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Time slot change for Veera?

Chewing gum dosti on the sets of Star Plus' Veera

Marriage drama to begin in Star Plus' Veera

Baldev to become a ghar jamai in Star Plus' Veera?

Star Plus' Veera completes two years

Party time on the sets of Star Plus’ Ek Veer Ki Ardaas Veera for the show has managed to achieve a great feat.

Yes, the Beyond Dreams Entertainment show has completed two magnificent years today (29 October).
Veera presents the unique relationship between a brother and sister. The two are not just siblings, but the bestest of friends. Also the brother treats his young sister no less than a daughter. The show has a beautiful emotional connect and has been entertaining viewers with the best of content and performances.

Sharing the excitement, Shivin Narang who plays Ranvi shared, “It is a great feeling to be a part of this show
that has managed to complete two long years. Shows today hardly work and to continue doing so well for so long is a wonderful experience. I will be completing a year with the show soon and I am so thankful that my parents asked me to take this show up. The show is loved and watched all across and I feel blessed to be a part of this show.”

Digangana Suryavanshi who is known today as ‘Veera’ quipped, “I am extremely happy with the achievement and I think it’s all because of the hard work and dedication by the entire team. People who work behind the cameras also need to be laud for they put in so much of effort. I am really proud of the show and what can I ask for more when I have a show on me at just 17.”

And finally producer Yash Patnaik added, “This is a very important milestone for us and Veera is definitely one of the most satisfying journey for us. The show is not only popular among masses but also critically acclaimed. And all this is possible because of the kind of love and positivity that the whole team has for the show. Our show has been a slot leader and it is a proud moment for all of us. With the show being a different one which works on moments rather than high drama is also a major contribution for our success. We have showed different aspect of a sibling relations and I am humbled with the way audience has accepted our show. I have got to know that so many girls are being named Veera in Punjab post our show and such things are really special.”

The team got together and celebrated their success. They cut a cake and had a small get together. The most special moment was when the two young kids, Bhavesh Balchandani and Harshita Ojha also took part in the celebrations.

Rajveer's football match to add drama in Star Plus' Veera

The entry of Rajveer (Vivek Dahiya) has created furor in Star Plus’ Ek Veer Ki Ardaas…Veera (Beyond Dreams Entertainment). With the guy all set to patao Veera (Digangana Suryavanshi), he has found himself in a tough fight with Baldev (Vishal Vashishtha).

Now to put Baldev down, Rajveer would plan a task. Being a great sportsperson, he would plan a football match in the village. He would also impress Ranvi (Shivin Narang) by telling him that he wants to build a sports academy for the village kids.

But none would be aware of the fact that the ulterior motive of the football game would be to put Baldev down.

Furthermore, stating illness of a kid, Rajveer would join the team and ask Baldev to hop in the opposition team. Once on the ground, he would ploy all means to defeat Baldev.

Will Rajveer get successful in his plan? Or will Baldev manage to defeat him?
We spoke to Vivek who said, “The track is taking an interesting turn with Rajveer’s palpable obsession for
Veera. He will do anything to get her. And in the scheme, he will try to enter Ranvi’s good books. The football match sequence was shot recently and it was great fun. It was scorching hot but the love and passion for the game and acting got us going. For answers to the outcome of the game, do watch the show.”

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Baldev to propose Veera during Holi in Star Plus' Ek Veer Ki Ardaas - Veera


Huge drama in Star Plus' Veera as situations force Ranvijay-Gunjan's marriage

Drama in Ek Veer Ki Ardaas...Veera as Gunjan rejects Ranvi's proposal

Veera to realise her love for Karan in Star Plus' Veera

Star Plus' Veera completes 300 episodes

A secret well wisher to pay off Veera's school admission fees in Star Plus' Veera

Ranveer to turn Veera's official parent in Star Plus' Veera

The young brother-sister duo in Star Plus’ Ek Veer Ki Ardaas...Veera (Beyond Dreams Productions) will soon get to see some beautiful moments of their bonding. And with the show all geared up to take a leap, it will define and solidify their relationship further with the upcoming sequences.

As already informed by, Veera (Harshita Ojha) is all set to move to Delhi for her further studies and supporting her all along will be her brother Ranveer (Bhavesh Balchandnani).

A source informs, “The family will be shocked to see him dressed up completely like his father and taking his sister to her school to get the admission formalities done.”

In the written examinations, Veera’s cousin Baldev will change her question paper to seek revenge from her. But Ranveer will help Veera and sort out the problem.

And then at the interview round, Ranveer will come to the venue as Veera’s anokhi maa and shock the members of the panel. But the lovable young boy will impress them all with his mature talks and the love he has for his sister.

“Veera will be excited about her admission not knowing that her Veerji (Ranveer) will not be accompanying him to Delhi,” adds the source.

Will Veera refuse to go to Delhi without her brother? And will Ranveer’s effort go in vain?

We called up Bhavesh, but he was busy shooting.

Veera to go off to Delhi; Surjeet to ploy against Ratan in Star Plus' Veera

Ek Veer Ki Ardaas Veera will soon take a time-leap of 15 years!
Ek Veer Ki Ardaas Veera will soon take a time-leap of 15 years!
The fans of Star Plus’ adorable show Veer Ki Ardaas Veera will soon be treated with a time-leap of 15 years where its lead characters Veera and Ranveer, currently played by Harshita Ojha and Bhavesh Balchandani respectively, will take a step in adolescent age group.

And to play their adult characters, the makers are busy in auditioning several actors. If buzz has to be believe, young actress Digangana Suryavanshi has been finalised for the title role of Veera and Shivin Narang, last seen in Channel V’s Suvreen Guggal Topper Of The Year, has been roped in to play her brother Ranvijay Singh.

Apart from these two talented actors, Vishal Vashisht of telly show Crazy Stupid Ishq will play Baldev Singh, Shakti Arora, last seen in Pavitra Rishta, will be seen opposite Digangana as Karan.

Sources from the production team said, “The casting has consumed a lot of time. An outdoor schedule was even scrapped because they had not finalised the actor who would play Ranveer.”

With a new way of life and a new storyline, Veera would be more entertaining show, we expect. Let’s hope for the best!  

Veera to top her class in Star Plus' Veera

Ranveer and Veera to fight thieves in Star Plus' Veera
Ranvi to get kidnapped in Star Plus's Veer!
Has the kidnapping sequence become pet to the makers of Star Plus’ Ek Veer Ki Ardaas Veera? Well we said this because it will again introduce a kidnapping plot of Ranvi (Bhavesh Balchandani) in the show, which is being produced by Beyond Dreams Productions.

It is already reported that Nihal Singh (Kapil Nirmal) is taking exit from the show and with his exit Ranvi and his family will be left unprotected and soon trouble will knock at their doors. “Soon in an unfortunate incident, Ranvi will be kidnapped by an unknown person leading to some sorrow times in the family. And Veera (Harshita Ojha) who will have an idea about the kidnapping will not realise the happenings and fail to save her brother,” said sources.

It would also be seen in the forthcoming episodes that Veera will bother Ranvi and ask him about the whereabouts of Nihaal unaware about him being the cause of their father’s death. “Ranvi will lose his temper and shout at Veera making her sulk on her brother’s behaviour. She will thus stop talking to him,” sources said.

Ranvi will realize his mistake and try to convince Veera, who stops talking to him. He will use all his tricks to sort out his fight with Veera. “Ranvi will also go ahead and take help from Chaiji (Shagufta Ali) but before he can approach Veera an unknown man will kidnap him. Veera unaware of the fact that her brother has been abducted will feel that he hiding from her because of the fact,” added the sources.

Now, it would be interesting to know about this strange man and his motive behind Ranvi’s kidnapping?

Veera to find her father in Nihaal in Star Plus show Veera!
A lot of ups and downs have been happening in Star Plus’ Veera, which is being produced by Beyond Dreams. The life of Sampooran’s (Sudhanshu Pandey) illegitimate child Veera (Harshita Ojha) have not been easy ever since she had entered in the house.

But as seen earlier that her brother Ranveer (Bhavesh Balchandani) has always tried to be there for her as a mother as well as father. He unconditionally loves his sister but despite of having this great rapport Veera feels gloomy whenever she sees any father playing with his daughter. In the coming episodes, the track will focus on the feelings of Veera, who is missing her father.

As per the sources, she will be seen offering prayers to the deities asking for a father. “Veera will start seeing a father figure in Nihal (Kapil Nirmal) and will also be seen demanding things from him. There will also be times when she will verbally express her fatherly feelings for Nihal. However, this will not go down well with Ratan (Sneha Wagh).”

Kapil said, “Yes, Veera has always looked up to Nihal as her father and he, in turn, respects her thoughts.”

Finally the small wonder to get her father figure in her life!

Disappointed Ratan attempts to suicide in Star Plus' Veera!
Intense drama has been lined up to infuse some high-octane emotional sequences in Star Plus’ popular show Ek Veer Ki Ardaas Veera, which is being produced by Beyond Dreams Productions.

In the on-going track it is seen that Nihal (Kapil Nirmal) is the one who is responsible for Sampoorn’s (Sudhanshu Pandey) death, and he has also confessed his deeds to Chaiji (Shagufta Ali).

Now, in the coming episode, there is more drama waiting to happen. Sources said, Ratan (Sneha Wagh) will get highly disappointed when her son Ranvir (Bhavesh Balchandani) will dispute with her because she is being so rude to his sister Veera (Harshita Ojha). She will feel humiliated at the sudden outburst of her son and will decide to take a big step in her life to get away from all the misery.

According to the sources, “Ratan, who will try to commit suicide by hanging herself, will be saved in the nick of time by Nihal. On the other hand, Chaiji who asked Nihal to leave the village after knowing the truth about Sampoorn, will be left torn between letting Nihal take responsibility of the family (even after knowing that he is the cause of their ill fate) or to revealing this well-guarded secret to everyone.”

It is also informed by a source that while shooting for the particular suicide scene, Sneha had accidently got hurt and was immediately hospitalised.

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