Star Plus' Everest

Mystery of 'Yeti' to get solved in Star Plus' Everest

The mystifying creature Yeti has been creating quite a buzz among the expeditioners in Star Plus’ Everest (Ashutosh Gowariker Productions). And now in the coming days the mystery about this monster will finally get solved in the show.

Any guesses what could be the secret about this creature?

Shockingly, it will be none other than Sherpa Phurba, who had been the one helping the mountaineers in their mission.

Shares a source, “After Yeti attack on Aakash (Rohan Gandotra), Anjali (Shamata Anchan) and Arjun (Sahil Salathia) will plan to find out about the Yeti by following his footsteps.”
The trio will reach a cave and wait for Yeti and to their shock the Sherpa will emerge from the cave and will himself be stunned and embarrassed to see them there.

He will then go on to inform that he has wanted to protect Everest who they believe to be their God.
Not wanting it to get polluted, abused and exploited further he has been trying to scare all expeditioners away from the mountains.

How will the others react on this revelation? Will Phurba’s act get him punished?

We tried reaching Rohan and Shamata but they remained unavailable.

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