Channel V's Million Dollar Girl

Million Dollar Girl will prove that being persistent can help you win the world- Sharmin Kazi

The pretty and chirpy Sharmin Kazi is all set to mesmerize audience with the recently launched show Million Dollar Girl on Channel V. The show by Beyond Dreams Entertainment has the girl playing Avanti, a simple yet quirky girl who manages to fulfill her dreams through her staunch belief in herself.

Talking about her character, Sharmin says, “Avanti is a girl who has some really big dreams for herself and her life. Although she belongs to a conservative city like Banaras, it doesn’t deter her to live her life the way she wants to. She is a free bird who actually wants to make it big in her life and has the confidence and passion to actually do it.”

Ask her about the feedback for the first week, and she states, “Everybody really liked the show and I hope they continue loving it. This show is beautiful as it depicts how with persistent endeavours anyone can win the world and become a million dollar girl.”

Speaking about the USP of the show, Sharmin avers, “Firstly, all shows on the channel are about today’s normal city bred youth. But for the first time, Banaras which is still quite conservative in its attitude will be projected in the show. Also Avanti is not the typical heroine who is all good, but is a street smart girl who wouldn’t think about right or wrong when it comes to what she wants. I think the character is very real and will be really interesting to watch.”

So is there any similarity between her and her on-screen persona? “Yes, there is a lot of Sharmin in Avanti. I think an actor bags a role only when his / her personality matches well with the character.
There has to be some relativity factor, for you just cannot fake a role completely.”

Talking about the team, Sharmin quips, “All of us have really become great friends and we have so much masti off screen. Also I feel all the characters have some really beautiful shades and it’s an overall amazing team. Iqbal Sir (the show’s director) is the best captain we could have got. I am really lucky to have bagged this show.”

And finally, ask her how her ‘Million Dollar Boy’ needs to be and the pretty girl smiles, “If he has million dollars I don’t think any other quality would even be needed (laughs).”
Well wish you luck Sharmin!!!     

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