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Latest Update:

  • Actress Nithya Raj joins the cast of Endrendrum Punnagai. Nithya shared the good news and her excitement over the same on her social media handles.

  • Nithya will be seen in the role of Shivani in the show and the episodes featuring her (as Shivani) are expected to go on air very soon.

  • Sharing a picture of her with Deepak Kumar, Nithya wrote, “Im Happy To Announce u My Next project Endrendrum punnagai serial …(sic)”

About the show, Story:
  • Endrendrum Punnagai TV series.jpg
  • Endrendrum Punnagai (transl. Everlasting smile) is an Indian Tamil-language television drama airing on Zee Tamil.
  • It premiered on 16 March 2020, starring Nakshatra Srinivas with Deepak Chinky and Nithin Iyer.
  • This series is produced by Esai Pictures of actress Neelima Rani.
  • Thendral, a radio jockey, gets into trouble when she gets betrothed to Aakash, a man who is excessively influenced by his grandmother. But she tries to find a way to be with her lover, Siddharth.
  • According to the story, Shivani (Nithya) will be joining as the new boss to Siddarth (Deepak Kumar) and Thendral (Anjana Srinivas) at office. Eventually, Shivani will get close to Deepak and the consequences form the crux of the story.
  • Aandal is a kind of woman whose anger no one dares to face when she is displeased. Aakash, is the grandson of Aandal, who always obeys his grandmother. Aandal seeks a bride for Aakash, and has clear criteria for the selecting her. She comes across Thendral, a radio jockey and gathers all the information about her and she was impressed by Thendral. Then she decides that she is the right girl for Aakash. Thendral's family also accept to Aandal's approach for Thendral to marry Aakash.  Later, Thendral learns that Aakash is his grandmother's puppet. Also Thendral dislikes that Aakash has no individuality and at times she even rejected the marriage proposal.
  • On the other hand, Siddharth is also a radio jockey, who works with Thendral and falls in love with her. The rest of the story revolves around, Thendral's choice between Aakash and Siddharth.

Star Cast:
  • Nakshatra Srinivas as RJ Thendral: A middle-class family woman, works as a radio jockey "RJ" in 92.7 FM radio station. She was Aakash's ex-fiancée and Siddhu's love interest. She agreed to marry Akash on her mother's insistence but later called off marriage after learning Aandal's true intentions through Saradha. She is family oriented and loves her family above all.
  • Deepak Chinky as Siddharth "Siddhu": A simple fun independent man, Kanna and Saradha Son, Aakash elder step brother, works with Thendral as RJ in 92.7 FM radio station and falls in love with her. He always supports Thendral in all her decisions. He is an ideal son.    
  • Nithin Iyer as Aakash: A rich man, Kanna and Madhavi's son, Sidhu younger step brother, his grandmother Aandal's obeying grandson and Thendral's ex-fiancé. He loves Thendral, but does not take a stand for her against his grandmother. He is a businessman and looks after his family business.
  • Nithya Raj (as Shivani), who hails from Bangalore, made her acting debut with the Kannada movie ‘Jerk’. She is awaiting the release of her upcoming Tamil movie ‘The Evil’. On the TV front, Nithya made her TV debut with the show ‘Suryavamsam’ (as Samanya). She gained good popularity for her performance as the antagonist Samanya in ‘Suryavamsam’.
  • Kavitha as Aandal: An arrogant and wealthy lady, Siddhu and Aakash's grandmother. She was inspired by Thendral's voice in FM and she decided that Aakash should marry Thendral, but it fails. She considers Thendral as her enemy. She loves her grandson Aakash, however, it isn't the same for Siddhu even though he is her grandson.
Unknown Facts:
  • This series is a triangular love based story. It features Nakshatra Srinivas, plays a main female role as the character radio jockey with two male leads - Deepak Kumar, Thirumanam fame and Nithin Iyer, a musician and fitness freak. Kavitha was selected for the antagonist grandmother role while Narasimha Raju, Gowthami Vembunathan, Girish, Raghavi, Kannan, VJ Sasikala, Indran and others in pivotal roles.
  • Endrendrum Punnagai cast and crew amalgamated the episodes called Triveni Sangamam with Rettai Roja and Rajamagal from 26 December 2020 to 9 January 2021. For the first time in the Tamil television, three series were made to been combined.
  • The series concept was taken from a Telugu language series Mangamma Gari Manavaralu which aired on Zee Telugu.
  • The title was taken from a 2013 Endrendrum Punnagai movie starring Jeeva, Trisha, Vinay, Santhanam and Andrea. The English meaning of this title is Everlasting Smile.

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