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Today Episode:

The Friday episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati 13 is going to see Olympian medalists Neeraj Chopra and PR Sreejesh taking the hot seat.
Delivery Boy Akash Waghmare Fails To Answer Rs 25 Lakh Question, Takes Home Rs 3.2 Lakh:

    Viewer calls both 'question and answer wrong' in recent episode, producer Siddhartha Basu clarifies with justification, 'No error whatsoever' - Sharing a screenshot, the viewer wrote, "Wrong question and answer in today’s episode of @KBCsony. Have followed several sessions on TV. Normally sitting in #LokSabha begins with Zero hour and sitting in #RajyaSabha begins with Question hour. Please get it checked. @SrBachchan @LokSabhaSectt @babubasu."
    Producer Siddhartha Basu clarified, "No error whatsoever. Kindly check the handbooks for members of the Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha for yourself. In both houses, unless otherwise directed by the speaker/chairperson, sittings conventionally begin with Question Hour, followed by Zero Hour." However, the viewer shared another screenshot, which led the producer to tell him that he is trying to find an error where there is none. This is the conversation that followed.
    The viewer wrote in response, "Mr. Basu, thank you for your response. I cross checked the information on Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha websites. The two screenshots testify that both the question, as well as the answer were wrong. Must mention that sitting in Rajya Sabha begins at 11.00 am." Siddhartha reacted firmly, "These spell out in black & white exactly what the question & answer assert. Please read them or any other authoritative source again. There is no room for misinterpretation. It's odd that you should persist with seeing an error where there is none. In the end, the viewer conceded, "Though, there was a slight mistake in the fact I mentioned. It should instead have been vice-versa. LS begins with Question Hour and RS begins with Zero Hour. My apologies for it. However, the point raised by me still stands valid."
  •  KBC 13: The quiz reality show premiered on August 23 in on August 30 and 31, it will air Rs 1 crore winning episode.
    Visually impaired contestant Himani Bundela plays exceptionally well and wins Rs 1 crore amount.
  • Himani goes to play the 16th question which will make her hit the jackpot amount – Rs. 7 crore. Not only does she play it, she also tells Big B to lock her answer. When Big B asks her to be sure of her decision, a confident Himani answers, “Agar neeche giri toh koi baat nahi, bhagwan ki marzi hai.” (If I lose the amount then it’s fine, it will be God’s wish).
    With a happy and confident face, Himani plays the game.
  • By winning Rs 1 crore, Himani has definitely created history by being the first contestant to win the amount in such a short span of the show’s air time. However, it yes yet to be seen if she takes the jackpot amount or falls down to Rs 3,20,000. Usually, previous winners, who weren’t sure of Rs 7 crore question had quit and took home Rs 1 crore as one cannot use any lifeline for the last jackpot question. TRP for this Episode is.

 Latest Update:

  • Visually impaired contestant Himani Bundela, taking the hot seat and she crosses all the levels and reaches the 15th question which gives her a chance to take home Rs. 1 crore. will Himani Bundela be able to become the first crorepati on KBC 13 Answer is NO, Himani Bundela decided to stop the game and take ₹5,000,000 to home.


  • Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan begins 2021 KBC 13 with great enthusiasm. He introduces 10 contestants competing for the hot-seat. Big B explains the changes in the new season. The first change being – Fastest Finger First Triple Test. Three questions will be asked with four options and contestants only have to choose the correct answer. Gyan Raj becomes the first contestant to reach the hot-seat and he won
    Rs. 3,20,000
  • Shandaar Shukravar Episode: Sourav Ganguly, former captain and President, Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), and ex-Test cricketer Virender Sehwag will be on the hot seat in the 'Shandaar Shukravar' episode of the 13th season of 'Kaun Banega Crorepati'
  • Kaun Banega Crorepati 13 is all set to hit the television screens on August 23.
  • 'Shaandaar Shukravaar', which replaces 'Karam Veer' of the past will have celebrity guests from all walks of life appearing on the show for a social cause.
  • The new season of the Amitabh Bachchan hosted quiz show with ‘Jawaab Aap Hi Ho’ theme will celebrate every human and their right to ‘gyaan, dhyaan and samman’.
  • Host: Amitabh Bachchan hosted quiz show with ‘Jawaab Aap Hi Ho’ theme will celebrate every human and their right to ‘gyaan, dhyaan and samman’.
New Rules in Kaun Banega Crorepati 13:
  • No fastest finger first
  • Audience poll to return
  • Commencement of Shaandar Shukravaar
  • Dhuk Dhuki Ji in action
  • A revamped set
No fastest finger first
  • The final step to reaching the ‘hot seat’ aka ‘Fastest Finger First’ is modified to ‘Triple Test’. Unlike the previous seasons wherein the contestants had to arrange their answers in chronological order, this time they will have to answer three general knowledge questions. The one who answers all three in the shortest time will win a chance to sit on the ‘hot seat’ and play the quiz with Big B. (Pic: Instagram)
Audience poll to return
  • The studio audience is going to return in KBC 13 and with their return, the show will see the return of the Audience Poll lifeline. This means that the hot seat contestant will be able to take cues from the audience when they find difficulty in answering a question. The other three lifelines will be 50:50, Ask The Expert and Flip The Question. (Pic: Instagram)
Commencement of Shaandar Shukravaar
  • Unlike the previous season wherein Amitabh Bachchan hosted real-life heroes on the Karamveer episode on Fridays, this time the show will celebrate ‘Shaandaar Shukravaar’ every Friday. Big B will be seen welcoming celebrities from all walks of life to play the quiz. (Pic: Instagram)
Dhuk Dhuki Ji in action
  • The initial few questions of the quiz are to be answered by the contestants within a given time limit. The game timer for the same which was earlier called ‘Chalpadi Ji’ by Big B is now aptly renamed as ‘Dhuk Dhuki Ji’. And we couldn’t agree more with a name that aptly goes with the feeling that it gives the contestants on the hot seat. (Pic: Instagram)
A revamped set
  • The set of the 13th season of the show has been given a fresh look with some distinct changes. The stage floor will be designed with LED lights and adding to the spirit of the show will be the introduction of Augmented Reality. The audience will also get to see a motorized virtual ceiling and gameplay graphics. (Pic: Instagram)

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