Marathi TV Show - Sang Tu Aahes Ka Latest Updates, New Star Cast, New Future Story, Today Episode Written Update

 Latest Updates:

  • Sang Tu Aahes Ka to go off-air; many key knots to be unfolded
    : Show revolves around the life of Swaraj, a superstar. His life takes a tragic turn when his wife unexpectedly passes away. Swaraj is devastated after her demise and is unable to bear the loss. Swaraj feels her presence around him. Later, Vaibhavi comes into his life and tries to find the reason behind the unexpected demise of Swaraj's wife. Ending Episode the audience will know how Vaibhavi died and the reasons behind her tragic death.
  • सांग तू हैस का 150 भाग पूर्ण केले; सिद्धार्थ चांदेकर यांनी चाहत्यांचे आभार मानले Sang Tu Aahes Ka completes 150 episodes; Siddharth Chandekar thanks fans
About the show:
  • Sang Tu Aahes Ka is a Marathi Horror Drama. The show is also remade in Kannada as Aa Kshana Aa Nanthara.
  • Started 7 December 2020 – present in Star Pravah
Story, Plot:
  • Superstar Swaraj Joshi makes a comeback into films after three years. But, with a haunting past. While Swaraj celebrates his birthday with his family, Vaibhavi longs to meet to him.
  • Later, in cruel of twist of fate, Vaibhavi appears in the path of track! After that, Durgesh makes scene while Swaraj and his family enjoys a grand lunch. Elsewhere Vaibhavi gets rescued but keeps incurring horrifying visions. Vaibhavi admires Swaraj while he plants a Tulsi outside the maindoor.
  • Irked by their increasing closeness, Krutika issues a sturn warning to Vaibhavi. After that, Krutika angry ends up hurting herself when she try to destroy the Tulsi plant. Later, Durgesh infuriates the Ghost by discreetly getting hold of Swaraj's diary. Swaraj gets tensed after losing an important dairy.
  • Unaware of Krutika and Durgesh's plan. Later, Vaibhavi gets accused of theft. After few hours, Swaraj got that his diary not theft by Vaibhavi but his dairy theft by none other than Krutika and Durgesh.
  • After that Swaraj's demand that Krutika and Durgesh apologise to Vaibhavi for their silly behaviour.then, Krutika apologise to him for her behaviour. Vaibhavi gets suspicious about Abhay when he locks himself inside Shashikant's room. She gets possessed by spirit while drawing a rangoli.
  • A sense curiosity arises in the ghost about her connection with Vaibhavi. Later, Ghost tries to communicate with her. Swaraj falls in love with Vaibhavi. Krutika panics after getting information about Vaibhavi and Swaraj getting married. Later, she hurts Swaraj. Sulakshana vents out her fury on Vaibhavi and Krutika for inflicting a wound on Swaraj. Later, she apologises to Vaibhavi while Krutika gives an ultimatum to Abhay.
Star Cast:
  • Siddharth Chandekar as Swaraj Joshi (Actor)
  • Shivani Rangole as Vaibhavi (Sona)
  • Saaniya Choudhari as Vaibhavi, Swaraj's ex-wife (Ghost)
  • Sulekha Talwalkar as Sulakshana (Swaraj's Aatya)
  • Siddharth Chandekar As Swaraj Joshi सिद्धार्थ चांदेकर
    Saaniya Chaudhari As Vaibhavi सानिया चौधरी
    Shivani Rangole As Vaibhavi aka Sona शिवानी रांगोळे
    Sulekha Talwalkar As Swaraj’s Aattya Sulu
    Bhagyashree Dalvi As Deepti (Swaraj’s Sister)
    Siddhii Patne As Vaidehi’s Sister Tai
    Tejas Dongre As Durgesh
    Vandana Sheth As Aajji
    Rohan Gujar As Kabir
    Disha Danade As Seema
150 Episode:
  • Marathi TV show Sang Tu Aahes Ka, which often tops the TRP charts, recently completed 150 episodes.
  • The show earned a lot of attention from the audience, thanks to its frequent twists and appealing storyline. Siddharth Chandekar, the show's lead actor, recently thanked the audience and the entire cast and crew on Instagram for their support.
  • Siddharth posted his picture with his co-actors Shivani Rangole and Saaniya Choudhary and wrote, "150 Episodes. Sang Tu Ahes Ka continues being in top 5 all over Maharashtra. तुम्हा सगळ्यांचे आभार मानावे तितके कमीच, लवकरच मुंबईत शूटिंग सुरु करू. 2 महिने घरापासून लांब राहून कंटाळा आलाय. तुमच्या प्रेमामुळे हे करणं शक्य झालं. आलोच आता.. तुम्ही रोज पाहत राहा...सांग तू आहेस का? #sangtuaheska #150episodes #starpravah #siddharthchandekar"
TRP, Reviews:
  • The show always maintained its position into the top 5 Marathi TV shows in Broadcast Audience Research Council.
  • Popular show Sang Tu Aahes Ka has won the audience's heart in a brief period and has succeeded in securing its position on the TRP charts within no time.
  • The romantic thriller tale of Vaibhavi and Swaraj is keeping the audience hooked to the TV screens.
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