Sahara One TV Show - Ganesh Leel by Dheeraj Kumar - Full Details

 About the show:

  • Ganesh Leela is a mythological series based on the life of Lord Ganesha.
  • The series was broadcasted on Sahara ONE. Ganesh Leela is a Dheeraj Kumar and a Creative Eye production.
  • Different avatars of Lord Ganesha were shown in the series. It also showed different stories related to those avatars.
  • The stories were presented in such a way that each story has a moral to be learned. The role of Lord Shiva is played by Mukesh Solanki, and that of Parvati is played by Samragyi Nema.
  • It portrayed the entire life of Lord Ganesha in detail starting right from his birth.
  • When Parvati, wife of Lord Shiva, expresses her desire for a child in front of Shiva, he suggests her to do a 'Punyak Vrat' lasting an entire year.
  • So, with the help of a purohit named Sanatkumar, Parvati duly begins with her affliction. After she successfully completed her Vrata Anushthan, God Paratpar appears in front of her and grants her a blessing that he himself will come to earth as her son.
  • Later Parvati produces a cute boy from a form of cosmic energy coming out of her body. She treats him as her son and names him Ganesh.
  • One day, when Parvati had to go outside, she told Ganesh to watch over and protect the home while she was gone. What happened after that is really interesting and astonishing.
  • Lord Shiva was unaware of the fact that his own son is guarding the home as Shiva and Ganesh didn’t really know each other at the time. So, when Shiva reaches home, Ganesh tries to stop him from entering the house.
  • Consequently, they end up in a fight which results in Lord Shiva furiously separating Ganesh’s head from his body. Later, when Parvati returns home, Shiva finds out that the boy he just beheaded was none other than his own son. Thus, Shiva brings an elephant’s head and fits it on Ganesh’s body. That’s how Ganesh gets an elephant head.
Star Cast:
  • Mohit Raina
  • Samragyi Nema
  • Ekta Tiwari
  • Mukesh Solanki
  • Dheeraj Miglani
  • Pooja Bose

Interview with Dheeraj Kumar: one of the veterans of showbiz, has tried his hand at many things including acting and production. Following the lines of his earlier mythological deliveries like Shri Ganesh, Om Nama Shivay, Jap Tap Vrat, he now brings Ganesh Leela on Sahara One, which focuses on Lord Ganesha.

Tell us about you working experience with Sahara One?
I'm really thankful to Sahara One that they thought that I'm capable enough to handle this responsibility. I would try my level best to fulfill their expectations from me.

Why did you choose to make Ganesh Leela?
Creative Eye and Namah Shivay Enterprises have presented Maayka, Betiyaan and Waqt Bataayega Kaun Apna Kaun Paraya, which are very different from each other. We have always provided variety and will continue to do so. But it had been a very long time since we did any mythological show. So when the suggestion came from Sahara that we do it, we took it up.

What will viewers get to see in Ganesh Leela?
You will get to see the different avatars of Ganeshji- Gajanan avatar, Dhumrketu avatar and the many different stories associated with these avatars. Plus, every story would have a moral that viewers from all age groups can benefit from. Also, we have tried our level best to make the stories as contemporary possible.

Your two long running shows, Maayka and Betiyaan ended at the same time? Your take on it?
Maayka and Betiyaan both have completed 600 glorious episodes and every good thing has to come to an end. The end marks the definition for a new beginning. And as a maker it is my responsibility to make new kind of shows and move on. Every show in its run goes through a journey. So it's better to say that these shows are completing a journey and not coming to an end.

Why did you choose fresh faces for Ganesh Leela?
When you are making a mythological serial it's never good to take a known face because known faces have their own image. The known image may sometimes subdue the image of the God or Goddess that they are portraying and this is very unfit. So we always give a chance to new faces when it comes to mythological serials. We have scouted these characters from various film institutes across our country and I'm sure they will do a good job.

You message to viewers this Ganpati season.
May the blessings of Ganpati be over you and your family. Om Ganpate Namah.
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