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Latest Update: 

    • Popular daily soap 'Abhiyum Naanum' is likely to end on February 25.
      Popular television serial Abhiyum Naanum will end its journey soon with a special climax. According to reliable sources, the daily soap will end on February 25. The show which premiered in October 2020 is going to end after airing over 867 episodes. Abhiyum Naanum is indeed a remake of the Kannada series 'Abhi Mattu Naanu' and was quite popular among the audience.
    • Abhiyum Naanum featured Aravind Akash, Riya Manoj, Vidhya Mohan, Baby Nidhish, and others in important roles. The performances by actors Latha Sethupathi, Yamuna Chinnadurai, Girija, Ramya Gowda, Akhila Prakash, Kurinji Nathan, and Rajkamal were widely appreciated. Abhiyum Naanum was written and directed by Natarajan. While R.P. Sathiyamoorthy was the cinematographer, editing was done by M.S Thiyagarajan, M.Prabakaran, and Murugesan Ganesan.
    • In the past few months, the show was centered around the characters Aravind Akash, Riya Manoj, Vidhya Mohan, Baby Nidhish, and others. Finally, Dr. Sivasubramaniam accepted his wife Meena and daughters Abhi and Nidhish. The series' plot revolves around Abhirami, who is also known as Abhi, an eight-year-old girl who is raised by Saravanan, who works as a driver for a wealthy family. She develops a special bond with Meena, Saravanan's employer. Eventually, it is revealed that Abhi is the long-lost child of Meena and her husband Shiva who was adopted at a young age by Saravanan, due to an astrological prediction that if the first child born to Meena and Shiva was raised by them, they will not survive when the child is 9 years old. Abhi also faces conflicts with Mukhil, Meena, and Shiva's pampered son who is jealous of the attention Abi receives from his mother. Along with this Girija, Shiva's younger sister is a miser and greedy person who hates Abhi and Meena, and Rajeshwari, the family matriarch.

    Abhiyum Naanum completes 200 episodes; Rajkamal, Akila and others thank fansAbhiyum Naanum completes 200 episodes; Rajkamal, Akila and others thank fans

About the show:
  • Abhiyum Naanum is an 2020 Indian Tamil-language Soap Opera drama airing on Sun TV.
  • It premiered on 26 October 2020.
  • It stars Riya Manoj, Vidhya Mohan, Nidhish Kutty and Aravind Akash
  • The show is now available in SUN NXT.
  • Abhiyum Naanum, a popular TV show that premiered on October 26, has recently completed 200 episodes. The cast and crew of the show are quite happy about the accomplishment.
  • The story revolves around two children Abhi and Mukhil. Mukhil is the pampered son of Meena and Siva, a wealthy couple. He is a mischievous boy and the sweetheart of his grandmother Rajeshwari, the matriarch of the family.
  • Abhi is the sweet natured daughter of the family driver, who develops a special bond with Meena, Mukhil's mother. Mukhil, jealous of the attention Abhi receives from his mother, starts to dislike her intensely, but becomes friendlier toward her as the serial progresses. Abhi, on the other hand, wishes to be his friend.
  • Consequently,it is revealed that Abhi is in fact the long-lost child of Meena and Shiva who was adopted at a young age. How this plays out forms the plot of the serial.
Star Cast:
  • Riya Manoj as Abhirami a.k.a Abhi - Meena and Sivasubramaniam's biological daughter ; Rajeswari's biological granddaughter ; Saravanan's adopted daughter, Mukhil's biological elder sister (2020- present)
  • Vidhya Mohan as Meena − Sivasubramaniam's wife; Rageshwari's daughter-in-law; Abi's biological mother; Ilamukhil's mother also Eshwaran's younger sister (2020- present)
  • Nidhish Kutty as Ilamukhil Sangilikaruppan a.k.a Mukhil - Meena and Sivasubramaniam's son; Abhirami's biological brother also Rajeshwari's grandson (2020- present)
  • Aravind Akash as Dr. Sivasubramaniam a.k.a Siva - Meena's husband; Abi's biological father and Ilamukhil's father; Rajeshwari's son also Girija's elder brother (2020- present)

200 Episode Special:
  • The team of Abhiyum Naanum celebrated the special occasion by cutting customised cakes. The celebrations were held in the presence of Rajkamal, Vidya Vinu Mohan, Latha Saba, Shyam Ji, Aravind Akash, Akila, Riya Manoj, Nidhish Kutty and the technical crew.
  • Rajkamal, Akila and other actors took to their respective social media handles to share their gratitude.
  • Rajkamal thanked fans for their support. He wrote, ‘It's possible only bcoz of u all. We are stepping our 200th episode today.Love u for making us PRIDE.
Interesting Facts:
  • Abhiyum Naanum is being telecast on the following channels. The details are listed below: Kannada - Abhi Matte Nanu (ಅಭಿ ಮತ್ತು ನಾನು, Malayalam - Abhiyum Njaanum (അഭിയും ഞാനും), Bengali - Misti O Ami (মিষ্টি ও আমি)
  • The series was released on 26 October 2020 on Sun TV and also airs on Sun TV HD. The program was also broadcast internationally on Sun TV. The program's episodes are released on YouTube channel Sun TV after the original broadcast and the app Sun NXT
  • Songs - "Kannil Pokira" & "Konjum Killi"
  • In its debut week, it became the fifth most watched Tamil television program garnering 6.6 million impressions. The following week it increased to 6.89 and then 7.10 million impressions. In week 47, it dropped to 6.853 million impressions occupying fifth position. and  gained 8.50 million impressions and stood in the third position in overall SUN TV.
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