Marathi TV Show - Jotiba Dakkancha Raja Jyotiba Latest Update, New Star Cast, New Future Story, Today Episode Written update

 Latest Update:

  • Addinath Kothare hunts for new shoot locations for his TV shows

  • In the wake of a sudden spike in the cases of COVID-19 in Maharashtra, the state government has imposed stricter restrictions till April 30. The film and TV shoots have been stopped because of the same.
  • Addinath Kothare, who is currently backing two Marathi TV shows - ‘Sukh Mhanje Nakki Kay Asta’ and ‘Dakkancha Raja Jyotiba’ - has decided to move the shoot location to some other state, for time being. In fact, he has started hunting for a new location already as he flew to Hyderabad on Friday morning for the same.
About the Show, Story:
  • Dakhkhancha Raja Jyotiba is a Marathi serial from Star Pravah. This is set in the backdrop of a historical warrior. It joins the amazing set of hit contents on the channel. The serial belongs to the historical drama genre.
  • The plot revolves around the Jyotiba, an avatar of Lord Shiva. He gets to help the poor and the people who are denied justice. With all the challenges, he faces it and helps the people in need. It is the visual saga of the bravery and valour of the warrior.
Dakhkhancha Raja Jyotiba Serial Cast
  • Nisha Parulekar
  • Vishhal Nikam
  • Narayani Varne
  • Nisha Parulekar
  • Vishhal Nikam
  • Samarth Patil
  • Dhanashri Antarkar
  • Supreett Niikam
  • Prasad Dani
  • Narayani Varne
  • Nishta Vaidya
  • Jotiba Cast ( Dakhkhancha Raja Jyotiba ) Cast / ज्योतिबा कलाकारांचे खरे नाव :

    Young Jotiba As Vishal Nikam, तरुण ज्योतिबा विशाल निकम म्हणून

    Young Yamai As Aetashaa Sansgiri तरूण यमाई एताशा संझगिरी म्हणून

    Young Chopdai As Sai Kalyankar तरुण चोपडाई साई कल्याणकर म्हणून

    Small Jotiba  As Samarth Patil छोटा जोतिबा समर्थ पाटील म्हणून

    Aai MahaLaxmi As Nisha Parulekhar आई महालक्ष्मी निशा परुलेखर म्हणून

    Small Yamai As Narayani Varne लहान यमाई नारायणी वारणे म्हणून

  • Small Chopdai As Nishtha Vaidya लहान चोपडाई निष्ठा वैद्य म्हणून

  • Vimlambuja ( Jyotiba's Mom ) As Danashri Antarkarविमलंबूजा (ज्योतिबाची आई) म्हणून धनश्री अंतकर

    Rushi Pogund ( Jyotiba's Father ) As Prasad Dani रुशी पोगुंड (ज्योतिबाचे वडील) प्रसाद दानी म्हणून

    Ratnasur As Supreet Nikam रत्नसुर म्हणून सुप्रीत निकम

    Srpasur As Sourabh Chowgule सरपासुर सौरभ चौघुले म्हणून

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  • Jotiba ( Dakhkhancha Raja Jyotiba ) Information / ज्योतिबा ( दख्खनचा राजा ज्योतिबा ) माहित : Dakhkhancha Raja Jotiba Is Marathi Serial Telecast On Star Pravah. Vishal Nikam, Aetashaa Sansgiri, Sai Kalyankar Are Main Lead Role Of This Serial. Jyotiba Is Avatar Of Lord Shiva And Also Lord Jyotiba Is Kuldavat Of So Many People In Maharashtra. The Story Is Very Exciting Asurs Wants Mountains Of Devi MahaLaxmi Empire And Wants To Be Kings On That Land But Lord Jotiba Fights From Maha Laxmi Side And Helps Farmers Lives On That Mountain.

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