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The Kapil Sharma Show had been Sony TV's golden goose for garnering TRPs and its massive fan-following is still around. In spite of the rumours and feuds, the show's popularity has remained intact. And now the comedy king is making his return with a new game show on Sony TV and the first teaser for the same is out.
Here's what we thought of it-
The Promo

The promo begins with a fun, relatable squabble with a rickshaw wala as Kapil Sharma tries to convince him to take him to his destination. On being dismissed (like every other mumbaikar) by the driver, Kapil claims to get a call from Sony TV and tells the driver he will regret not driving him. He coolly whistles for a bus and hops on it saying "Mai jaa nahi raha, laut kar aa raha hu" with the driver following, realising his blunder.
During the span of 35 seconds Kapil Sharma does his signature comic gestures and declares his return.
The Good

The teaser is symbolic of him being dismissed as a run-over star and an announcement of his return to the top. We love how smartly the teaser is written and placed. Kapil Sharma has gone back staging his teaser around a rickshaw (in one of the promos for The Kapil Sharma Show had him and his co-stars including Sunil Grover, Alis Asgar and Kiku Sharda boarding a rickshaw), but this time, by himself and he manages pretty well. His sassy comments and resolve to strike back come across clearly and the promo fulfils its purpose.
The Bad
The teaser gives us no further information of how the comedy star plans on rising to the top yet again. At the same time, it may come back to bite him in case the show doesn't make its mark.
The Verdict

We love how light and relatable the promo is, it has no indication of which direction the show is headed in, but it's definitely towards the top. As a promo, this one succeeds in its open-ended interaction with a viewer. If the show keeps up this tone, it might just qualify as an evolved comedy.
Rating- ****/5 (4/5)
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