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 Latest Update:

  • Many Bengali TV shows are going off-air within a short span of time. ‘Titli’ starring Aryann Bhowmik and Madhupriya Chowdhury in the lead roles, is one among the least. It was an emotional moment for the entire cast and crew to bid goodbye. They wrapped up shooting on a heavy note. The artists and crew members met one last time on the sets as they shot for some important sequences. Actors Kushal Chakraborty, Aryann, Madhupriya, Rajiv Bose, Rimjhim Mitra, Misty Singh gathered together on the shooting floor. They took a walk down the memory lane and cherished some fond memories associated with the show as the set. They all posed for a group photo too. Rajiv has shared some photos on Facebook (which is now rebranded as Meta). ‘Titli’ was launched last year in July. The concept of a girl, who suffers from hearing issues and her desire to be a pilot, caught the attention of the audience. The very first promo tickled the curiosity of the viewers. The show introduced a new face as protagonist Titli. Madhupriya, who is playing the titular role, made her debut with this show. Prior to this, she had participated in a beauty pageant. On the other hand, Aryann is a familiar face to the Bengali audience. He featured in Prosenjit Chatterjee starrer ‘Kakababu’ series earlier. This is his first television show as well. Besides a young reel jodi in the leads, the show has a strong cast too. But despite setting high hopes, ‘Titli’ couldn’t show its magic on the TRP charts. On several occasions, the show was trolled for scenes like Titli flying an aircraft and surviving a plane crash.


  • It is celebration time for team ‘Titli’. The television serial has completed 300 episodes successfully. To celebrate the milestone, cast and crew had a cosy celebration party on the shooting sets.
  • Happy to play Niladri’s character in ‘Titli’: Souvik Banerjee

About the TV Serial:
  • 'Titli' is an Indian television drama aired on Star Jalsha.
  • The story revolves around a girl, who dreams to be a pilot. Titli suffers from hearing issues but that doesn’t stop her from chasing her dream. Aryann, on the other hand, plays Sunny’s character. He is a food blogger. Sunny encourages Titli to achieve her goal.
  • The series was premiered on 13 July 2020 and is produced by Susanta Das, It is produced under Tent Cinema.
  • Speaking about the series Susanta Das said, "Titli embodies the spirit of those innumerable women who dare to make their dreams a reality
  • Story, Titli follows the journey of a girl . Titli (Madhupriya Chowdhury) who aspires to become a pilot despite suffering from hearing impairment overcoming all the hurdles she faces.
Star Cast:
  • Actor Souvik Banerjee, who made his debut with daily soap ‘Chirodini Ami Je Tomar’, recently joined the cast of TV show ‘Titli’
  • Aryann Bhowmik and Madhupriya Chowdhury. He is playing Niladri, a guy who runs an NGO. Aryann, who was mostly seen in films, made his television debut with this show.
  • Madhupriya, on the other hand, is a new face to the audience. She had participated in a beauty pageant prior to this.
  • Souvik said, “Niladri is a good guy. He and his friends run an NGO. He lives with his mom. When Titli meets with an accident, he rescues and brings her home.”
  • Souvik is happy to play Niladri, who is full of positive energy. “Niladri is a good guy. He is helpful and always full of energy. His background is quite interesting which will slowly unfold as the show progresses,” adds the actor.
  • The actor, who was also a part of ‘Alo Chhaya’ earlier, has been shooting from home. “I stay alone. There is no one to hold the light. I am my own costume designer, make-up artist, DOP, camera person (laughs). It is really tough to do everything on your own, especially because the current track in Titli is very crucial. The directorial team is working very hard to make the show a success. From narrating the sequence to explaining how to emote or shoot it- the directorial team helps me in every step. On the shooting floor, we have dedicated people who do make-up, prompt us with the dialogues, correct the position and lighting. I am missing them a lot.”
  • The story takes a time leap of 1 year. Titli went abroad for her career and for her eyes treatment. Adrija gets married to Anirban. Titli surprises everyone with her grand entry. Elsewhere, Deep enters the Bose mansion and surprises everyone. When Sunny and Titli was spending some time together locking themselves in their room , Sunny gets romantic with Titli. Kinni, Adrija and Babli knock the room and warn them from spending time alone in the room. Suddenly, Sunny starts talking about Rehana. Babli tells that Rehana is fine and has changed herself.
  • Sunny gets angry when he hears from Rekha that she loves Titli more than Sunny, Kinni and Deep. Later, Rehana enters the Bose mansion where she is sick and wheel chaired. After the wedding, Rekha and Aparesh sing a duet song. Elsewhere, Titli decides to stay at home and do lead household life instead of going to Delhi. Nobody agrees to Titli's words. That night, Anirban makes Adrija unconscious and wraps her and takes her to Antara's car.
  • When Anirban brings Adrija home, the whole family gets angry on her. On the day of their flight, Titli's legs get injured in bathroom and they stay back. On the Award Ceremony, Anirban faints Chapa and misbehaves with the family, CEO of Airlines company and shows his true colours. Titli privately told Sunny that her leg didn't injure actually but she pretended to do in order to expose Anirban.
300 Episodes Special:
  • It is celebration time for team ‘Titli’. The television serial has completed 300 episodes successfully. To celebrate the milestone, cast and crew had a cosy celebration party on the shooting sets. Actors Madhupriya Chowdhury, Aryann Bhowmik along with their other team members enjoyed a cake cutting ceremony on the sets.

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