Star Plus' Gulmohar Grand

Sudhir and Seema Sharma’s hotel based finite series, Gulmohar Grand on Star Plus has been keeping the audiences hooked with its gripping and interesting story lines.

Recently, wrote about the handsome Karan V Grover getting into the skin of a serial killer for one of the upcoming episodes.

We now hear of veteran actor Parikshit Sahni playing a central character in an episode to air soon.
As per a reliable source, “Parikshit Sahni will play the role of a filthy rich man with a fading memory. He would love his dead wife so much that he will still assume that she is alive. The man will be a close friend of Mr. Jaitley (Madan Joshi), and he will have a customary practise of celebrating his birthday every year at the hotel, Gulmohar Grand.

Likewise, he will be seen hosting his birthday party at the hotel. Since he will be a friend of Jaitley, the red carpet would always be laid out to him, when it comes to giving him the best of facilities for the party.”

We hear that there will be emotional developments that will create an intrigue as the story will move on.

When contacted, Parikshit Sahni said, “It was wonderful working with Sunshine Productions. Though I cannot reveal anything on the story line, I can only say that the story will be very interesting for the viewers.”

The episode featuring Sahni will air soon in the Sunshine Productions show.  
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