Life Ok's Piya Rangrezz

Life OK’s latest edition to the show list, Piya Rangrezz (Sphereorigins), has already started grabbing eyeballs with its unique storyline.

From the very beginning the show has been focusing on Shraddha’s (Kirtida Mistry) forced marriage with Sher (Gaurav S Bajaj) and how Sher’s mother (Bhanvri Devi) has been trying to throw her daughter-in-law out of the house.

A source shared, “Even after repeated attempts of Bhanvri Devi (Narayani Shastri) to throw Shraddha out of her house, all her efforts have failed miserably. Now completely irked with Shraddha, she will take a step further. After Shraddha’s grandmother’s demise, her father will visit their place, but Bhanvri Devi and Munna Mama (Afzal Khan) will insult him and throw him out of their house and will not let Shraddha visit her maiden home with her father.”

While on the other hand, Sher will soon get to know about the truth that Shraddha had some secret relationship with Virat (Sahil Phull) in the past and this will make Sher angry and will further complicate their conjugal life. And as soon Bhanvri will get to know about this truth, she will try to create more rifts between Shraddha and Sher.

This will be interesting for the viewers to know how will Shraddha handle a furious Sher and will keep the situation under control.

When we contacted actress Kirtida Mistry for a comment, she mentioned, “There will be many twists in the upcoming episodes, but I would love the audience to watch it.”
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