Lockdown Edition of Never Kiss your Best Friend

Season 2: Lockdown Edition of Never Kiss your Best Friend?

Story, Web Series is about:
Its about two best friends sumer Singh Dillon and Tanie brar in London. Their relationship of from best friends take a turn after they unintentionally share a kiss . and the how the face the circumstances in life after 7 years of separation

Wiki Review:
The story is about two friends actually best friends.The series is full of love,faith emotion s and of course fight between them and I am really sure that most of us can connect with the story.Both the actors has done a great job.when I started watching this series I have no idea that I will watch the whole series but the story was so amazing that I cannot resist myself to watch the whole season in a one go.

Negative Reviews:
  • This is old cliche Indian drama shot on a foreign land. Good for time pass if you have nothing else left in your watch list. The selection of suitable protagonist could have made it much better. But appreciate the effort of all.
  • I was not going to watch this web series but one day when I had nothing to do and nothing to watch I started watching this web series and this story has lot to offer to the new generations kids everything is well bottled in this web series and the best part is direction... The story is not complicated.. for few hours it was borings but the mixture of past and present kept me alive and it has done Moral also.. looking forward for 2nd season

Positive Reviews:
  • The story was just awesome... it covers from everything to everything....may it be drama,love,hate,friendship,suspence.. and most importantly a best friend throughout the whole journey...cuz no one can replace a best friend..may what come!! it just hit the emotions of the viewers...
  • The story is awesome. Revolves around the friendship turning into a relationship and then complications creeping in. Something which everyone will be able to relate to. Plus the movie boasts of ensemble cast which includes Niki Aneja, Vivek Mushran, Rituraj Singh, etc. They have acted wonderfully to portray the story.
  • The best story I have come across n it's one of the most beautiful show I have come across unlike other shows it doesn't get sloppy it's the blend of love in friendship n they don't even realise that the leads have played so we'll that you ideally can't judge from their acting whether they're acting or they really have such a great chemistry I fell in love with this series guys I think you all must check it out
  • Never kiss your boy friend Director have used a very simple dialogues and concept to narrate this story. The best part about the it is that director tried to show everything in just few episodes and didn't stretch the story. The ups and downs in the story are beautifully projected and choose the perfect artist for the character.

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