Marathi TV Show - Ti Parat Aaliye Latest Updates, New Star Cast, New Future Story, Today Episode Written Update


Latest Updates:

  • Veteran Marathi actor Vijay Kadam makes his TV comeback with the new thriller Ti Parat Aaliye

About the show:
  • The show will be a mix of thriller and horror. Veteran actor Vijay Kadam is making his comeback on TV after many years with the show and will play the pivotal role on-screen.
Talking about the show and his new role, actor Vijay Kadam said, "The audience will soon know the mystery behind the story. Are the people, living in that particular area, hiding any secret? Ti Parat Aaliye (She has come back). But who has come back? Everyone will get the answers to all these puzzles. They will also know what exactly my role is. I'm sure the audience will love this character of mine. "

The makers of the show recently released the first promo of this show in which actor Vijay Kadam will be seen in a different and eye-catching role. The promo is captioned as, नवी मालिका ‘ती परत आलीये’ १६ ऑगस्टपासून सोम ते शनि रात्री. १०:३० वा. #ZeeMarathi #TiParatAaliye"

As per the promo, Vijay Kadam is patrolling an area and warning people to be careful about the recent murders. The unversed, popular suspense crime thriller Devmanus's writer Swapnil Gangurde has written the storyline of Ti Parat Aaliye, and there is no doubt that the show will also keep the audience hooked to the TV screen.

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