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  • Hima and Jwala will get to learn the bitter truth about Anand. Both Hima and Sourya will be shocked to learn that Hima is Monitha's son.
  • New Story/Biggest Leap: The show is currently dealing with Soundarya's attempt to find Sourya while the latter is trying to find Hima. Popular Telugu actress Sushma Kiran is playing the role of Swapna, the elder daughter of Soundarya and Anand Rao. Archana Ananth and Arun Kumar are continuing as Soundarya and Anand Rao respectively in the new storyline as well. Manoj Kumar was roped in to play Prem and Maanas Nagulapalli of BB Telugu 5 fame to play Nirupam. While Amulya Gowda is the new Sourya, Keerthana Keshav Bhat is essaying the role of grown up Hima. 


Monitha to spot Deepa with her baby?

In what can be called a game-changing moment for Monitha, she is likely to find Deepa with her baby boy. Monitha will reach Tadikonda village following Soundarya and Anand Rao's car. The elderly couple will reach the village with an unexpected reason. Monitha will come close to discovering Deepa caressing her baby boy (Anand).

For the unversed, Koteshu has kidnapped Monitha's baby boy from her car. He returns to Tadikonda and lies to Karthik and Deepa that he has adopted the baby. However, Koteshu and wife Srivalli were recently murdered by Rudraani who is now taking her revenge on Karthik and Deepa as well. Karthik and Deepa have unofficially adopted the baby boy amidst Rudraani's threats.

In the recent episode, Deepa and Karthik find a job at the same hotel but the two are unaware of the same. On the other hand, Monitha stalks Soundarya and finds her and Anand Rao bidding goodbye to Adithya and Shravya. Monitha wonders if they've found out Karthik's whereabouts.

Karthik will be tested in every possible way in Karthika Deepam. Animosity with Rudraani on one hand coupled with poverty on the other, Karthik is facing a tough time.

As per the latest reports, Karthik will warn Rudraani to stay away from his daughters. However, it has only worsened his state in the future. The upcoming episodes will have Karthik having a breakdown in public and Deepa will come to his rescue.

Deepa will emotionally lash out at Karthik for signing up an unfair contract that lets Rudraani snatch Hima away. This will instigate Karthik into warning Rudraani.

For the unversed, Rudraani wants to take revenge on Karthik and Deepa. She will take advantage of Karthik and Deepa's support to Koteshu and Srivalli. She got them killed after the couple files a police complaint against her. Karthik will take care of Koteshu's adopted son. Koteshu has snatched Monitha's son from her car but lied to Karthik and Deepa that he has adopted him. On the other hand, Monitha has moved to Sriram nagar basti amidst stiff protest from the residents of the area. Meanwhile, the beggar, who has seen Karthik and family boarding a bus, is seriously looking for him in the village. He was appointed by Soundarya. 

Deepa will get the shock of her life in Karthika Deepam. Soundarya forces Karthik to participate in the special ritual along with Monitha.

As per the latest reports, Deepa will find Monitha and Nirupam at the temple performing a special ritual. Much to her dismay, Soundarya will be seen presiding over the ritual. This will leave Deepa shattered. Deepa is already on the verge of concluding that Karthik and Soundarya are keeping a grave secret from her. She is afraid that Soundarya and Karthik are doing injustice to her. Karthik is already reluctant to participate in the ritual as it means he has accepted Monitha as his wife and her child as his baby. Even Anand Rao is against Soundarya's decision to drag Monitha to the ritual just to save Karthik.

In the recent episode, Soundarya meets Monitha and instructs her to participate in the ritual. Monitha refuses to attend just to annoy Soundarya. But later, Monitha tells Bharti that she will attend the ritual. Meanwhile, Deepa discovers more evidence against Karthik and Soundarya. She wants to take a stern decision very soon.

For the unversed, Monitha has delivered a baby boy recently and she is determined to make Karthik and Soundarya accept her baby. Soundarya makes Karthik sign upon Monitha's delivery documents in order to save Monitha and her baby. 

Vihari and Tulasi to make an unexpected entry:
While Soundarya has decided that Karthik should leave for the US along with his family, they will experience yet another shock, Vihari and Tulasi will leave Karthik and family shocked with their unexpected entry. They will enter at a crucial juncture when Aditya tries to convince Hima that Karthik is innocent. Hima will pose some important questions to Vihari after accessing Karthik's diary. Vihari and Tulasi's answers to Hima remain to be seen. In the recent episode, Soundarya meets Monitha in the prison and threatens her. Soundarya informs Monitha that she is going to send Karthik and family to the US. This leaves Monitha worried. She plans to stop Karthik from leaving. On the other hand, Soundarya decides to convince Karthik. For the unversed, Deepa and Vihari shared a common interest in poetry. Deepa liked Vihari's poetry. Monitha, out of envy, created a rift between Karthik and Deepa by manipulating him into believing that she (Deepa) has an illicit affair with Vihari. Monitha even makes Karthik believe that he is impotent through fabricated certificates. Karthik, who learnt the truth after nearly a decade, realises Monitha's dark side. When Monitha confesses her crimes and serves punishment, Karthik's daughters Hima and Sourya begin to learn the dark past of Karthik, Deepa and Monitha.

Swapna is on revenge mode now. She will lash out at her mother Soundarya when the latter pays her a visit in the upcoming episode. As per the latest reports, Swapna will humiliate Soundarya recalling how the latter mistreated her daughter in the past. She will question Soundarya's bias towards Karthik mentioning about his current misery. She will also ask how come she is taking care of Hima who has a dusky skin tone while she humiliated her daughter for the same skin tone. It remains to be seen how Soundarya will retaliate to Swapna's personal attack. In the recent episode, Sourya and Hima discover the newspaper story of Monitha and start avoiding Karthik. While Karthik is shattered by his daughters' hatred for him, Deepa gets suspicious of the same and determines to resolve this. Meanwhile, Swapna's sons Prem and Nirupam visit Karthik and his family. Soundarya and Anand Rao decide to visit Swapna after a long while. On the other hand, Monitha, who is in the prison, plans to give yet another shocker to Karthik. 

Karthika Deepam to introduce two new characters; Deepa's biggest fear turns true

Karthika Deepam is trying to engage fans with Monitha and her never-ending conspiracies. Latest, she is making some lethal moves in her mission to take revenge on Deepa.
As Deepa and Karthik get the shock of their life after Monitha gives a story declaring Karthik as the father of her soon-to-be-born baby. While Deepa is worried about Sourya and Hima finding it out, the makers will introduce two new characters in the upcoming episode. Two boys who will address Anand Rao and Soundarya as 'grandpa' and 'grandma' will join the Satyanarayana Vratham ceremony performed by Karthik and Deepa. It remains to be seen how these new characters will change the course of the story.

In the recent episode, Hima and Sourya finally open up to Karthik, Deepa, and Sourya. Deepa convinces Sourya and Hima that Karthik was not at fault in Monitha's missing case and they must not believe in rumours and hate him for any reason.
For the unversed, Monitha, who has confessed all her crimes, is now in prison. But she vowed to be back soon with Karthik's child. Monitha got pregnant through artificial insemination without Karthik's consent. On the other hand, Sourya and Hima hear stories about Karthik and Monitha's relationship and start hating him (Karthik) for the same reason.

Karthika Deepam features Premi Viswanath as Deepa, Nirupam Paritala as Karthik, Shobha Shetty as Monitha, Archana Ananth as Soundarya, and others in pivotal roles. The show, which has been ruling the TRP charts for over three years now, has maintained its numero uno spot on the TRP charts yet again.

Latest Update/News:

  • Latest
    Anji will go missing and both Monitha's team and ACP Roshni's team are looking out for him. Deepa badly wanted to get Anji back as a witness against Monitha, the latter hired someone to take him into custody. Monitha will be in trouble until she comes up with a new plan to save herself from getting caught by ACP Roshini.
  • Anand Rao will reject Karthik's treatment after suffering from a cardiac arrest. This will leave Karthik heartbroken as his father hates him now. and earlier Monitha will disclose to Anand Rao that she is pregnant with Karthik's child. This will leave Anand Rao devastated. He will instantly suffer a cardiac arrest. Karthik dreaded this for a long while and Deepa also has had his back in this issue. But the two couldn't stop Anand Rao from learning this fact. It remains to be seen how Anand Rao will recover from this shock.
  • Karthik to have a face-off with Monitha. While Monitha will question Karthik's lack of interest in their marriage, the latter will vent his frustration and give her a strong retort, too. Monitha, who will accuse Karthik of changing colors after she got pregnant, will decide to take charge of things. Monitha will further seek an advocate's help in taking care of the consequences if Deepa brings Anji, who is the witness of her (Monitha) crimes, into the picture.
  • ACP Roshini will grill Priyamani about Monitha and Karthik's relationship. Priyamani, who can't reveal Monitha's secrets, will have a tough time in the enquiry. It remains to be seen how Priyamani will escape Roshni's investigation without disclosing anything about Monitha.
  • Actress Archana Ananth aka Soundarya of Karthika Deepam fame is expected to resume shooting for the show actress who was away from the shoot for a few days due to surgery for a spine-related ailment, is slowly recovering.
  • Soundarya has left for the USA. సౌందర్య అమెరికాకు బయలుదేరింది. ఆమె తన కుమార్తె స్వాప్నాను సందర్శిస్తుంది. కార్తీక్ నుండి సౌందర్య unexpected హించని యుఎస్ ట్రిప్ గురించి మోనిత నేర్చుకుంటారు. సౌందర్య నుండి వచ్చిన ఈ షాకింగ్ చర్యతో ఆమె కోపంగా ఉంది. మోనిత తదుపరి కదలికను చూడాలి. She will apparently visit her daughter Swapna. Monitha will learn about Soundarya's unexpected US trip from Karthik. She is infuriated by this shocking move from Soundarya. Monitha's next move remains to be seen.
  • Monitha Marriage: కార్తీక్*తో తన పెళ్లికి తేదీని నిర్ణయించమని కార్తీక్ ఇప్పుడు మోనితను విస్మరించినందున, 10 రోజుల్లో అనుకూలమైన నిర్ణయం తీసుకుంటానని మోనిత ఇప్పటికే కార్తీక్*ను బెదిరించాడు. అంతకుముందు కార్తీక్ దీపా ముందు భావోద్వేగ విచ్ఛిన్నం కలిగి ఉన్నాడు మరియు అతను చివరికి దీపాకు క్షమాపణలు చెప్పాడు మరియు మోనిత గతంలో తాను బలహీనంగా ఉన్నానని ఆమెకు చెప్పాడు. మోనిత గర్భధారణకు కూడా బాధ్యత వహించినందుకు అతను తన అనారోగ్య విధిని అసహ్యించుకుంటాడు. Monitha has already threatened Karthik to take a favourable decision within 10 days, as Karthik ignores now Monitha to fix a date for her wedding with Karthik. Earlier Karthik had an emotional breakdown in front of Deepa and He apologised to Deepa finally and reveal to her that it was Monitha who told that he was impotent in the past. He loathes his ill fate for being responsible for Monitha's pregnancy as well.
  • Monitha Pregnant: తాను గర్భవతినని మోనిత వెల్లడించింది మరియు సౌందర్య, దీపా, ఆదిత్య, శ్రావ్య, మరియు మురళీ కృష్ణతో సహా అందరూ ఆశ్చర్యానికి కతిక్ కారణమని ఆరోపించారు. మరియు ఆ రోజు జరిగిన పరాజయం యొక్క సంస్కరణను ఇవ్వడానికి కార్తీక్ ప్రయత్నించినప్పుడు సౌందర్య కొట్టాడు. దీపా త్వరలో శ్రీరామ్*నగర్ బస్తీకి తిరిగి రానుంది. దీపా ఆచూకీ గురించి హిమా, సౌర్య కార్తీక్, సౌందర్యలను ప్రశ్నిస్తారు. మోనితా కార్తీక్*కు పది రోజులు సమయం ఇచ్చి ఆమెకు న్యాయం చేయాలని డిమాండ్ చేస్తుంది. Monitha revealed that she is pregnant and further allege that Kathik is responsible for it everyone including Soundarya, Deepa, Aditya, Shravya, and Murali Krishna by surprise. and Soundarya lash out at Karthik when he tries to give his version of the debacle that happened on that day. Deepa will soon return to Sriramnagar basti. Hima and Sourya will question Karthik and Soundarya about Deepa's whereabouts. Monitha will give Karthik ten days and demand justice for her.
  • Deepa is back to alive: Deepa returns alive after she gets hospitalized, Monitha shocks. Karthik wishes to beg Deepa for forgiveness, Monitha will pledge to take revenge on Karthik after he insults her in front of Deepa and Soundarya. Karthik will ask Monitha to stay away from his family. Karthik gives gift Deepa her favourite book 'Mahaprasthanam by Sri Sri'. He never liked the book which often reminded him of Deepa's alleged illicit affair with Vihari.
  • Deepa Hospitalized, last wish to Karthik: She asked him to say that he believes her so that she can leave this world in peace. and Deepa falling unconscious and asking Soundarya if Karthik would marry Monitha after she passes away.
  • Karthik realized: Karthik get to know his grave mistake, he realised his sin of questioning Deepa's chastity ten years ago after the doctor revealed that Vihari is impotent. Karthik devastated and break downed.
  • Deepa's health issue: Deepa learned the shocking truth that she may not survive for long and she shattered and more worried about the kids. All that she is seeking right now is Karthik's love. Karthik takes an important decision to take care of her. He is determined to help Deepa recover. Deepa wishes for little things from Karthik that can make her happy and he will try to fulfill them.
  • Soundarya to take a shocking decision - Soundarya was sandwiched between Deepa and Karthik and she takes a shocking decision. She will inform Karthik that she and Anand Rao have decided to go on a holiday for a few days. She will ask Karthik to take care of Deepa and the house. Deepa after a heated argument with Karthik will emotionally decide to return to Sriramnagar basti.
  • Karthik accepts Deepa: Karthik has been runs out of options to convince Deepa into accepting medication so Karthik slaps Deepa after she blatantly refuses to take medicines and he justifies his right to slap Deepa as a doting and dutiful husband. Deepa gets emotional and hugs Karthik after he slaps and accepts her as his wife, something which he has been denying for a decade in the show. Karthik brought back Deepa and his daughters to convince her for the treatment and his recent discovery leaves Monitha petrified. Karthik shares with Monitha that some toxic drug was injected into Deepa's body which has ruined her health. Monitha injected that toxic drug to Deepa during the latter's pregnancy. She did the same in an attempt to kil Deepa after the latter stepped out of the house. And Monitha will try to swap these lethal pills with Deepa's regular dose of medicines during the special ritual that she is attending along with Bharati.
  • 1000 Episode (Video, Photos, Written update, Breaking News, Spoiler)
  • The show manages to top the TRP charts yet again. The show which lost its numero uno spot in the previous week is back to apex position in the recent TRP report.
Karthika Deepam is an Indian Telugu television series which airs on Star Maa from Monday to Saturday at 7:30 pm and also streams on Hotstar. Premi Viswanath and Nirupam Paritala are the main protagonists of the series. The show has consistently topped the ratings chart since its inception. The show is the remake of Malayalam television series Karuthamuthu which is being aired on Asianet channel.

Story, TV Show is about:
  • For the unversed, Hima and Sourya are twins born to Karthika and Deepa. But Karthik accused Deepa of infidelity and disowned her by the time Hima and Sourya were born. Soundarya separates Hima from Sourya and Deepa at the time of birth without anyone's knowledge and introduces her (Hima) to Karthik as an orphan. Soundarya hopes Karthik and Deepa would reconcile at least for the sake of their twin daughters. Sourya recently came to know that Karthik is her father and Hima learns that Karthik lied to her that her mother died.
  • Earlier story - the story revolves around the life of Deepa, a dark-skinned and pure-hearten girl. She faces several trials and tribulations due to her dark-skin complexion. She gets married to a Doctor, Karthik (Nirupam Paritala) who becomes her faith of love and support in every conditions. Now story is focusing on kids.

900 Episodes:

Popular Telugu daily soap Karthika Deepam completes 900 episodes tonight (December 3). Team Karthika Deepam has confirmed the same on their respective social media handles a while ago.

Telecast, Repeat Telecast, Digital OTT:
Airs on Star Maa from Monday to Saturday at 7:30 pm and also streams on Hotstar.

Star Cast, Crew:
  • Premi Viswanath as Deepa
  • Nirupam Paritala as Dr. Karthik
  • Shoba Shetty as Dr. Monitha
  • Archana Ananth as Soundarya
  • Gadiraju Arun Kumar as Anand Rao
  • Venugopal as Vihari
  • Yashwanth as Aditya
  • Baby Kritika as Sourya
  • Baby Sahruda as Hima
  • Sangeetha Kamath as Sravya
  • Seetha Mahalakshmi as Tulasi
  • Narasimha Reddy as Durga Prasad
  • Yashvi Kanakala as Srilatha
  • Sri Divya as Priyamani (Mounitha’s maid)
  • Umadevi as Bhagyalakshmi
  • Producer(s) Gutha Venkateswararao and Production company(s) Gagan Tele Show
Unknown Facts, Interesting Facts, Controversies:
  • Popular Telugu daily soap Karthika Deepam completes 900 episodes tonight (December 3). Team Karthika Deepam has confirmed the same on their respective social media handles a while ago.
  • The show is the remake of Malayalam television series Karuthamuthu which is being aired on Asianet channel
  • Due to COVID-19,Karthika Deepam and all Star Maa shows are on break.All serials including Karthika Deepam were stopped on Friday March 27 to give care to the production team and the cast.Karthika Deepam was stopped on Episode no.766 and it has resumed on 29 June 2020.
  • Dubbing Artists, Monitha: RJ Suneetha Radio City 91.1FM Hyderabad, Deepa:Anjali Soundarya:Leena Chowdary Yashwanth:Pujit Bhagyam:Anuradha
Overall, The show has consistently topped the ratings chart since its inception.
3.6/10 · IMDb
3.7/5 (Google 1056 votes)
71% liked this TV show (Google users)

Off-screen Special Bonding
  • Nirupam Paritala is a doting dad both on-screen and off-screen. He shares a great rapport with his on-screen daughters Krithika aka Sourya and Sahruda aka Hima and these latest goofy pictures just prove the same.
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