Video - Neha Bhasin kisses Ridhima Pandit's lips in Bigg Boss OTT


Neha Bhasin kisses Ridhima Pandit's lips to distract her from the task:

  • Team Pratik (Moose Jattana - Nishant Bhat, Akshara Singh, Ridhima Pandit - Karan Nath)
  • Teaa Raqesh (Neha Bhasin - Milind Gaba, Zeeshan Khan - Divya Agarwal, Shamita Shetty)
  • Raqesh Bapat's team was irked by the actions of Pratik Sehajpal's team members.
  • When it was the turn of Pratik's team, Raqesh's team members left no stone unturned to distract the members.
Neha Bhasin also shared that her father passed away 40 days after being detected of stage 3 cancer.
  • Ridhima Pandit was seen sharing her feelings about her late mother with Neha Bhasin. She had an emotional breakdown in front of her while the singer comforted her by hugging her and making her understand the perspective of life.

  • The contestants have been divided into two team:
  • As per the task, each team's pairs will stand in the form of a statue, and the other team members have to distract them.
  • In the first round:
  • Adding to which, singer Neha Bhasin gave a soft kiss on actress Ridhima Pandit's lips when she was standing like a statue.
  • Raqesh's won the task and dealt with all the torture during the task. They used unique techniques and managed to move the members of Pratik's team.
  • Special Bond Between Ridhima Pandit & Neha Bhasin
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