Lakhi Chana


Aakash Aath brings back popular children’s show ‘Lakhi Chana’!

Time to welcome back the popular children’s show ‘Lakhi Chana’! Yes readers, Aakash Aath is launching the second edition of the show. The game show, which is for the children in between the age groups of 4-10 years, witnesses the cute kids place their cute complains about their mummas and papas. It was first launched in 2002 and had run till 2012.

Well-known actor Sujan Mukherjee, popular as Neel, was the anchor of the serial. Sujan is also anchoring the second edition. And this time, the programme is returning with a lot of new things. 
While talking about the new things, the first one that deserves a special mention is the ‘set’. 
The set is an underwater marine life picture, which itself entails the basics to keep the Lakhi Chana story rolling. 

With underwater beautiful creatures like tortoise, starfish etc, the set will be a visual treat for the children as well as adults. To give it a feel of a fantasy world, the team has also installed two beautiful mermaids and a treasure box.  Sujan, who is excited to be back as the anchor, explained the idea behind the set, “Actually, he (Joy Chandra Chandra, set designer) has created a fantasy world.”
“My character, Captain Neel, had gone on a voyage via ship. However, it got drowned. And now he has returned and created a space for the children under the water. So, the idea begins from there,” he added. 

Commenting on the return of show after a gap of four years, Eshita Surana, Director, Aakash Aath said, “With both the parents working in almost every household, the child gets little time from their parents. So, somewhere the child has started feeling very insecure, somewhere the child is feeling that he/she is being left alone and not given proper time. That is the reason why we decided to bring the show back.” 

“Through it we would try to know what children want from their parents. We want to tighten the bond between the parents and children,” she added. Now coming to the rounds of the game, it will start off with ‘Choto Mukhe Boro Katha’ followed by ‘Lakhi Chaanar Adalot’, Jin Na Genious’, ‘Thakumar Jhuli na Dhishkaon Guli’ and ‘Ichche Holo’. The entire game show has music and different entertaining characters to add drama like a grandmother (Soumi Pradhan), a Gin (Anitesh Bhattacharya) etc. So, gear up for this television extravaganza! Directed by Somnath Roy, it will start from 14 November airing Monday to Friday, 5 pm.
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