Bengali TV Show - Uma Latest Updates, New Star Cast, New Future Story, Today Episode Written Update


Latest Update:

  • New TV show ‘Uma’ to narrate the story of a girl who wants to be a cricketer

About the show:
  • Get ready for a new television show. A brand new television serial ‘Uma’, starring Shinjinee Chakraborty is going to launch soon.
  • ‘Uma’ will narrate the story of a girl who wants to be a cricketer.
Star Cast:



    Shinjinee Chakraborty,
    Shinjinee is a popular model and has been a part of many ad campaigns prior to this.
  • The makers are keen on casting a very popular actor opposite Shinjinee as the male lead. 
  • The show will also feature Juiee Sarkar, Sohini Banerjee and others in prominent roles.
Interesting & Unknown Facts:
  • Interestingly, to make the storylines more relevant to the current age, Bengali television is keen on showing the female protagonists in different professions. Gone are the days, when the protagonists are bound within the periphery of house. They run home just how they successfully handle their jobs.
  • Following the trend, Bengali television has already seen Joyee as footballer-turned-housewife, badminton player in ‘Deep Jwele Jai’, Titli as a pilot, Abhaya and Parama as homemakers-turned-detectives in ‘Jai Kali Kalkattawali’ and 'Goyenda Ginni', lawyer Joba as an all-rounder, Mohor as an excellent scholar, and not to forget Krishnakoli’s Shyama as a singer. Now, Bengali television is ready to welcome cricketer Uma next.
  • It will be interesting to see whether the show manages to woo the audience with its catchy storyline.
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