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Fire drama in Life OK's Kalash
Devika to meet with a fatal accident in Life OK's Kalash
OMG: Ravi to propose Nivedita in Life OK’s Kalash
Did the headline stump you?

Well, the dramatic plots in Life OK’s Kalash (Balaji Telefilms) have been keeping you hooked to the show. And now in a major twist Ravi (Krrip Suri) will go on to propose Nivedita (Parakh Madan) in the coming episode.

But hold on to your horses, the proposal will be when Ravi would be drunk.

As seen earlier, Nivedita created quite a furore in an inebriated state leaving all embarrassed. But now she would be on the receiving side trying hard to handle the zoned out Ravi.

Shared a source, “In Saket’s (Mahesh Shetty) bachelor party, the guy gang would make Ravi drink forcibly. And an intoxicated Ravi would go ahead and propose Nivedita imagining her to be Devika (Aparna Dixit).”

This particular sequence will add a major twist in the tale as Nivedita who is already in love with 

Ravi will be surprised by this sudden developments.

What next lies in this Nivedita-Ravi-Devika love story?

We called up Parakh who said, “I enjoyed the drunken sequence more rather than getting to handle one (laughs). I wouldn’t let out what track lies ahead but yes it will be definitely an interesting one.”
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