Telugu TV Show - Mithaikottu Chittemma Latest Updates, New Star Cast, New Future Story, Today Episode Written Update


Latest Update:

  • Nakshatra Srinivas and Rajeev Ravichandra starrer Mithaikottu Chittemma completes 100 episodes

  • The show has recently showcased Chitti accusing Kanthamma of murdering Satyavati during the court hearing and also grilling her further about the murder.

About the show:
  • The show which premiered on March 29 grabbed the attention of the world with its very first teaser.
  • Mitaikottu Chittemma is all about Chittemma, a self-made village belle who falls in love with a pilot but ends up locking horns with his mother Kanthamma, a notorious politician who leaves no stone unturned to fulfil her political ambitions.
  • It remains to be seen how Chittemma will deal with Kanthamma and her son.
Star Cast:
  • Nakshatra Srinivas and Rajeev Ravichandra


Controversies/ Trolls:
  • One of the episodes of the show became fodder for memes as it showcased Kanthamma trying to make a match for her pilot son (Rajeev Ravichandra) in mid-air.
  • Commenting on the same, Nakshatra told ETimes-TV, "I got to see many trolls on that flight sequence. I got a few forwards in some of our WhatsApp groups also. Many of my friends were like, 'Thank god, you were not a part of the scene'. I do enjoy memes but believe me, our Telugu serials are far better and sensible than anyone. On the flip side, these trolls can help publicise our work like none."
100 Episodes Special:
  • Telugu daily soap Mithaikottu Chittemma, featuring Nakshatra Srinivas and Rajeev Ravichandra in the lead roles, has completed its first milestone of 100 episodes successfully.
  • The channel airing the show has confirmed the same with a poster on its social networking handle. Nakshatra has shared the same on her Instagram stories as well.Nakshatra Srinivas on Mithaikottu Chittemma

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