Controversy: Trinayani

  • Controversy:
    Trinayani has created a stir on social media with one of its recent episodes on July 21 where Nayani (Ashika Padukone) slaps her sister Sumana (Sri Satya) for getting decked up in western wear. This didn't go well with a section of netizens who accused the makers and actors of 'moral policing' women. In an exclusive chat with ETimes TV, Ashika Padukone and Sri Satya spoke at length about the sequence, the say actors would have in the writing, the general perception of the audience, and much more. Excerpts...

  • As per the story it is fine for us
    - Nayani is a small-town girl, she is illiterate and hasn't seen much of the outside world. Her father is a priest and has deep-rooted traditional values. She couldn't tolerate Sumana who could bring shame to her and her upbringing with some western wear. Moreover, Sumana was easily influenced by Thilottama and others. So, Nayani did what she felt was right. People can't or take time to accept someone in western wear if they are accustomed to seeing them in traditional wear. Guess, the same happened here, too.
  • Later she says 'It totally depends on the story and characterisation. Sumana comes from a village and she thought it was okay to wear what she liked. It all depends on the writing, we are just actors and that is not real us.'
  • About Western wear: I'm usually seen in a western wear but I transform into Nayani on the sets. It is our job to give what the show demands. As actors, we don't have much of a say in the script. Only the makers and channel decide what has to go. Moreover, we don't have that time on the sets to sit and discuss the consequences of doing something that we are asked to do.
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