Star Bharat - Chandrashekhar

#PromoReview: Sta's trailer is intriguing!

Star Bharat
just put out a trailer of Chandrashekhar, an upcoming show that is touted to be the story of the popular historic figure. We already know that Dev Joshi of Baal Veer fame will play the lead role further ahead in the series but for now, little is known of the look and feel of the show.
The trailer is quite a revealing peek into the show. Here's what it looks like-

The Promo
The trailer begins with balck and white scenes of people stepping back in fear with a voice-over for narration. It then goes on to reveal a small child who stares into the eyes of fear as he picks up a catapult in defiance. The backdrop has ruins and riots. We are given the first look of a young Chandrashekhar in this promo.

The Good
We do see the theme of rebellion crying out from the fences and it works well for the plot revolves around a revolutionary. Another element that makes the promo effective is the multi-faceted representation of Indians. The teaser has a brief montage of local Indians and it presents a relatable sentiment.

The Bad
The teaser gives us no indication of what kind of show the audience could look forward to. We know it's based on the Indian freedom fighter but the fragmented look doesn't show signs of linking the people depicted in it with the story.

The Verdict
We enjoyed the subtle tone of rebellion in the clip. The child actor featured in the promo does a pretty good job and does so quite naturally. The relatability factor in the 45 seconds long video works in their favour and might get a few people to look out for the show. All in all, it's a neat package. 

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