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  • Durga is in a fix; Veluthamma forces her to meet Thulasi,
    The popular show, 'Kaiyethum Doorath' continues to entertain the fans with an interesting storyline. It seems like Thulasi is slowly winning her battle with Durga.
  • In the recent episode of the show, Mandakini aka Veluthamma questions Durga after knowing the Thulasi is not staying with them. She orders her to call Thulasi soon. Durga tries to call Thulasi over the phone but the latter doesn't pick up the call. She complains to Prasad that Thulasi is playing smart with her. Meanwhile, Prasad thinks that currently, Veluthamma is the only one who can teach a lesson to Durga.
  • Later, Durga goes to Veluthamma and says that Thulasi is not attending the call. Veluthamma says that she has understood the ongoing issues in the family. She also says that it is important to throw some people out of the house. Further, Veluthamma orders Durga to get ready to meet Thulasi. Though Durga tries to skip the plan, Veluthamma seems to be adamant about her decision.
  • On the other hand, at Thulasi's house, Jayan and Priya are upset that they haven't met Veluthamma. Priya says that it is bad that they haven't paid a visit. Jayan says that it is not right to meet Veluthamma without Thulasi. Further, the duo decides to lie to Veluthamma that Thulasi is not well.
  • Meanwhile, Adhi brings Veluthamma and Durga to Thulasi's house. Both Jayan and Priya welcome her to the house. When she enquires about Thulasi, they say that she is upstairs. However, Durga is seen as irritated by Veluthamma's affection for Thulasi.

  • The popular show 'Kaiyethum Doorath' is set to leave the audience surprised with one of the major twists in the storyline. As per the updates, the upcoming maha episode of the show is sure to create some problems in the bond between lead couple Adithyan and Thulasi. In one of the teasers that surfaced online, actors Krishnapriya and Vaishnavi are seen hinting that the upcoming episode is sure to reveal some unexpected truths. On the other hand, in yet another teaser, Adithyan can be seen entering Athira's room in an inebriated state. As per the teaser, the duo spends the night together in the same room and Durga is planning to take advantage of the situation against Thulasi. Will Durga succeed in getting Adithyan to marry Athira? wait and watch.
  • 'Kaiyethum Doorath' is one of the popular shows on Malayalam TV which portrays the love story of two cousins. Currently, the show progresses with Durga trying her best to break Adithyan and Thulasi's marriage. In the show, Krishnapriya, Sajesh, Vaishnavi, Lavanya, Sharan, and Anand are seen playing meaty roles. The striking chemistry of reel couple Sajesh and Krishnapriya is much loved by fans. 
  • Kaiyethum Doorath completes 200 episodes; team celebrates the milestone
About the show, Story:
  • '

    Kaiyethum Doorath' is one of the popular Malayalam TV shows which portrays the love story of two cousins.
  • Currently, the show is progressing with Adi and Thulasi confessing their love story in front of their family. The disapproval from Adi's mother, Durga is creating a ruckus in their love life.
Star Cast:
  • Sajesh
  • Krishnapriya, Vaishnavi, Lavanya, Sharan and Anand playing meaty roles.
200 Special Episodes:
  • Kaiyethum Doorath completes 200 episodes; team celebrates the milestone

  • Sajesh and Krishnapriya starrer 'Kaiyethum Doorath', has successfully completed 200 episodes recently.

  • The team celebrated the occasion by cutting a cake on the sets of the show. In the video that surfaced online, actors Sajesh, Krishnapriya and director Mohan Kupleri are seen joining the celebration with the crew.
  • Sharing his excitement on the special occasion, actor Sajesh, who plays Adi in the show, said, "Literally, we didn't feel that 200 episodes have passed.
  • Location is such fun that we forgot we have spent such a long time together. Each moment on the set is fun and lively. I can't thank the audience enough for their love and support. Thank you so much."
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