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  • Bigg Boss Malayalam fame Aswin Vijay opens up about his life again. In the game show, Bzinga Family Festival, the magician has spoken about his struggling childhood,
    Magician and ex-Bigg Boss Malayalam contestant Aswin Vijay left the telly audience in tears with his life story on several occasions. From losing his parents at the age of 5 to living in a railway station, his story has inspired many. This time, the magician has opened up about his life yet again on a TV show. In the recent episode of 'Bzinga Family Festival', Aswin was seen as a guest.
  • During the interaction with host Govind Padmasoorya, Aswin shared, "My mother left me when I was one and a half years old. My father suicided when I was 5 years old. After that, it was my grandma who took care of me. The 85-year-old lady would do all sorts of odd jobs to feed me. There were days when we didn't have any food," he said.
    Further, he recollected his childhood in which he hated PTA meetings.
  • "I only had one red shirt, so on Wednesdays, when we were asked to wear a civil dress, I used to lie that I forgot what day it was. The only thing that always ripped my heart was PTA meetings. I didn't have anyone to come for my PTA meetings, I would just sit alone. You know how special Onakodi is for a person, I never got one in my life. I was in class XI when my grandma passed away. When she left the world, I didn't even have anyone to talk to," he shared.
    Aswin Vijay was one of the popular contestants of Bigg Boss Malayalam 4. Though he got evicted early from the show, he gained attention with his life stories. Notably, he also came out as gay in the show.
  • Recently, Aswin was also seen as a guest in the celebrity show, 'Parayam Nedam'.

  • Dimpal Bhal remembers her late father, says; 'He gave me a toy gun instead of a doll, I couldn't even say goodbye to him'
    Model and psychologist Dimpal Bhal became the favorite of the Malayalam telly audience with her BB stint in season 3. Along with her inspiring journey inside the house, she suffered a personal loss too during that season. Dimpal, who lost her father during her Bigg Boss stint, recollected some fond memories with her late father in the recent episode of 'Bzinga Family Festival'.
  • In an interaction with host Govind Padmasoorya, Dimpal spoke about leaving the show after learning about her father's demise.  "When Thinkal told me about Pappa, the first thing I asked her was, 'Whose Pappa?'. You never expect that the one you saw alive before entering the show would be gone when you are out. Until the moment I met my family, I didn't believe what I heard. Life was so unfair to me, God didn't even give me a chance to say goodbye to him. We took him to his 150-year-old village and for the first time, women performed the last rites there. We felt it was our duty to carry him on our shoulders, the one who took care of us over the years," Dimpal said. Further, she also shared about her decision to reenter the show.
  • "Those were his last words to me. 'Sabse Last Mein Aana', I wanted to complete that journey for him. He was our hero. He never gave me a doll to play with, but a toy gun. He never treated me as if I had any physical issues, that was my biggest strength too. He will always be missed," she shared.
    Dimpal Bhal was one of the strongest contestants in Bigg Boss Malayalam 3. She quit the show midway due to the demise of her father but she made a smashing comeback after a couple of weeks and became the second runner-up of the show. Currently, she is busy with a couple of TV shows and her modeling stint.

  • Dancer Swarna Thomas became familiar to the Malayali audiences; thanks to her sensational win in the 2010 show 'Super Dancer 2'. But, the young dancer met with an accident in 2013 and was bedridden for almost 9 years. However, Swarna is now back in the limelight with her inspiring story.
  • In the recent episode of the game show, 'Bzinga Family Festival', Swarna was seen as a guest. Besides setting the stage on fire with her dance performances, she also narrated the shocking accident that changed her life.
  • "I started my career at the age of 13. I won the title of two prestigious dance shows and acted in 4 Malayalam movies and 2 Tamil movies. But, in 2013, my career had a fall. At our new flat, I went to the balcony where the grill was not fixed. I slipped and fell down from the 5th floor. I was rushed to the hospital. Diagnosed with severe pelvic fracture, spine crack, and lung injuries, even the doctors panicked. During treatment, I asked my doctor whether I would be able to dance, and he said no," she said.
  • During the initial years, Swarna was completely bedridden and she had to depend on her parents for everything. After 9 years, she manages to walk with her walking stick and she even stuns everyone with her dance moves. "I thought, there are people who are born with physical issues, so I was sure that I was able to survive. I was confident about one thing, I wanted to dance. Whether with or without a walking stick, I want to dance again," she shared. 
  • 'Bzinga Family Festival' is one of the popular game shows on Malayalam TV. The show is an interactive bidding platform that features contestants from different walks of life.

  • Dimpal Bhal is all excited to share the screen with her family,
    Psychologist and Bigg Boss Malayalam fame Dimpal Bhal became a sensation on Malayalam TV. Her inspiring life story motivated many during her Bigg Boss stint and ever since then she is the darling of social media too. This time, the model is all excited to appear on a TV show along with her family. Dimpal, along with her mother, sister, and Malayali House fame Thinkal Bhal, and a cousin will be seen as contestants in the upcoming episode of Bzinga Family Festival. Sharing her excitement, Dimpal has penned a note on her social media account. "First time ever Bhal family on Bzinga. All I wanted my parents and sisters to get introduced among all the hearts who had given me a little space in their life. As a youth my papa was a performer in his college times , but could only continue work to earn for his family and then us. Our mother who had earned a lot of attention for her debates in school , yes even she had to choose only work for our survival and basic needs. They both never cared for their even tiny happiness and gave us the best education and build self confidence in us , they never cared about our marks in studies but only for our extra curriculum. They burned their life inside their heart and lived for us to provide us the best . Younger munchkin @bhalnayana you were missed , she couldn’t join us," she wrote. Along with the note, Dimpal has also shared a glimpse of the shooting session too.

  • Kerala's lottery winner Anoop talks about problems he faced after win, says 'I really wished I had only won the third prize' The lucky charm of Kerala, autorickshaw driver Anoop, who has won the Onam bumper jackpot lottery recently made an entry to a TV show recently. In the recent episode of the family show, 'Bzinga Family Festival', he was seen as a guest. Besides playing the fun game in the Govind Padmasoorya hosted show, Anoop opened up about the hardships he had to undergo after the big win. In the episode, Anoop complained that people had spread rumors against him in cyberspace and it had affected him emotionally.
  • "A rumor was spreading on social media that I had penned a note against the lottery system. It claimed that I slammed that it is a fake thing. Further, someone gave an interview against me stating that I am a rich man. Initially, I was so excited about the big win, but never had I thought that it would give me such mental stress. I really wished I had only won the third prize. Now even my relatives have turned to be my enemies. Everyone expects me to help them financially," he said.
    Further, Anoop's wife shared that even people from distant places came in search of Anoop for financial help.
  • For the unversed, Anoop, an auto driver from Kerala's capital Thiruvananthapuram, became the winner of the Rs 25 crore bumper lottery. After all the tax and agent commission deductions, the 30-year-old will get over Rs 15 crores in cash prize. However, in one of his interviews, he shared that he regrets getting the first prize as he is already flooded with financial requests from many.
    'Bzinga Family Festival' is one of the popular game shows on Malayalam TV. The show is an interactive bidding platform that features contestants from different walks of life. 

  • Bzinga Family Festival to witness the naming ceremony of baby 'India'
  • The nation is celebrating the 75th year of independence and there is a celebratory mood everywhere. Malayalam TV show 'Bzinga Family Festival' is celebrating the same in a unique way. In the Independence day special episode of the show, the stage will witness the naming ceremony of baby India.
  • In the teaser that surfaced online, the contestants of the day are seen entering the stage with their newborn baby girl. Further in the video, the host, Govind Padmasoorya announces that marking the 75th Independence day, the young couple has decided to name their baby 'India'. For the first time on Malayalam TV, the show will be hosting the naming ceremony on the floor.
  • "We want to raise the baby without the barriers of religion and caste. What else can be the best name other than India," the proud dad of the baby girl says in the video.
  • Soon after the teaser surfaced online, fans are thrilled about the first-of-its-kind special celebration.

  • Singer Sayanora Philip, who recently made headlines with her commendable reactions to body shaming on social media, will be seen in a TV show soon. The singer will be entering the popular bidding show 'Bzinga'.
    For the unversed, the dance video of Sayanora Philip and her girls' gang, which includes actress Bhavana, Ramya Nambeesan, Mridhula Murali, and TV host Shilpa Bala, made a huge buzz on social media. Besides the video, the singer has received many comments body-shaming her for the same and her reaction also gained laurels.
  • Unni Mukundan to grace Bzinga's premiere; watch teaser


  • Unni Mukundan to grace Bzinga's premiere; watch teaser
About the show:
  • The much-awaited interactive game show 'Bzinga' is all set to hit the screen this Saturday (August 7). Marking the grand premiere, actor Unni Mukundan will be seen entering the show.
  • In the teaser surfaced online, the actor has shared his excitement to be a part of this live interacting bidding show.
  • Format: As per the show format, the one who places a unique and lowest b*d for various electronic and home products would be declared as a winner.
Contestants, Celebs, Special Guests:
  • As per the updates, Unni Mukundan will be seen as the celebrity guest in the premiere episode and actor Guinness Pakru will grace the show in the Sunday episode.

  • The show which will mark the anchoring comeback of Govind Padmasoorya aka GP is an interactive live show for home viewers as well as some public chosen from commoners.
    Talking about the new show, Govind said, "I am extremely happy and excited to be back as a host for Bzinga, the concept of which is unique and motivated me to take up the project instantly. I am eagerly looking forward to be interacting with my audience again and entertaining them."
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