Colors' Beintehaa

Nandish Sandhu to quit Colors’ Beintehaa?

Preetika miffed with change in 'Beintehaa' timeslot?

Pooran Kiri to enter Colors' Beintehaa
Dimple Jhangiani wraps up shoot for Colors’ Beintehaa
Barkat to attempt murder again; Zain to save Usmaan in Colors' Beintehaa
Lovebirds Zain and Aaliya to get 'desperate' for some private time in Colors' Beintehaa

The bug of 'jealousy' bites Aaliya in Colors' Beintehaa
Dimple Jhangiani to enter Colors' Beintehaa
Heartbroken Aaliya to leave the house; Zain to get her back home in Colors' Beintehaa
Zain comes to Aaliya's rescue in the nick of time in Colors' Beintehaa
Aaliya to face her first victory after impressing Zain's friends in Colors' Beintehaa
Drama to unfold with Zain and Aaliya's marriage in Colors' Beintehaa
Here's presenting the sneak peek into tonight's episode of Colors' Beintehaa

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