Marathi TV Show - Sundari Updates, New Star Cast, New Future Story, Today Episode Written Update


Latest Update:

  • Popular Kannada TV show Sundari to be remade in Marathi

About the Show:

  • Several new shows have been launched on Marathi TV, and they are doing quite well on the TRP charts as well. Now, viewers will get to see a new Marathi TV show soon with the launch of 'Sundari.' Actress Swati Limaye has been roped in to play the pivotal role in the show.
  • TV show Sundari was initially launched in Kannada television and later remade in Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali, and now in Marathi.
  • Marathi version of Sundari will launch on a new Marathi TV channel.
  • The makers of the show recently shared the promo of the show and it is captioned as, "साकारून स्वप्ने तिला आणायचाय बहर. मात्र दुनियेची नजर तिच्या रंगावर. नक्की बघा रुपाहूनही हाय जिचं मन लय भारी...ती सुंदरी - 17 ऑक्टोबरपासून सोमवार ते शनिवार सं. 7:00 वा. फक्त @sunmarathi वर.#sunmarathi #सनमराठी #सोहळानात्यांचा #सुंदरी"
  • The show is based on a girl who faces discrimination for her dark skin.
  • She has a kind heart and a pure soul, but due to society's discrimination for her skin color, she struggles to find the right guy to get married to.
  • 'Sundari' wants to fulfill her dreams and achieve her goals. Sundari is a goddess's devotee, and she believes in inner beauty rather than physical appearance.
Star Cast, Crew:
  • Actress Swati Limaye has been roped in to play the pivotal role in the show.
  • In Kannada, actors Sameeip Acharya and Aishwarya Pisse played pivotal roles in the show.

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