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Latest Update:

  • Swathy Nithyanand on playing an acid attack victim in 'Namam Japikkunna Veedu': Many showed sympathy on me; love and support is what victims deserveSwathy Nithyanand on playing an acid attack victim in 'Namam Japikkunna Veedu': Many showed sympathy on me; love and support is what victims deserve

About the show:
  • Namam Japikunna Veedu is a Malayalam language Indian television drama airing on Mazhavil Manorama since 26 October 2020 and also streaming on Manorama Max.[2] Senior Television artists Manoj Nair, Lavanya Nair, Sreelatha Namboothiri, Manju Satheesh and Risabawa play the lead roles.
  • Naamam Japikkunna Veedu is an adaptation of a novel by popular writer Sudhakar Mangalodayam.
  • Swathy Nithyanand "It was a family entertainer and we were getting good reviews, too. That's when our director came up with such an innovative idea to include an acid attack in the plot. I got excited when he approached me with the idea and I felt fortunate to play such a unique character, for the first time on television. I also felt responsible as an actress to address a socially relevant issue. I love to play challenging roles and I still hold the happiness of playing the same"
Star Cast:
  • Swathy Nithyanand as Arathy
  • Lavanya Nair as Arundathi Varma
  • Anand Thrissur as Unni Ravi Varma
  • Prem Jacob as Dr.Midhun Menon
  • Manju Satheesh (Episode 55-present) as Radha Varma
  • Surjith Purohit as Sarath
  • Deepa Jayan as Nandana
  • Saniya Babu as Gopika
  • Sreelatha Namboothiri as Mandhakini
  • Rizabawa as Jagadeeshwara Varma
  • Poornima Anand as Sharadendenu
  • Gayathri as Sethulekshmi
  • Alif Muhammed as Karthik
  • Lal Krish as Jithesh
  • Bhagya as Ardra Varma
  • Renjusha Menon as Reena
  • Santhosh Krishna
  • Jaseela Parveen as Shreya Iyer
  • Karthik Prasad as Deepak
  • Sreekutty
Story on acid attack victim:

  • It was for the first time in the history of Malayalam TV that a serial had portrayed the life of an acid attack victim. Actress Swathy Nithyanand left everyone stunned with her impeccable acting as Arathy in 'Namam Japikkunna Veedu' and she is still winning laurels for the same. Recently, in a candid chat with ETimes-TV, Swathy spills the beans about playing the character, her preparations and more. Excerpts…
Interesting & Unknown Facts:
  • 'The real challenge was with the 2-hour-long makeup' As an artist, I didn't have many preparations to do. The real challenge was with the makeup. The entire team stood by me and it was a great experience. We tried prosthetic makeup and a mould was created for my face. I played an acid victim for 13 days. Every day the makeup starts by 8 am and it will last for almost two hours. At the end of the day, it takes almost an hour to remove the same. Firstly, they use alcohol and then oil to remove the makeup. Initially, it was very tough to get used to it, further, I got a hang of how to talk and do facial movements with the same.
  • Inspiration behind playing an acid victim, Yes, I was inspired by the character Pallavi Raveendran played by Parvathy Thiruvoth in the Malayalam film 'Uyare'. But, the serial is a very small canvas and we had our limitations. I am happy that I could give my 100% for the character. Just like everyone remembers Pallavi, I hope my character Arathy will also be remembered by the audience.
  • I can't thank my director Nisanth enough for being my support system throughout. More than a director, he has become my big brother now. The whole crew also took care of me very well.
  • That one scene...The most challenging or memorable shot in the sequence was when Arathy saw her face for the first time in a mirror. I still remember how the whole crew was waiting to capture that moment. I have received many good comments for the same.
  • Also, I received mixed comments, too. When one group appreciated my efforts, another quarter said they can't accept such a disfigured person as a heroine. However, I took it positively and was happy that everyone liked the character.
  • 'No woman should undergo this' While I was carrying the makeup, I got concerned whether I would have some skin allergies or side effects because of the heavy makeup. At that moment, I thought about the traumatic experience of a real-life acid victim. The struggles a woman has to go through, the mental trauma, the scars, hatred from family and the society, I can't even imagine the struggles. No woman should undergo that pain in life. While I was in the makeover, many showed sympathy for me thinking that I am a real victim, it's not sympathy that they deserve, they deserve love and support. Such practices should be stopped and people should respect women and their rights.
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