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Latest Updates:
  • Today Episode
  • Thumbapoo continues to entertain the fans with the interesting turn of events in the storyline. Rameshan's house has welcomed a new member recently and the story is sure to have some unexpected twists too. In the recent episode of the show, Veena is seen bringing Achu to Rameshan's house. She tells the kid that it is her home. Renu and Remya are shocked by Achu's entry. When they ask Veena about the kid, the latter introduces her as Aishwarya mol to them. But, she doesn't reveal any details about the kid. Renu and Remya are suspicious about whether Achu mol is the kid Rameshan had mentioned earlier. The duo decides to ask Veena about the kid and they go to her room. They overhear Veena's conversation with Achu and learn that the latter calls her as 'Amma'.

  • Rameshan and Veena to end their marriage,
    The popular show, 'Thumbapoo' is progressing with one of the surprising twists in the storyline. After the disputes between Maneesh and Rameshan, it seems like Ramesh and Veena are having some problems too.
  • In the recent episode of the show, Rameshan notices Veena and Maneesh talking in front of the court. Getting agitated by seeing them together, Rameshan lashes out at Maneesh. He shouts that he feels ashamed to live out of Maneesh's favor. He also accuses Maneesh has helped him because of his love for Veena. Hearing Rameshan's accusations, both Veena and Maneesh get shocked. Veena stops Rameshan and requests him not to foil her reputation. But, Rameshan blames that there is an illegitimate relationship between his wife and Maneesh.
  • Veena loses her calm hearing this and she lashes out at Rameshan. She says that she cannot live with someone who doesn't trust her. Veena adds that it is better to end the marriage. She also leaves the court teary-eyed. Rameshan tries to stop her but Veena leaves without talking to him. Further, Rameshan tries to call Veena but he faints.

Actress Ambili Devi is excited about her comeback after two years with Thumbapoo. The actress is seen playing one of the lead characters in the recently launched show. It is Ambili, who has announced the news to her fans, through her social media account. "After a gap of two and a half years, I am back to dear viewers with the show 'Thumbapoo' as Maya. Thanks to the whole team of Thumbapoo for trusting me with Maya. Hope to get the same love and support from my dear viewers who stood by me always," she wrote.  Actress Ambili Devi is one of the much-loved actors of Malayalam TV. From her first serial 'Samayam' to the lastest 'Seetha', she has played some remarkable characters on TV. The actress took a break from 'Seetha' due to her pregnancy two years back. Ambili Devi recently made headlines regarding issues with her husband and actor Adithyan Jayan. Thumbapoo portrays the life of Veena, a middle-class woman who believes that beauty lies in one's character but not looks. On the other hand, the show also deals with the motivating life of Rameshan, who suffers from stuttering. Actors Mridhula Vijai and Sachin play Veena and Rameshan respectively. 

  • The show will go on air from Monday, October 18.

About the show:
  • Malayalam TV is all set to have yet another new show.
  • The Mridhula Vijai - Sachin starrer, 'Thumbapoo' will hit the small screen soon.
  • From the unique storyline to actress-turned-writer Sangeetha Mohan penning the script, here's all you need to know about the show.
  • 'Thumbapoo' portrays the life of a middle-class woman Veena, who believes that beauty lies in one's character and not looks. On the other hand, the show also deals with the motivating life of Rameshan, who suffers from stuttering.
Star Cast, Crew:
  • Actress Mridhula Vijai will be seen playing the role of main protagonist, Veena, in the show. In the teasers, the actress is spotted in a no-makeup avatar in the show. Mridhula was earlier seen in the show 'Pookkalam Varavayi'.
  • Padatha Painkili fame Sachin will be playing Rameshan in the show. Interestingly, it is the actor's first serial in a lead role.
  • Besides the main protagonists, the show will have Remya Sudha, Julie Hendry, Amritha playing meaty roles.
  • The script of the show is done by actress-turned-writer Sangeetha Mohan. Sangeetha is doing the script as per the story from Sharmila V Sharmi.
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