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  • Srushti Dange gets eliminated: Gayathri Reddy was worried about being eliminated from her tribe. Host Arjun invited Gayathri to the tribal council. He asked Gayathri to share her worries. Later, he invited Srushti Dange and Indraja Shankar to the tribal council. Gayathri was shocked to meet them. Arjun informed them that all the three contestants will stay at Moondram Ulagam (third island). They will be given a few tasks. The winners can stay while the loser will have to leave the show. Srushti, Gayathri and Indraja had an open minded discussion while they were preparing the food. They were informed about today's task. Out of the three, two contestants had to participate in the task to decide the elimination. As they could not decide among themselves about the participants of the task, Arjun asked them to close their eyes and pick a stone from the sack. Srushti and Gayathri got the white stone and hence they were asked to participate in the task.  Srushti and Gayathri were asked to arrange the logs and rings and arrange those in two layers. They had to make it stand for at least 3 seconds. Gayathri observed the tips given by Arjun and placed the logs in two layers correctly. Hence, Srushti got eliminated from the show. Srushti became emotional to leave the show at an early stage. Vedargal tribe had to choose contenders for the next tribe leader. Irrespective of winning or losing, VJ Parvathy wanted to take part in the task and decide the tribe leader.


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  • Gayathri Reddy gets eliminated from her tribe
    : The host Arjun welcomed members of the Kadargal team for the tribal panchayat. He said that the tribe members should nominate a person of their choice to eliminate from the tribe. Even the tribe leader will not have any immunity and can be nominated during the process. Arjun asked tribe leader Gayathri Reddy the reasons behind losing in the immunity challenge. She highlighted the mistakes committed by Ram C in the task. This didn’t go well with a few members. Ram also took complete blame for the loss in the task. Arjun asked Gayathri, Vikranth Santhosh, Umapathy Ramaiah and others to explain in detail about the problem that happened during the tent building activity. Gayathri added that she didn’t want to be bossy. Hence, she refrained from giving too many instructions to her tribe. Vijayalakshmi and others pinpointed that certain mannerisms of Gayathri weren’t appropriate. Vijayalakshmi spoke about Gayathri walking during the heated discussion while building the tent. Arjun asked the tribe members to rate Gayathri as a captain. Out of 10, all the members gave only 5 or less than 5 marks. Lady Kash alone gave 6 and added that there are scopes for improvement. Vijayalakshmi and few others complained that Gayathri used to wake up late and didn’t give instructions about their duties on a regular basis. Arjun then asked Gayathri about nominating Indraja Shankar for elimination earlier. The tribe members shared their opinions about the same. Lady Kash, who competed for the captaincy task adding that even she could have nominated Indraja for lack of enough fitness.
    Arjun then asked the members to pen down their choice of nomination. Gayathri got the maximum number of votes. Finally, a lifeline called smashing idol was used to check whether Gayathri had the fortune to stay in the show. The presence of gold-colored balls meant to save the nominated person from elimination and the presence of silver balls implied that the nominated member should be eliminated from the show.
    The smashing idol picked by Gayathri had silver balls in it and hence she was eliminated from the show. Gayathri penned down her feelings after the elimination process. But, Gayathri is shown to be moving to the Moondram Ulagam (third island).


  • Arjun-hosted Survivor is all set to entertain the audience from September 12. The names of eight confirmed contestants were revealed by the channel airing the show and Gayathri Reddy is one among them.
  • Full Details of the show @ CLICK HERE
About Gayathri Reddy:
  • Who is she: Gayathri Reddy is an Model and actress, who works in Tamil film Industry. She is well known for Tamil Movie Bigil (2019). She was Born on 14 July 1995 and brought in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
  • Age 25, Date of Birth 14 July 1995, Unmarried,
  • Family:
  • Education and Career: Gayathri Reddy, who hails from Chennai, has obtained her bachelor's degree in engineering. Gayathri has been a model right from her childhood. She has modelled for a diaper commercial even before she could start taking baby steps. Gayathri Reddy went on to become the finalist of the beauty pageant Miss India 2016. She won titles like Miss Talented and Miss Fashion Icon. Gayathri is a successful model and has worked with noted Bollywood actors Sushant Singh Rajput, Arjun Kapoor, Varun Dhawan and many others.
  • Films: Gayathri made her acting debut with Tamil movie Bigil alongside South superstar Vijay, Nayanthara and others. She portrayed the role of footballer Maari.
  • Fitness: Gayathri is an ardent fitness freak and never misses a chance to hit the gym, Gayathri is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) enthusiast. She has learnt self defence s****s like boxing, Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, Judo and Muay Thai, to name a few.
  • Unknown Facts: Gayathri is an animal lover and loves to spend time with dogs, Gayathri is a self-taught painter too.

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