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Why Shraddha warns Kunal to stay away from Dhruv in Meri Bhabhi?
Why Shraddha warns Kunal to stay away from Dhruv in Meri Bhabhi?
How a love-story on television daily can be complete without any interruptions and jolts? Shraddha (Kanchi Kaul) and Kunal’s (Ravish Desai) love-story will also hit a roadblock soon in Star Plus’ family show Ek Nanad Ki Khushiyon Ki Chaabi Meri Bhabhi, being produced by DJ’s A Creative Unit.

As seen so far Kunal’s mother don’t like his son’s likeliness for Shraddha. She calls her and warns her clearly not to get close to her son, meet him again and even not make any conversation with Kunal. Shraddha was left stunned and shocked by her harsh allegation and words that directly inducted on her character.

Now, in the coming episode, it would be seen that Kunal, who is unaware of his mother’s hatred towards his friendship with Shraddha, will be seen enjoying his time with Shraddha’s son Dhruv (Sagar Cheda). He will pick him up from the school and take Dhruv along to meet the girl his mother had chosen for him. The girl will feel uncomfortable seeing the bond between Kunal and the child and will go away fuming with anger. Shraddha will see all this and get angry on Kunal.

She clears what Kunal’s mother think about their friendship and tell him to stay away from her and her son to avoid any type of further controversies in her life. She also feels Kunal is using Dhruv to run away from marriage.

Will Kunal end his friendship with Shraddha and Dhruv? Let’s wait and watch.

Do watch the cockroach love-story of Shraddha and Kunal in Meri Bhabhi!
As audience we are actually enjoying the current romantic track between Shraddha (Kanchi Kaul) and Kunal (Ravish Dubey) and there is more to come in Star Plus’ Ek Nanad Ki Khushiyon Ki Chaabi Meri Bhabhi, being produced by DJ’s A Creative Unit. Some interesting twists have been further lined up in the track where a cockroach will be seen acting as a cupid.

Interestingly, to shoot this track the unit had used a real-cockroach, and the entire episode turned into a hilarious act for the entire team. We are sure you would have visualized Kanchi jumping on the couch on seeing a real-cockroach around her. But when Kanchi got in touch with sources and being asked about the track, it is really surprising to know that it was Ravish Dubey who jumped on the couch when he got to know that they have to shoot with real-cockroach.

Revealing the amusing instance, Kanchi said, “The scene was really funny; I don’t know where they managed to get the cockroach from. But as soon as Ravish saw it, he was like- What! Are we shooting with a real cockroach? It was so hilarious. Actually, he had to come as a saviour for me, and here was this man so scared of the cockroach himself.”

She goes on, “Ravish was really natural when he jumped on the couch scared on the sight of the cockroach and here I had to make efforts enacting the scene. But, on the whole, it was really fun shooting the sequence.”

The audience will get to see a romantic sequence when Shraddha and Kunal will hug each other all thanks to the fright of the insect.

Meri Bhabhi to introduce a new character in Shweta Mahadik!
Television actress Shweta Mahadik, who earlier appeared in shows like Sujata on Sony TV, Devi on Imagine TV and few other Marathi serials, has bagged a prominent role in Star Plus’ family show Meri Bhabhi, which is being produced by DJ’s A Creative Unit. She is roped in to play the suitor for Kunal, essayed by Ravish Desai.

Her character will be a well educated and very Indian in her thoughts, charming and innocent. As seen Kunal’s mother Kamini (Shweta Gautam) is searching a suitable bride for her son, she will in the coming episode lend in Shweta and decide to make her daughter-in-law. “Kamini along with Kittu (Esha Kansara) and Kunal will see a girl for alliance. The girl who is very Indian in her thoughts, charming and innocent will immediately be liked by Kamini and she will want Kunal to give his acceptance for the marriage,” said sources.

Kunal will keep silent about the proposal on seeing the girl, but Kamini will relate his silence to his acceptance and will finalize the wedding. The preparations for Kunal’s wedding with the girl will start soon.

Bobby and Kunal to end up into a fight over Shraddha in Star Plus' Meri Bhabhi!
The drama is tolling high with the divorce case of Bobby (Bharat Chawda) and Shraddha (Kanchi Kaul) on Star Plus’ Ek Nanad Ki Khushiyon Ki Chaabi Meri Bhabhi, produced by DJ’s A Creative Unit.

In the coming episode there will be some more drama and action in the show when Bobby and Kunal (Ravish Desai) ends up fighting with each other. A heavy duty fight scene has been chalked by makers between the two. Sources said, “Shraddha will call up Bobby and reprimand him on still trying to make contacts with her family. He will be so infuriated with this that he will turn up at their son’s school to trouble her.

Jaya (Priyanka Singh) will ask her husband Ashish (Karan Singh) not to become her sister’s servant by dropping and picking up her son from school like his guardian. After this causes a difficult situation at home, Shraddha will declare that she will not take any kind of help from the family and will bring up her son single handedly,” sources added.

Bobby will lend the place where Shraddha will go to drop her son Dhruv (Sagar Cheda) all alone. There he will try to get hard with her and Kunal will come forward and save Shraddha and get into a fight with Bobby. This will also mark a new relation between Kunal and Shraddha.

Bharat Chawda said, “We shot for the action sequence yesterday (4 September 2013) and it was a very exciting action scene for which we’ve put in a lot of efforts.”

Star Plus's Meri Bhabhi to witness some intense drama!
Someone said it’s true that, a son is a son, till he gets a wife, but a daughter is a daughter all her life. And this saying has successfully been displayed by Star Plus’ new show Ek Nanad ki Khushiyon Ki Chaabi….Meri Bhabhi.

In the current plot, the story is focusing on dearly loved daughter Shraddha, played by Kanchi Kaul, who is back in her father’s house after a troubled married life. And the entire family is now doing every possible thing to sort her life.

So far one could see that Zor (Kanwaljeet Singh) has been trying to find more about his daughter’s divided husband Bobby (Bharat Chawda). Now, he will finally got some information about Bobby. He will go to Bobby’s aunt’s place along with his wife Amrit (Supriya Pilgaongkar) and daughter-in-law Kittu (Esha Kansara) where they will be insulted and rebuked.

According to sources, “This will not go well with Anand (Vipul Gupta) who will feel that his sister warrants a better partner than Bobby. He is also of the belief that his family is wasting time in reconciling them. At the same time, he will also get miffed by Kittu and they will have their share of arguments and debates on the same. “

Esha Kansara said, “This is not something in line currently; it’s a farfetched thing. Right now, the audience should follow the efforts our family is taking for Shraddha, who wants to bring her life to normal once again.”

Meanwhile, it is also informed that a picnic will be arranged for Shraddha, where Bobby will suddenly give a call to Shraddha.

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