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Pandavas to head towards Aryavart after saving Draupadi from Jayadrath in Star Plus' Mahabharat



I'm not worried about my image post the telecast of Draupadi's cheer-haran scene - Nirbhay 'Dushasan' Wadhwa

When bad boys broke down in Mahabharat

Yudhistir Looses All His Wealth In Chausar In Mahabharat

In Star Plus Mahabharat Next Week, In Rajasuya yagya Shishupal further goes onto insult Bheeshma, all this while Krishna watches him..says nothing until Shishupal crosses the line & looses count of his mistakes he questions Draupadi & Krishna’s relationship..Krishna’s looses his cool..and cuts off Shishupal’s head with his Sudarshan chakra.. 
Duryodhan rebels seeing this.. takes up his weapon & calls for a fight. As a punishment Draupadi suggests Yudhishtir that they take away his weapons. Pandavs take away Duryodhan Karn & Dusshasan’s weapons.

An angry Duryodhan speedily walks out of the Mayasabha, he accidently falls into a water body..everyone start laughing in the sabha..while a daasi comments “Andhe ka putra andha hi hota hai kya?”..A furious duryodhan turns around looks back & sees Draupadi laughing on him..his anger rises..he leaves in a rage. Duryodhan comes back to Hastinapur & starts burning the palace & himself in his rage..until Dussahsan comes suggests they should go to Shakuni for help to take revenge.

Duryodhan stops Shakuni who is on his way to Gandhar tries to convince him..tells him that this time he doesn’t want to just overthrow them.. Shakuni says they should squash their honor and self esteem by targeting Draupadi.Krishna hurts himself while flying the kite..Draupadi tears side of her duppatta and ties it on the wound.. Krishna tells Draupadi there are times when you think that everything is good and in your hands but just then time takes everything away from you..Krishna says no matter what he’ll be with her always. Arjun tell Subhadra how to break a chakravyuh..Subhadra falls asleep in the middle. Vidur reaches Indraprastha with the invitation Arjun asks him what would he advice personally, Vidur downright says they shouldn’t go to the game, they should never trust Shakuni’s evil mind.Despite Vidur’s advice & everybody refusing the invitation. Yudhishtir accepts the invitation. Pandavas arrive at Hastinapur to a false welcome.

Sahdev gets bad intuitions as soon as they enter the dyut sabha, Arjun Convinces him saying Bheeshm will never let any bad happening to them. Bheeshma is worried, he doubts Shakuni’s evil mind will keep quiet and decides to speak to Duryodhan. Duryodhan looks at Draupadi entering the sabha, and reveals his evil plan to disrobe her, Shakuni & Dusshasan shocked.Duryodhan reveals his evil plans of disrobing Draupadi, Shakuni is surprised at the idea. Bheeshma warns Duryodhan not to do anything inappropriate, Duryodhan nods & smiles innocently. Everyone arrive in the sabha. Game rules are laid out rule 1 no women to be present or allowed in the sabha except daasis, rule 2 both the sides should bet things equally important rule 3 since duryodhan doesn’t own much property both sides will bet whatever or whoever they are proud of & have an right over. Yudhishtir agrees to all the rules unknown of the consequences.
The game begins, Yudhishtir bets his whole wealth, Duryodhan bets whatever wealth he has earned on his own, Shakuni throws the magic dices. On the other hand Draupadi is getting restless in the women’s chambers. Yudhishtir looses his wealth.

Mahabharat Team Shoots “Cheer-Haran” Scene For Seventeen Days

How far a daily soap maker can go to shoot a high-point? Well not too far as the pressure of daily soap doesn’t allow makers to experiment much with a particular sequence but the makers of Mahabharat have created a record of sorts by shooting “cheer-haran” and “chausar” sequence for the last seventeen days.

Pooja aka Draupadi says “It is a never ending sequence that we are shooting. For the last seventeen days all the actors are wearing same clothes and shooting chausar (game of dice) and later the climax of chausar sequence is cheer-haran scene, which we are shooting for the last three days.”

Adding to it Pooja says “The scene has drained out all of us as it is very intense and also a very sensitive one. I have to look completely battered and devastated and to bring out the real emotions I have to feel the same way.”

Apart from Draupadi, Dussasan is doing the maximum hard-word for this scene as he have been continuously pulling Draupadi’s sari for the shot for last few days. To make the scene perfect he has been giving takes after takes. However he is not complaining as here he is getting maximum chance to show his villainous acting skills. Nirbhaya says “See it is so difficult to pull sari. I wonder how real Dussasan did it.”

Well we really hope that makers of the show get all the appreciation for this scene.
-By NR

Arjun Gets To Know About Subhadra’s Pregnancy, Shishupal To Insult Krishna In Mahabharat 



In Star Plus Mahabharat Next Week,Subhadra charms Draupadi by her innocence.. Draupadi welcomes Arjun-Subhadra to Indraprastha and Arjun explains her why he had to marry Subhadra. Shakuni & Duryodhan are on their way to Magadh to take help from Jarasandh. We see Jarasandh an invincible strong man who can’t be killed. Jarasandh meets Duryodhan, Shakuni, annoyed by their selfish plans he puts them into jail.

Jarasandh orders his men to capture them and take their heads off and send the heads to Krishna.Shakuni tells a revolting Duryodhan to keep quiet and become a captive. In jail Shakuni explains Duryodhan why they need Jarasandh to do Rajsuyayagya, he sents Shukr to Karn to rescue them..Karn gets Shakuni’s message, Vrishali pleads him not to go as she is pregnant.. nonetheless Karn reaches magadh defeats Jarasandh… Shakuni takes up this chance and persudes him to do rajasuya yagya. On the other hand Krishna tells Pandavs they should go ahead with the Maya sabha, he further tells Yudhishtir that killing of Jarasandh will be the beginning of his Rajasuya yagya..

Krishna & Pandavas army approach Magadh to attack magadh..when Krishna’s rath comes to a halt, Krishna tells Pandavas change in plan now Bheem needs to kill Jarasandh personally. In Magadh Jarasandh asks Karn to be king again..Duryodhan persuades Karn to get crowned. Jarasandh is set to take 99 kings heads off as an offering to the God..he is just about to sacrifice the first king and we see a disguised Krishna, Bheem & Arjun call Jarasandh.. Bheem lifts jarasandh’s leg..Jarasandh shocked to see such strength. Krishna reveals their identity and says “Samrat Jarasandh Pandu putra Bheem aapse mallyudh karne ko utsukh hain”Jarasandh.Jarasandh & Bheem fight.. Bheem wins with Krishna’s guidance. Arjun Bheem Krishna come back to Indraprastha.

Arjun gets to know subhadra is pregnant- Krishna says the first priority for Yudhishtir now is to the Rajsuya yagya.Karan comes back to vrishali from Magadh..Vrishali gets up excited only to sees him crowned again..Karan asks an upset Vrishali.Karan leaves. Shakuni, Duryodhan and dussashan enters Indraprasth..walking to the mayasabha.. amazed to see the magical world. Chedi king Shishupal meets them & insults Duryodhan for being a coward. Shishupal meets Krishna his eternal enemy and insults him too. Then he tells Duryodhanabout how Krishna took away his third ye and extra limbs on his birth making Krishna his enemy from birth & that his main plan is to put an end to this Rajasuya yagya.Kunti, Bheeshma & Vidur arrive at the Rajasuya yagya. A proud Kunti blesses all her sons. Yudhistir sits on a magically created throne..takes blessing, Shishupal keenly watches all through this. He gets his chance to stop the yagya when Yudhisthir chooses to honour Krishna for the final ritual.. Krishna nods and accepts. Shishupal insults Pandu calling him an Adharmi. Shishupal further insults Bheem, Arjun & Krishna…calling Krishna “Apraadhi”

Takshak to wage a war against the Pandavas in Star Plus' Mahabharat

Team Mahabharat celebrates completion of 100 episodes by throwing a surprise party for makers

Arjun-Draupadi spot each other at a temple; Draupadi wants Arjun to win at her swayamvar in Star Plus' Mahabharat

Bheem to marry Hidimba; Draupadi's swayamwar to happen soon on Star Plus' Mahabharat

Star Plus' Mahabharat to see Yudhisthir's coronation in tonight’s episode

After Rang Rasiya, Tarun Khanna now bags the role of Balram in Star Plus' Mahabharat

Kauravas and Pandavas to start learning from guru Dronacharya in Star Plus' Mahabharat

The animosity between Kauravas and Pandavas begin in Star Plus' Mahabharat

Siddharth Tewary's Mahabharat to witness Pallavi Subhash playing Rukmini!
Siddharth Tewary's Mahabharat to witness Pallavi Subhash playing Rukmini!

Pallavi said that she was originally offered the role of Amba and had even shot for the same but citing some date issues she had to loss the opportunity. Ratan Rajput plays the role of Amba now. “I was disappointed to let go of Amba because of date issues. However, when they offered me Rukmini a month later, I jumped at the opportunity.”

Speaking about her return to television after two years, Pallavi says she is happy with mythological genre which will mark her return. This will be her first in the mythological genre. “The jewellery, hairdo and makeup, it took me three hours on day one to get ready for the part. Though it may be visually appealing, it can get quite taxing for an actor after a few hours. Nonetheless, I am enjoying my stint.”

Pallavi has appeared in shows like Karam Apnaa Apnaa as Gauri and Kasamh Se as Meera Khandelwal. She is a Marathi model-turned actress who has performed in nearly a dozen Marathi films, TV serials, commercials, and plays.

Wish you a bright comeback!

Star Plus' Mahabharat to see the birth of Yudhishtra and Duryodhana
The epic mythology ‘Mahabharata’ is known to an eventful display of war, drama, conspiracy, betrayal, courage, goodness, evil and above all values, which need to be understood in the name of ‘dharma’. No wonder, the epic was chosen as the subject for the popular show, which now goes on air, on Star Plus.

The show, despite being new in the program schedule of Star Plus, has surprisingly jumped much ahead of its planned success!

The show, which is still in its nascent stage, showcasing the onset of conspiracy and pain behind the throne of ‘Hastinapur’ , by Kuru and Pandu, is already creating rave reviews. The show has enamored all because of their brilliant performances, larger than life sets and costumes, and plots showcasing a good moral lesson at the end.

Nothing beats this half an hour episode, which seems to be captivating all, in every age group. The evidence is the TRP’s which seem to be going strong with every episode. And considering the storyline’s progress, there’s more to ratings in the forthcoming months.

The show is now at its helm, showing Pandu as the new crowned king of ‘Hastinapur’ instead of his elder brother ‘Dhritirashtra’. Although, Pandu was reluctant in being crowned, he had to give in on Bheeshma’s say.
The latest episodes had shown Vidur , raising an objection to the crowning of ‘Dhritirashtra’ and referring him to be ‘inadequate’ because of his physical anomaly. While Satyavati felt enraged at the say, but she could not question his allegation when he pointed it out justly to ‘Shastras’. She had to give in to his consent, when Bheeshma too agreed with Vidur.
Infuriated at this and assuming Pandu to conspire behind his back, Dhritarashtra had cried out in despair, falling into the arms of his wife. However, anger blinds all and he too shunned her affection and went away, in solitude!

While things like the crowning ceremony went on, it was only Shakuni, who attended the event in forced silence. He vows to avenge this insult to his sister and he promises to get the throne back to Dhritarashtra at every cost.

Although, the audience knows the storyline of ‘Mahabharata’ , but still the detailing of the events concerning the forefathers of ‘Kurus’ and ‘Pandus’, is something that they had never seen or heard, in any epic saga on-screen. This is what keeps the audience glued to the television sets, every night on Star Plus.

Stay tuned to watch the next episode of Mahabharata, where an ever-conspiring ‘Shakuni’ will fuel the mind of Dhritarashtra against his own family.

Although, we have seen how well Shakuni had framed his words and instilled hope, in the name of his lineage of hundred sons, it’s only a few more episodes which will highlight how well Dhritarashtra follows the lessons of conspiracy from Shakuni!

Meanwhile, on the non-conspiring side, there is the arrival of ‘Kunti’, who is shown hunting in a forest. This looks apt as the next episode will also show Satyavati expressing her desire to find a match for ‘Pandu’.

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