real hero, will rescue her. Although Aastha will put a hard front and show that she doesn’t care, she will be thinking about the incident for a long time.

Now, on the day of the hearing, the officiating judge will pass a dramatic decision.
Informs a source, “The judge will ask the couple to stay together for some time and reconcile their problems before eventually heading for a divorce.”

Thus Aastha will have no option but to follow Shlok to his house and live with him though unwillingly. Also with news out in public about their divorce, Shlok’s clients and business associates will be seen talking negatively about them. This will infuriate Shlok and his father Niranjan (Manish Wadhwa) to such levels, that their animosity towards Aastha will only increase.

So how will Aastha cope with so much of tension?
Observes Shrenu, “Aastha is a very strong girl who will fight all injustice against her with her head held high. So keep watching and witness how she takes all the troubles in her stride.”

Shlok and Aastha to get a divorce in Star Plus' Iss Pyaar Ko...Ek Baar Phir

The love-hate relationship of Aastha (Shrenu Parikh) and Shlok (Avinash Sachdev) in Star Plus’ Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon…Ek Baar Phir (Sphere Origins) has been going through a lot of turmoil from the time they met and after their wedding the animosity has just increased ten-fold. And now viewers will get to see the couple heading for a divorce soon on the show.

After Shlok forcefully got Aastha back home to avoid the divorce proceedings, her mom, Kalindi (Pooja Shah) will now call the police and ask them to arrest Shlok for domestic violence against her daughter.
Informs a source, “But Aastha will say that she does not want to file a case and just asks Shlok to leave her and her family at peace.”

The next day Aastha will go out to get a new job and start her life afresh, and on the other hand her mother will decide to deal with Shlok herself and will go to him with the divorce papers. But Shlok will play smart and hurt his hand to avoid signing the papers once again.

So will the divorce finally happen? Will Aastha manage to get a job? The answer is yes.

Quips Shrenu, “Aastha is strong, independent and a today’s girl and can survive on her own. But then her relationship with Shlok is destiny’s game so you will have to see what all happens next on the show.”

Shlok to show his real colors in Star Plus’ Iss Pyaar Ko…Ek Baar Phir
Star Plus' Iss Pyaar Ko...Ek Baar Phir walks the saas-bahu path
The love story Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon…Ek Baar Phir (Sphere Origins), on Star Plus, will soon be moving in a different direction and treading on the saas-bahu path.

Viewers already know that the marriage of Shlok (Avinash Sachdeva) and Aastha (Shrenu Parikh) has brought about immense happiness to the couple but the one who is fuming with hatred is Shlok’s mother Anjali (Geetanjali Tikekar). And in the coming episodes, we will get set to see her spit fire on her newly-wed bahu.
A source informs, “Anjali will make things really uncomfortable for Aastha from the word go. She will make it clear to Aastha that she doesn’t like her at all.”

Understandably, Anjali will not be around for Aastha’s griha pravesh. This will shock the entire family. As a follow through, Shlok’s sister Jyoti (Sheetal Dhabolkar) will then complete all the rituals.
Shlok will be asked not to share a room with his wife before the morning puja but the love birds would like to get some time together and he will sneak into her room at night. Finding them together in the morning, Anjali will insult Aastha and this will upset Shlok.

“The couple will be led to the game of finding the ring where Aastha will win after finding the it quickly in the bowl full of milk. Anjali will be evidently upset and decide to make life hell for Aastha,” adds the source.
So where will this saas-bahu animosity lead to?

We called Geetanjali but she remained unavailable for comment.

Anjali to create a rift between newlyweds Aastha and Shlok in Star Plus’ Iss Pyaar Ko…Ek Baar Phir

We had recently reported about the beautiful couple Aastha ( Shrenu Parekh) and Shlok (Avinash Sachdeva) getting married in full filmy style in a temple in Star Plus’ Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon...Ek Baar Phir (Sphere Origins).
And now just like any drama show, there will soon be some interesting twists to entertain the viewers.

Firstly, Aastha who has a soft corner for the old age home mates with whom she had spent a lot of time will once again go there to invite them for her wedding. There she will come across Shlok’s mother Anjali’s (Geetanjali Tikekar) parents. Unaware of their reality, she will invite them to attend her marriage ceremony.

Before she could further talk to them, Shlok will call her out and invite her to his house at dawn before anyone wakes up in his house. She readily agrees and reaches his house on the day of their haldi (they married in a mandir but now are getting hitched socially) .

A source informs, “Anjali will catch Aastha and reprimand her of coming to their house in this manner. She will insult her and forcefully lead her back to her house.”

Once at Aastha’s house, she will rebuke Aastha’s upbringing and create a huge ruckus in front of the family. Aastha’s parents will be shocked but Shlok will come at the right time and take Aastha’s side against his mother.
Will Anjali manage to separate the lovebirds or will their love hold them strong?

We called Shrenu and Avinash but they remained unavailable to comment.

Aastha's mother to call off the wedding in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir!
Aastha's mother to call off the wedding in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir!
The story track in Star Plus’ Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir only gets interesting with every passing day. The wedding preparations of Shlok (Avinash Sachdev) and Aastha (Shrenu Parekh) is on full swing and the couple is seen jubilant about their wedding. But, is it possible to witness a wedding without any drama and jolts in a daily-soap? Nah, drama is bound to happen here also and sources said their wedding will hit a road block.

This would happen after a simple fight between Anjali (Geetanjali Tikekar-Shlok’s mother) and Kalindi (Prachi Shah-Aastha’s mother) over a petty issue. The fight will toll high that Aastha’s mother calling off the wedding.

Shlok, who is busy doing up things for his wedding, will get a shock when Anjali inform him about the incident with Kalindi. Shlok will ask Aastha to convince her mother to go ahead with the wedding and she will go ahead and do the same. A lot of drama will get to see here when Aastha try to convince her mother. After a lot of efforts she will convince her and the preparation of the wedding will start in full swing once again.

Now, the viewers will witness the celebration of Gudi Padwa (Maharastrian New Year), Diwali and finally the sangeet before the wedding.

Shlok's romantic surprise for Aastha in Star Plus' Iss Pyaar...Ek Baar Phir
Romantic track to begin between Shlok and Aastha in IPKKND- Ek Baar Phir!
Loaded with complications, ego clashes and disgust rapport, the story of Shlok (Avinash Sachdeva) and Aastha (Shrenu Parekh) is traveling through rough and violent patches in Star Plus’ Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir, produced by Sphere Origins. But soon, in the coming episodes we will get to witness some more romantic moments on the show, between Aastha and Shlok.

So far one could notice that Shlok’s mother Anjali (Gitanjali Tikekar) is not okay on Aastha’s working in her son’s office. Soon she will order to fire Aastha. A heartbroken Aastha will go and confront Shlok on the same at an onsite location he will be working. Her visit to the location will turn life-taking when a roof will fall on Aastha, but Shlok will save her in a nick of time. But how can a roof suddenly fall? Well, it is not any co-incident but a plan set by Shlok’s enemy Abhay.

However, his wrong intensions may turn favorable for Aastha and Shlok, who will fall on each other while escaping from the incident. A romantic track will play in the background reaping some more romantic moments to the situation. “Both are currently trying to hide their feelings from each other because of their ego issues. But situations like these are bringing them close,” said sources.

The interesting track will not end here. As Aastha will leave after her uncomfortable tryst with Shlok, suddenly the bamboo sticks lying in the vicinity will again fall on her. Shlok in a completely hero avatar will save the girl like a knight in shining armor and become the saviour in Aastha’s eyes once again.

Well, it will definitely be interesting to see this blooming romance in Iss Pyaar Ko season 2. What you say guys?

The love-hate story is getting murkier in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Du…Ek Baar Phir!
Avinash Sachdeva aka Shlok and Shrenu Parekh aka Aastha starrer Star Plus’ love-hate story Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Du Ek Baar Phir is getting intense with its leads’ devilish encounter on each other. As seen they are not sharing a healthy equation and rather gets irritated by each other’s presence around, in the coming episode they will take pot shot at each other.

Thing will heat up when they reach the same old age home but with completely different motives. While one side, Shlok is in the premises to oust ladies from the home, other side Aastha will come there to know who is making that happen. After watching Shlok is the one who is ousting ladies out, she will get into an argument with him. She will also end up challenging him that she wouldn't let his plans succeed ever.

“On the other hand, Shlok will then plan to take revenge from Aastha. Even though Aastha will be reprimanded on picking up a fight again with Shlok, he will put his plan of taking revenge into action. Things will turn more serious when both of them will once again bump into each other at an event management company where Aastha will go for a job interview. Taking advantage of this situation, Shlok will try to hamper her chance,” said sources.

Now it would be interesting see if Aastha outdo Shlok once again or he will take his revenge.

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