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Latest Updates:

  • Today Episode

  • 'Yediyuru Sri Siddhalingeshwara' completes 500 episodes,
    Kannada devotional daily soap Yediyuru Sri Siddhalingeshwara has completed 500 episodes successfully. The show is being aired on a leading Kannada general entertainment channel in the primetime slot. The devotional show is based on the life of the revered Sharan saint Yediyuru Sri Siddhalingeshwara, who travelled far and wide preaching the Veerashaiva faith (Shaivism). He performed 12 years of penance at a garden (Thota) and hence, he is known as Thontada Siddalingeshwara Swamy. He headed the Murugi muth and had many disciples.
  • Directed by Naveen Krishna, the show has a strong star cast which includes Harish Raj, Vinay Gowda, Vallabh Suri, Nayana, Harshala Honey, Jyothi Rai, Jyoti Kiran, and many others.


Yediyuru Sri Siddhalingeshwara completes 200 episodes
; director Naveen Krishna meets Dr. Shivrajkuma: The show is being aired on a leading Kannada general entertainment channel in a primetime slot. On the occasion of the milestone, the director of the devotional show Naveen Krishna got a chance to meet Dr.Shivrajkumar, the 'Hatrik hero' of the Kannada film industry. Naveen along with a few of his crew members of the show met Shivraj Kumar at his residence and felicitated him with a memento.

 Latest Update:

  • Devotional show Yediyuru Sri Siddhalingeswhara, which has Harish Raj, Nayana and Aryan in lead roles, is set to telecast with fresh episodes from July 5 at 9pm.
  • Vinay will be making his Telugu debut as the male protagonist in the new show.
  • Actor Aryan Surya replaces Vinay Gowda as Lord Shiva in the devotional show Yediyuru Sri Siddhalingeshwara - It's official! Actor Aryan Surya is the new Lord Shiva in the devotional show Yediyuru Sri Siddhalingeshwara. A close source from the team confirmed the news exclusively to ETimes TV. While the shoots have been stalled for the television serials and reality shows due to the ongoing Karnataka lockdown, Aryan will be joining the team once the team resumes the shoot. He will be making his appearance as Lord Shiva in the upcoming episodes of the devotional show.
  • Vinay Gowda quits devotional TV show 'Yediyuru Sri Siddhalingeshwara'Actor Vinay Gowda, who is best known for portraying the role of 'Lord Shiva' on Kannada television, seems to have taken the biggest decision in his career. The actor, who was seen playing the role of the 'lord of destruction' in the devotional-based show 'Yediyuru Sri Siddhalingeshwara,' will no longer be a part of the show.
  • Vinay has called it a quit from the devotional show. The actor took to his social media handle to confirm the same. Sharing a picture of himself donned in the avatar of Lord Shiva, Vinay on his Instagram handle wrote, [QUOTE]"I am sorry to disappoint my fans. But its the end of my journey in 'Yediyuru Sri Siddhalingeshwara'. Saying goodbye to once-in-a-lifetime character Mahadeva is heartbreaking. But the pain I am giving you guys is temporary. It may last a minute, an hour, or a day, or a year. But eventually, it will subside and someone else will take that place. I quit. However, the pain for me will last forever. I ask myself which would I rather live it? The pain of quitting or the safety of my loved ones." (sic) [/QUOTE] Vinay Gowda's decision of quitting the show has indeed left the fans in a disappointing state. Earlier in an interview with ETimes TV, the actor said, "I am blessed to portray the role of Lord Shiva for the second time in my career. I will be seen as Lord Shiva again in the upcoming devotional-based show 'Yediyuru Sri Siddhalingeshwara' Not every actor gets this kind of opportunity to portray the same character often."
About the show:
  • Serial Based on the Life Story and Teachings of Yediyuru Shri Siddalingeshwara, based on the life of revered saint Siddhalingeshwara
  • 21st December launched the show.
  • Due to lack of fresh episodes, the serial which went off air temporarily is back to treat viewers from July month.
Star Cast:
  • Actor Vinay Gowda again got a chance to play the role of Lord Shiva, he appeared in Hara Hara Mahadeva as Shiva. Ughe Ughe Mahadeswhara , Jai Hanuman are some of the other works by Vinay Gowda. He has now been replaced by Aryan Surya.
  • Harish Raj doing the younger version of Mallikarjuna, Siddhalingeshwara’s father in the serial had said, “The father has to deal with his son’s spiritual leaning and worldly knowledge, which leads to people revering him. When I get roles like this, I feel it’s a divine call as I am a firm believer and not often does one get opportunities to play such characters. In movies, I have played a role like this, but this will be the first time that I will be acting in a devotional serial."
  • Vallabh Suri, Narayana, Harshala Honey, Jyoti Rai, Jyoti Kiran are in the star cast of Latest Kannada television series Yediyur Siddalingeshwara.
  • The serial, which is directed by Naveen Krishna.
  • Watch online at HotStar, Monday to Saturday at 8:00 P.M

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