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  • Controversies galore It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Indian Idol 12 has found itself in more controversies that all the others seasons combined. One controversy doesn’t die down when the other pops up. But, the contestants seem unwavering, almost fiercely loyal in their defence of Indian Idol season 12. So, today, let’s see how they’ve tackled the various spots of bother the musical reality show has frequently found itself in… 

  1. Ashish Kulkarni addresses rumours of the show being scripted, Reacting to talk of Indian Idol being scripted this time, Ashish Kulkarni told TOI, “Let me tell you honestly, none of our performances are scripted. It is all natural and organic, the way we perform is exactly shown the same way. It is totally unscripted – if you sing well, you get praised, if you sing bad, you have to face the wrath. A few other things are part of entertainment. We all have our journeys and it is not scripted, it is true.”

  2. Shanmukhapriya compares herself to Michael Jackson  Shanmukhapriya has copped the most negativity from viewers for her performances and lasting this long while other contestants have been eliminated before her. Dismissing all the negative comments and trolling of other kind, she had told Yo! Vizag, “I came to know about the happenings only after a few of my well-wishers reached out to me. I try to take the trolls with a pinch of salt. Even the greatest of like Michael Jackson had to endure criticism.”
  3. Pawandeep Rajan reacts to relationship rumours with Arunita Kanjilal  Pawandeep Rajan and Arunita Kanjilal’s alleged relationship has drawn more online chatter and grabbed more eyeballs than all of the performances put together, with many also believing that the makers have stages their romance to boost TRPs. In an exclusive interview with BollywoodLife, Pawandeep denied the existence of any sparks between him and Arunita, and said, “The relationship we both have is a very good friendship. This is only a friendship, so don’t make it sound like we are wandering.”
  4. Nihal Tauro responds to rumours of him dating Sayali Kamble  Another speculated relationship that has been spoken about on the show, though not with the same ferocity, is that of Nihal Tauro and Sayali Kamble. Just like Pawandeep, Nihal, too, denied it in an interview with Bombay Times by saying, “We call Sayali, ‘Bhai’, and she considers me as her younger brother. We love each other a lot and she is not my sister but a big brother (laughs). Our bonding is great as we like spending time with each other by rehearsing or playing UNO. Sayali and I sing and rehearse a lot together. We even give inputs to each other and better each other. But, there is no romantic angle between us and I know our bonding can give this impression that there’s something going on, but trust me, there’s no truth to this romantic-angle story.”
  5. Sawai Bhatt opens up on his shocking elimination  One of the biggest controversies on the show erupted when Sawai Bhatt was eliminated as many were of the opinion that he was unfairly cast out while other undeserving contestants were retained. In an emotional note, Sawai Bhatt not only thanked the show for the name and fame he’s attained and expressed his gratitude to all those who voted for him, but also lamented how fake IDs on social media were blocking potential support in future from netizens. “Hello ji Namaskar main aapka Sawai Bhatt. Doston, aap mujhe itna support karte hain aur mujhe kitna pyar karte hain, to aap sab log ka shukar guzar hun. Bas doston yahi kehna chahunga ki Indian Idol ne mujhe bahut kuch diya hai, itna bada naam diya hai mujhe aur aap logon se itna pyar mila hai aashirwad mila hai. Bas mera yahi kehna hai ki mere naam se bahut log fake ID banaa rakhe hain aur mein itna padha likha nahin hun thoda bahut hun. Aap mujhe support kijiye aur mere naam se log kafi bahut galat ID banaa rakhe hain unke naam se unki vajah se mujhe support nahin mil pata aur please mera yahi kehna hai ki aap mujhe support kijiye aur hamesha apna aashirwad banaye rakhe mere upar. Main bahut emotional hu kyunki yahan per aane ke bad logon ka pyar milega. Mujhe yeh sab pata nahin tha ki Rajasthan mein kitna log mujhe support karte hain. Veh mere yahan par aate hi mera aisa welcome karenge mujhe pata nahin tha aap mujhe itna support karte hain bahut bahut dhanyvad aapka,” he had written on Instagram.
  6. Anjali Gaikwad’s answer to Amit Kumar  However, the biggest controversy thus far surrounding Indian Idol 12 was Amit Kumar disclosing that he was told by the producers to praise the contestants and keep everyone’s spirited uplifted no matter what. Speaking to a leading daily about it, Anjali Gaikwad had said, “We were not disheartened when Amit Kumar ji said that he did not enjoy the episode and our singing. It is his opinion and he was our guest. We have to respect him. We respect his opinion and we have taken his suggestions. We have noted his suggestions and we are working on it. It was his opinion and everyone is entitled to give their opinion. We have just tried to improve our singing.”
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