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  • Now, Star Bharat's RadhaKrishn is all set to introduce the Mahahbharat track as we know already and hence, that will enable the entry of some pivotal characters who were important in the process, one of them being Shakuni Mama.
  • Kinshuk Vaidya (Arjun) will be seen in his new avatar for the initial episodes of Radhakrishn.

Story, TV Show is about:
Their love story portrays the love which is deeper than the outside elements of the life and it revolves around their eternal love between the two. Shridama, krishna's devotee believes that it is now time for Krishna to enter the mortal world and he also curses Radha that she will spend 100 years outside her Golok (celestial dham) and will eventually forget about Krishna.

Telecast, Repeat Telecast, Digital OTT:
Star Bharat, Radhakrishn premiered its first episode on 1st October 2018 and it revolves around the endearing love story of Krishna and Radha.

Star Cast, Crew:
It stars Sumedh Mudgalkar/ Himanshu Soni and Mallika Singh portraying the roles of Krishna and Radha respectively.

Unknown, Facts, Interesting Facts, Controversies:
  • Sumedh's (the actor playing Krishna) real father's name is also Vasudev, just like Krishna's.

Negative Reviews:
  • No important role of primary ASTA sakhi shown. Only visakha has some role but that too negative. Far from fact. Madhumangal, Subala in actual made the live story more relishable but here they have been completely ignored. Friendship part has been completely ignored. Where is Radharani's sister Ananga Manjari? There was tussle between chandrabali and Radharani's group which made the love story more relishable but here the facts have been twisted. I really hoped Siddharth would stick more to facts . Heard they did lot of research but missed many important facts or have done it willingly . Where is Jatila's daughter ? She was a big villian in the love saga .here she doesn't exist.Verdict : Great show but could have been better if everything was real.
Positive Rewviews:
There has been lot of TV shows about Lord Krishna. What makes this show unique are as follows,
  • It tells us about the part of Krishna story which has been a short section of other TV shows related to Krishna i.e. Story of Radha Krishna.
  • This story tells us the different between eternal love and materialistic love. How love has to face challenges and why love is worth facing them.
  • The love bond between Radha Krishna is main theme. But it also shows bond between Yashoda-Kanha, Balram-Kanha.
  • All actors are very good but the lead actors Krishna( Sumedh) is portraying the role exceptionally well, we can see seriousness, naughtiness not only with dialogues but through his eyes as well. Radha(Mallika) is quite good. She shows the kind heart, innocence perfectly. Other actors are also awesome.
  • The set, screenplay, direction are all very good. Music and songs are exceptionally good and something. Personally, This is the only Hindi/Indian show which keeps me waiting for next episode.

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