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For years now, electronic media has served as the watchdog of our society. From exposing the corrupt to taking up cudgels on behalf of the poor and the wronged, media has often dished out its own sort of justice. But ever given a thought about the veracity of the news we consume? How genuine is news today? What is true and what is false? How much of information is paid for by vested interests? The nation needs to know and Sony Entertainment Television may just provide us with the answer through its upcoming show titled, Reporters.

While the unique concept of the show something that has hitherto never been attempted on TV is enough to get viewers excited, it is actor Rajeev Khandelwal's return to television with this fiction series that has sent the excitement levels soaring.
The heartthrob will be seen essaying the role of a TV journalist cum anchor. The newly released teaser has a handsome suited and booted Rajeev (how we love the formal look on this actor), hair well-combed,  sipping coffee and warning us in his own sweet style, 'Kuch khabrein hoti hai kuch banai jaati hain (some are news while some are manufactured).

Joining newsroom is the jaw dropping beauty Kritika Kamra who will be Rajeev's female counterpart. While movies based on the same concept abound in Bollywood, it is for the first time ever, a GEC has taken the challenge of stitching it together in the form of a TV series.
What's essential to note is the series doesn't seem to caricature any real-life journalist. Bollywood annoyingly follows stereotypes when it comes to portraying journalists with a female reporter always ending up being modelled on Barkha Dutt. Thankfully, Reporters looks original with strict focus on breaking news stories and exposing the lies that are often swept under the studio's old carpets.

Apart from Rajeev's return to TV with a fully fleshed out character, it is the new pairing between him and Kritika that has audience already excited. Also expect to see some newsroom romance unfolding between the two. On the saucy bit, we are sure one would also get to see the closed door affairs of scribes that often remain unreported.

With TV news being consumed almost by every single adult population of this country, we are certain Reporters will strike an immediate chord with viewers all across. Perhaps this is the antidote that one needs after being bombarded with a barrage of overemotional saas bahu saga on a daily basis. We at will be keeping a keen eye out on this show. Reporters is being produced by Rose Audio Visuals Pvt Ltd.

Rajeev-Kritika slapgate controversy: Reel or real drama?

It seems that actors are on a slapgate spree these days in the Indian television industry. After the rather infamous incident of Deepika Singh slapping co star Anas Rashid on the sets of Diya Aur Baati Hum , here comes another ‘ thappad ki gunj’ news.

There have been reports about Kritika Kamra slapping co star Rajeev Khandelwal while shooting for the promo of Sony TV’s upcoming show Reporters .

As per sources, Kritika lost her calm and got violent on Rajeev’s inappropriate behavior.

To get a confirmation on the same, we texted the channel spokesperson, the concerned actors and also the producer, Srishty Arya of Rose Audio Visuals Pvt Ltd, but none really came on record either accepting or denying the incident.

However, we grabbed hold of a footage of the alleged slapgate incident from the set.
Here you go…
You can see Kritika hitting Rajeev in the shot. But our in house experts discern that it’s part of the shooting set up and not a real life dishoom dishoom.

Well, we can’t really confirm at this point of time what is the reality but given the show’s tagline in the teaser… “ Kuch khabrein hoti hai kuch banai jaati hain  ,” one can actually get the drift.

What do you all think? Do you think Kritika actually slapped Rajeev or it’s just a publicity gimmick? Let us know in the comment section below.
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