Top Netflix releases in September 2021

Netflix Slate For September 2021: Money Heist, Lucifer, Kate And Other Top Series to Release This Month

Netflix releases for September 2021: Money Heist, Lucifer, Kate, Schumacher, and Ankahi Kahaniya among other anticipated series to hit the screens this month. Check out the full list of new Netflix shows here. Top Netflix releases in September 2021

We get you a complete guide of Netflix's shows that are going to capture your imagination this month. Check out this list of top 10 series that are going to get released on Netflix in September 2021 - have your calendar sorted!

Money Heist
Probably the biggest release this month, Money Heistis coming out with its fourth and final season on Netflix on September 3. The show has now got a separate fan base and the last season has left the viewers all excited. So far, the series has traced two big heists - one on the Royal Mint of Spain and the other on the Bank of Spain.

Into The Night
It's a never-seen-before storyline about a hijacked flight that is racing against time to outrace the sun because a shocking and absolutely mysterious cosmic event takes place to destroy the world below. The series premieres on September 8 on Netflix

Blood Brothers: Malcolm X & Muhammad Ali
This is a series that traces the success and failure of the bonding between Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali, a story that is known to many but not really understood by any. The series starts streaming on September 9.

The devil is back on the screen this month with Lucifer premiering its final and sixth season from September 10. The popular series will deal with the Lord of Hell coming to Los Angeles and opening a nightclub, and forming a new connection with a homicide detective.

All the Michael Schumacher fans should hold their breath as Netflix starts streaming a documentary on the life and times of the superstar German Formula One racer from September 15

S*x Education
As it did with all the previous two seasons, S*x Education is back this month to generate some eyeballs with its content. The popular British series about an insecure teenager named Otis and his mother who is a *** therapist is premiering on September 17.

Ankahi Kahaniya
It's an Indian drama with some solid performers coming together to narrate three stories of love, lost and longing in a ruthless city that gives them a surprising connection of companionship. The series premieres on September 17.

Crime Stories: India Detectives
As the name suggests, the series shows cops and detectives at work. It chases the Bengaluru police as they chase and solve the complexities of four major crime investigations. The show goes live on September 22

Monsters Inside: The 24 Faces of Billy Milligan
Releasing on September 22, the show deals with the story of infamous serial rapist from the '70s - Billy Milligan and how he defended his crimes by shaking the entire legal and judicial system of America.
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