Marathi TV Show - Man Jhala Bajinda Latest Updates, New Star Cast, New Future Story, Today Episode Written Update


Latest Update:

  • New Marathi show Man Jhala Bajinda to launch soon

About the show:
  • As per the teaser, Man Jhala Bajind is going to be a love story.
  • Marathi television audience is set to have a high dose of entertainment as a number of new shows are in the pipeline.
  • Adding one more to the list, Man Jhala Bajinda is also going to launch soon. 
  • Mann Zala Bajinda is set to enthrall the audience with a unique and gripping concept and the makers of the show revealed the first teaser.
  • The teaser is captioned it as, "नवी मालिका ‘मन झालं बाजिंद’ लवकरच..... #ManJhalaBajind #ZeeMarathi"
  • Telecast in Zee Marathi
Star Cast:
  • Man Jhala Bajind will feature two new fresh faces as the lead jodi.
  • Newbies Vaibhav Chavan and Shweta Rajan will play the lead roles.
  • It will feature some new talents in prominent roles too.
  • The show's actor, Vaibhav Chavan, who recently made his TV debut, has become one of the most talked-about actors with his performance. In a conversation with actor Vaibhav Chavan talked about his role as Raya, his decision to enter in TV, and much more.
  • Bajind means a combative, unassuming, and stubborn personality. I am playing the role of Raya in this show who owns a turmeric factory.
  • With his hard work and perseverance, Raya stood on his own feet and has earned a name and honor. He is very stubborn and the name of the show is Bajind because of Raya's personality.
  • We have always seen that the color of love is pink. But here, the color of love in this show is yellow. Yellow is a symbol of wisdom, well-being, prosperity and the colour is highly valued in our culture. Raya, the protagonist of this show, has a turmeric factory. The scope of his work is huge and Raya is also a nature lover. He is literally Bajind.
  • Also, the lead actress Krishna, who lives with her uncle and aunt, is patient and thoughtful. The love between them has not any limit; it's free. Raya's personality is very different from mine. Raya's behavior, speech, walking is very different so I paid a lot of attention to it.
  • Raya is very carefree and extravagant. Every mother wants a son like Raya, every young man wants a friend like him, a loving person like Raya in his life.
  • I also changed myself to give justice to this role. Also, the similarity between Raya and me is that I am a farmer and a villager myself, so it was easy for me to assimilate aspects of Raya's personality. I love acting. I was waiting for the best opportunity so I auditioned in many places. This time that I got a call of audition from the producer of the show, Tejpal Wagh. He liked my strong look which was expected for Raya. They also liked my audition and thus I was selected for the show.
  • I never told anyone before that I am playing a major role in this show. So when the promo of the show was released, it was a big surprise for everyone I knew.
  • Also, people were discussing a lot about the yellow color shown in the show, name of the show, meaning of the word Bajind, the background music in the promo even before the release of the promo. We were so excited before. Now, we are happy to know that the viewers are liking our performances.

TRP, New Shows in Marathi TV:
  • Along with Man Jhala Bajind, Sonyachi Pavala, Majhi Tujhi Reshimgath, Me Honaar Superstar and a few other TV shows are ready to hit the small screen soon.
  • It's going to be interesting to watch how this show sticks to the TRP charts
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