Epic TV's Dharmakshetra

Saurabh Goyal to play Ashwatthama in Epic TV's Dharmakshetra

Actor Saurabh Goyal who was recently seen in Star Plus’ Everest will now don the challenging avatar of Ashwatthama in Epic TV’s mythological show, Dharmakshetra (Bolt Media).

The mini-series revolves around the court-room drama wherein every participant in the Kuruskshetra war gets his moment to justify his actions based on which it will be decided whether he would go to heaven or hell.

This Tuesday’s episode (23 December) will see the introduction of Dronacharya’s son, Ashwatthama in the premises of the court. Even though Ashwatthama would have been cursed by Lord Krishna to lead a life of isolation, pain and agony, he will enter the court to defend his father’s actions in the war.

Later, he will also be seen in the court for his own trial.

When contacted, Saurabh who has earlier featured in Parrvarish and Chabbis Barah told us, “Yes, this was a very emotionally challenging role for me, as Ashwatthama was stopped by a curse of Lord
Krishna to enter the court. It was a great experience shooting for this interesting mythological show. The look given to me was absolutely stunning, as Ashwatthama had wounds and blisters all over the body for which he would never find any ailment, as per the curse of Lord Krishna.”
Get to see Ashwatthama testifying for his father in Dharmakshetra this week.

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