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 Latest Update:

  • Jijaji Chhat Parr Koii Hai has captured the imagination of the fans and managed to entertain audiences with its well-crafted storyline. Not only have the never-ending hilarious banters between Jaldirams and Jindals intrigued viewers, but the show has been keeping them hooked with its spooky elements giving a much-needed comic relief. Out of the show’s cast, the audience is admiring Hiba Nawab showering her with massive appreciations and support.
  • Due to Covid Lockdown, it is postponed.
  • A horror spiritual sequel titled Jijaji Chhat Parr Koii Hai starring Hiba Nawab and Shubhashish Jha premiered on Sony SAB on March 8 2021.

About the Show:
  • Jijaji Chhat Per Hain (transl. Brother-in-law is on the terrace) is an Indian sitcom television series that aired from 9 January 2018 to 21 February 2020 on Sony SAB.
  • Produced by Edit II Production, it starred Hiba Nawab, Nikhil Khurana and Anup Upadhyay.
  • But its second season came on Sony Sab on march 8 2021 named Jijaji Chattpur Koi Hai.
  • The show involves Murari, who continually tries to control his daughter, Elaichi, a street smart and free spirited girl; and Pancham, an aspiring music director, who works as a salesman in Murari's Lehenga shop, and is in love with Elaichi
Season 3:
  • Due to Covid Lockdown, it is postponed. A horror spiritual sequel titled Jijaji Chhat Parr Koii Hai starring Hiba Nawab and Shubhashish Jha premiered on Sony SAB on March 8 2021.

Season 1
  • Murari Lal Bansal is a lehenga shop owner in Chandni Chowk, Delhi who lives with his nagging wife Karuna and a free-spirited and outspoken daughter, Elaichi.
  • Half of the Chandni Chowk is infatuated by Elaichi but she considers them unsuitable for her. Rebellious Elaichi has several tricks up her sleeve.
  • She continues to go to school by intentionally flunking each year in eleventh standard but passes in her fifth attempt, to twelfth standard, at the age of 21, to avoid living the grown-up life and dodging marriage.
  • The twist in the tale comes when Murari rents out his rooftop room (barsati) to Pancham, a 24-year-old boy from Agra who aspires to be a music director. Pancham moves to Delhi with his best friend, Pintu, both of whom have limited resources to bank on.
  • To make his ends meet, he ends up working in Murari's shop as an assistant. Since Murari is principally determined to not rent his 'barsati' to bachelors, Pancham fakes about being married and disguises Pintu, as a woman posing as his wife.
  • However, Elaichi figures out what is going on and takes an instant liking of Pancham's mild and innocent behavior.
  • The story goes on from here as Pancham tries to balance his dream of becoming a music director, his work and concealing his wife's 'secret', whereas Elaichi constantly flirts with Pancham and teases him with jokes and pranks, while Murari tries to control his daughter's behavior in the most unsuccessful ways. Elaichi tells Pancham and Pintu that she knows the truth about Pintu and that she loves Pancham. She and Pancham marry with the consent of Elaichi's grandmother, unknown to her father Murari. Elaichi, Pancham, Pintu and Sunita solve day to day problems faced by them due to Elaichi's marriage to Pancham but due to one of Elaichi's pranks, Pancham and Pintu are thrown out of the house and shop by Murari.
Season 2
  • Pancham and Pintu return, disguised as siblings Sanjana Kohli and Sanjeev Kohli respectively, to rent the house and shop on the advice of Elaichi. Chatanki and Sanjana aka Pancham get married in a fake marriage but due to increasing problems for Elaichi and Pancham after this, Elaichi plans to run away so that Pancham and Pintu can return in their original getup. Pancham and Pintu return to the house after being forgiven by Murari but due to an electric shock Pancham loses his memory and does not recognize Elaichi as his wife.
  • He behaves with her the same way he behaved when he came the first time in Season 1. Elaichi tries to make Pancham fall for her again. Among the regular mischiefs of Elaichi, arrives Murari's friend Bansi's daughter Sargam who falls in love with Pancham.
  • She offers him to make him settle in Canada and become a musician there, to which he accepts quickly. When Elaichi realizes the affair between Pancham and Sargam, she makes plans to stop him from going to Canada but isn't successful. Dejected, she goes to an neighborhood temple to commit suicide by hitting her head on the temple bell.
  • When Elaichi's friend Sunita informs this to Pancham, he quickly goes to the temple, trips and gets hurt by the temple bell due to which his memory comes back.
  • Sargam makes Pancham promise her never to leave Elaichi and to be careful while fixing the electric cables. After some days, Murari sees Pancham filling sindoor in the forehead of Elaichi. He goes to his room and gets a gun to shoot Pancham.
  • Elaichi and her mother try to explain everything to her father. But Murari being known for his temper shoots Pancham anyway.
  • The first shot misses. The show ends while the viewers keep guessing whether Murari shoots the second bullet or not. 

Star Cast:
  • Hiba Nawab as Elaichi Bansal aka Ellu, Murari's daughter and Pancham's wife. She is a free-spirited, stubborn yet fun-loving girl. She is a street-smart girl who loves to keep things her way. She failed in 11th standard four times and passed in her fifth attempt. She loves Pancham and is secretly married with him about which only she, her grandmother, Pancham, Sunita and Pintu know. After Pancham lost his memory due to a shock, she tries to make him fall in love with her again. Her catchphrase is "Life me tante ho rakhe hai". (2018-2020)
  • Nikhil Khurana as Pancham Khurana, Elaichi's husband, a small towner from Agra, whose sole dream was to become a music director. As he continues to struggle in his music career, to make his ends meet, he starts working at Murari's shop and lives on rent in his Barsati which makes him fall directly in the purview of Elaichi's whims and pranks. He loves Elaichi and now secretly married to her. Due to an electric shock, he lost his memory and started behaving with Elaichi in the old manner when he arrived at Murari's shop. (2018-2020)
  • Anup Upadhyay as Murari Bansal, a Chandni Chowk lehenga shop owner and father of Elaichi. He is not only an insecure and grumpy father but is also known to be a miser. He has an old Delhi accent, is very sarcastic in nature and is mostly seen engaged in gossips with Khasote at his saloon shop. He is sometimes mean in a good way and has a characteristic snickering laughter. He constantly bullies Pancham to keep him in check and makes salary cuts every time he makes a mistake. He is shown to deeply care for Pancham like his own son. He is unaware of Elaichi's marriage to Pancham. He has a catchphrase "Baat kar ria hai bekaar ki". (2018-2020)
Unknown Facts:
  • Speaking about the show, Sony SAB Sr EVP & Head Neeraj Vyas said, “Keeping up with our vision to provide entertaining comedies and to make India laugh, we begin 2018 with a hilarious new show, Jijaji Chhat Per Hain. This show highlights the various idiosyncrasies of our characters. The dynamic plots of the story and the playful camaraderie between the characters is sure to excite the viewers.”
  • Nikhil Khurana was chosen to play the titular role of Jijaji. Talking about the show he said, “It’s an amazing experience wherein I am exploring a lot of shades that might not have chartered in my earlier projects. The team and the vibe is brilliant. Everyone is playful and the captain of the ship has a vision which is very comforting to know.”
  • Hiba Nawab was selected to play the role of Elaichi. Talking about the show she said, “This is my second comedy show. Definitely I am excited to be a part of it because I think laughter is the best medicine. This is not something real Hiba is. This time I am trying something I have never done before, this is an overall different character.”
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