BIG MAGIC’s Akbar Birbal

Who knew history could also be fun!!??

Shashi Sumeet Productions Pvt Ltd is surely making the tales of Akbar entertaining for viewers through its Big Magic show Akbar.

The story of the young prince played by Bhavesh Babani, kept you hooked to the TV screens, and now it’s time to see him grow up.

And guess who will play the teenage royal prince?

Handsome lad Abhishek Nigam, brother of the popular Siddharth Nigam (Ashoka) has been signed in to play the titular role.

This will be Abhishek’s first big outing on TV. He was earlier in talks to play the lead in Siya Ke Ram.

Shared a source, “Abhishek, as his brother Siddharth, is really good looking, and has a royal aura around himself. He fitted the bills of the Mughal emperor completely.”

We tried reaching the actor but could not connect with him.

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