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  • Today Episode: మనసా, సుయిల్*లపై పౌర్నామి అవినాష్*ను తప్పుదారి పట్టించింది. మిగతా చోట్ల ఆనంద్ రావు ఆకాష్*కు సహాయం చేసి భూమిని ఆకట్టుకోవడానికి ప్రయత్నిస్తాడు. Pournami misleads Avinash against Manasa and Suil. Elsewhere, Anand Rao tries to impress Bhoomi by helping Aakash. Watch Here
  • నీలవేణి కఠినమైన ప్రవర్తనతో సునీల్ గుండెలు బాదుకుంటాడు. అవినాష్ మనసాను తప్పుగా అర్థం చేసుకున్నప్పుడు అతనికి విషయాలు మరింత దిగజారిపోతాయి. లేకపోతే ఆనంద్ రావు భూమిని దోపిడీ చేయాలని యోచిస్తున్నాడు, అతను తన సహాయాన్ని అంగీకరించి అద్దె ఇల్లు ఇవ్వమని భూమిని ఒప్పించాడు. ఆనంద్ రావు మహిళలపై నిఘా ఉంచే స్థానిక చెడ్డ వ్యక్తి Sunil feels heartbroken by Neelaveni's harsh behaviour. Things turn worse for him when Avinash misunderstands Manasa. Otherwise Anand Rao plans to exploit Bhoomi, he convinces Bhoomi to accept his help and offer a rent house. Anand Rao is a local bad person who keeps eye on women.
  • Very Special Pics of Star Cast @ Chelleli Kaapuram Serial Heroine, Hero, Star Cast
  • Aakash Water fear: As Pournami and Neelaveni expected Bhoomi continue to give the wrong medicine as the result Aakash scare of water, Bhoomi lands in a tight spot as the neighbors blame and landlord banishes from the house later Bhoomi request contraction building manager to work and stay in the site. Bhoomi comes up with an unimaginable strategy to make Aakash get rid of his fear. Bhoomi jumps into water thinking Aakash will jump as the result he will fight back from water. Later, she feels delighted as he responds positively.
  • Bhoomi & Aakash struggle after leaving house: Aakash tie 'Tali' to Bhoomi and she felt very happy as he understand that she is upset for not getting house because she has no 'Tali' so he decides to get a Tali, he ask all women but no one agrees to give, finally one old woman prepared a Tali and ask Aakash to tie to Bhoomi at Temple. Bhoomi stands helpless as the goons steal her money, they went to temple to sleep and Pujari offer shelter and food and in the morning helps to find a house. Bhoomi starts doing daily labour work at a building construction site and receives labour salary. Pournami misleads Avinash with a cunning motive by moving Sunil to store keeper job.Neelaveni and Pournami tells Rajyam that Manasa surely know where to Bhoomi. Sunil comes to same construction site where Bhoomi and Aakash working, Aakash tries to call but Bhoomi stops Aakash, as Sunil is going to come every day to site so Bhoomi decides to leave the work. Tension arises in the family when Manasa condemns Pournami's decisions. Later, Sunil requests Manasa to stop arguing with Pournami.
  • Bhoomi leaves house with Aakash - Due to wrong Ayurveda Powder Aakash acts totally different in a bad way so as per Neelaveni advice Rajyam and Avinash decided to take Aakash to Mental Hospital because Aakash may damage others/self and Bhoomi gets shocked to know decision and she request Rajyam but fails and Sunil also requests Avinash to reconsider his decision. Bhoomi gets worried about Aakash's future and Bhoomi leaves house with Aakash. Earlier Bhoomi's decision shocks Aakash's family and stars searching Manasa goes to Padma house to ask about Bhoomi but Padma lies to Manasa because Padma is the best of Bhoomi but Pournami and Neelambari celebrate Bhoomi's departure from home.
  • Aakash Mad behavior: Aakash throws coffee on Avinash and Avinash rebukes Aakash for abusing Pournami and Neelaveni. Overcome with regret about his actions, he breaks down into tears. Afterwards, Neelaveni pollutes Rajyam mind and provokes her against Bhoom and she loses her calm with Bhoomi, Elsewhere, Sunil feels guilty for hurting Aakash.
  • Wrong Ayurveda Powder: Neelaveni and Pournami successfully replace right Ayurveda Medicine Powder with wrong powder even Manasa tries to hides the key but Neelaveni and Pournami sneak into Bhoomi's room and change the Ayurveda Powder with wrong one, and next day Bhoomi continue to give the wrong powder to Aakash without knowing it got changed. And the result impact him with water phobia through Aakash celebrates the Holi festival with his friends (Old Kids) and get issues the neighbours speak ill about Aakash and ended up Aakash's unusual behaviour when her Mangalsutram chain damaged.
  • Neelaveni Entry: Neelaveni visits Bhoomi's house with a bad motive and start helping Pournami's evil plan and Bhoomi gives good Ayurveda powder to Aakash ad feels happy as Aakash starts to understand things.
  • Ayurvedic Treatment: Sunil informs Bhoomi that Ramachandra Prabhu is going to visit Hyderabad so it will be better we go and join Aakash for treatment, Neelambari and Pourmani provokes Rajyam against Bhoomi and Rajyam is not happy to give Ayurveda treatment to Aakash. Finally Bhoomi convince her and takes Aakash to treatment (A resort in Hyderabad) andRamachandra Prabhu advises Bhoomi to keep faith in the day Manada fails to stop Pournami to go there and Sulochana implements her evil plan against Aakash with wrong treatment and Aakash get water phobia but Bhoomi gets motivated by Gopi's inspiring testimony. Guruji advises Bhoomi to send Aakash to his house. Rajyam blames Bhoomi for Aakash's loss and warns and slapped Bhoomi.
  • Bhoomi gets to know shocking truth: Bhoomi gets heartbroken when Madhava reveals the shocking truth that Aakash is only the reason her father lost legs and she lefts house later Aakash feels elated after finding Bhoomi. Later, the priest advises Bhoomi to take care of Aakash.
  • Pournami Project, Aakash Signature : Aakash Clients get to know they done fake signature of Aakash and they said will file a case then Bhoomi shares her strategy with her family, Bhoomi makes a request to Ranga. The next day, she tries to help Aakash recall his past. Bhoomi convinces Aakash to change his attire. Later, his family is stunned by his makeover and entire family do reality game and Aakash acts very well. And finally Aakash gives a demo of his project at the business meeting. Later, everyone is worried when Aakash fails to answer the questions of his partners but Aakash deliver successfully, Bhoomi feels extremely delighted about Aakash's strategic approach in the meeting. Avinash praises Bhoomi for helping the family and ask her to take CEO seat, Pournami is left speechless with Avinash's decision.
  • Bhogi Celebrations: The family celebrate Bhogi and have a fun time. On the other hand, Manasa gets emotional as she dreams about Bhoomi and Aakash spending time together.
  • Aakash feels excited about his trip to Kerala. After a while, Bhoomi and her family get disappointed when Sunil reveals some bad news.
  • It was a Dream: Pournami lands in a tight spot when Aakash reveals the truth. Pournami feels elated after learning about Bhoomi's decision. Later, the family gets shocked when Bhoomi slaps her. Later, Avinash slaps her as she speaks ill about Bhoomi. But It was a dream NOT real. This is the Best Episode to watch.
  • One of the TOP 5 Best Telugu TV Shows: Back to TOP 5 position in TRP, listed in the fifth spot. The show deals with the life of specially-abled Akash and his wife Bhoomi is managing to engage the telly audience with its gripping narrative.
  • Bhoomi takes care Aakash: Sunil and Avinash thank Bhoomi for helping Aakash but the family feels disappointed as Aakash fails to recall the past. Aakash and Bhoomi inaugurate the new office. Gangadhar gets shocked when Madhava reveals the truth behind his accident. Later, Aakash and Bhoomi seek Madhava's blessings.
  • Both Sisters got married.

Story, Plot:
  • The show deals with the lives of two half-sisters. Life of Bhumi who marries a specially-abled person for the sake of her young sister’s happiness. Unlike the conventions, the sisters are not up against each other but instead, the elder one makes a sacrifice that none would do for her half-sister.
  • Unlike the conventions, they are not up against each other but instead, the elder one makes a sacrifice that none would do for her half-sister.
  • The elder sister marries a specially-abled person for the sake of her young sister’s happiness.
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Telecast, Repeat Telecast, Digital OTT:
  • Airs on Star Maa from Monday to Saturday.
  • Streams on Paid Hotstar Here
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  • Back to TOP 5 position in TRP, listed in the fifth spot.
  • The show deals with the life of specially-abled Akash and his wife Bhoomi is managing to engage the telly audience with its gripping narrative.
  • Telugu television is back with fresh episodes of popular shows and some new daily soaps as well. Adding to the club, it is ‘Chelleli Kapuram’, a new family drama which will premiere on June 29.
  • Overall, The show has consistently topped the ratings chart since its inception.
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