Full Details - VJ Parvathy 2021 Survivor Tamil Contestant

 Vijayalakshmi questions the show's format; VJ Parvathy gets evicted: Arjun announced that Saran Sakthi should have been eliminated from the show based on the decision taken in the last tribal panchayat. But, since he got golden-colored balls when he used his last lifeline, he survived and even got a special power to evict someone else. Sakthi chose Vijayalakshmi. As Vijayalakshi was upset with the turn of events, Arjun gave her an option to shift to the Moondram Ulagam if she wishes to continue in the game. Since she didn't want to set a bad example to her son Nilan by quitting, she moved to the Moondram Ulagam. Vijayalakshmi met VJ Parvathy and Gayathri Reddy there and discussed how each one of them were pushed to the island. Later, Arjun invited Vijayalakshmi, Parvathy and Gayathri to decide the elimination for the day. Vijayalakshmi questioned the rules of the game and asked how Saran got a special power to vote someone out. Arjun said it isn’t right to question the format of the game and that luck also plays a major role in the game. Parvathy and Gayathri were allowed to participate in the task as they got white stones while Vijayalakshmi had to rest as she got a black stone. According to the eliminator task, a pin-table set up and a puzzle with blocks were set up. The two of them had to push the ball and by the time it settles down, they should arrange the word Survivor from the puzzle. Arjun gave them an additional minute to arrange the same. Gayathri eventually finished the task first. Hence, Parvathy got eliminated from the show. She bid adieu to the show and everyone good luck.

Latest Update:
  • Arjun-hosted Survivor is all set to entertain the audience from September 12. The names of eight confirmed contestants were revealed by the channel airing the show and VJ Parvathy is one among them.
  • Full Details of the show @ CLICK HERE
About VJ Parvathy:
  • Who is he: Parvathy hails from Madurai and is indeed proud of her Madurai roots. She never misses a chance to flaunt her love for the historical city.
  • Age 44, Date of Birth 9 September 1977, Married with Vidya Rupa
  • Family:
  • Education: Priyanka has obtained her master's degree in Journalism & Communication. She worked as a reporter during her college and early days of her career.
  • Career, Films: Parvathy also worked as a radio jockey in Madurai for a few years before taking the big leap in her professional career. Parvathy was part of the TV shows Nalaiya Iyakkunar and Cooku with Comalis 2 which earned her popularity. Parvathy is making her film debut with the upcoming movie Sivakumarin Sabadham featuring Hip Hop Tamizha, Madhuri Jain and others. She is also awaiting the release of her upcoming Tamil film Karungaapiyam
  • Unknown Facts: Parvathy is also a talented painter too and never misses a chance to quench her wanderlust. Parvathy is very active on social media and has a significant fan following. She often engages them with her online content.. Ahead of the show's launch, here's a look at the lesser known facts about the radio jockey-turned-actress.

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