Special Mahasangam - Wagle Ki Duniya, Maddam Sir, Shubh Laabh- Aapkey Ghar Mein, and others


Latest Update:
  • The duo will be seen entertaining in this special Mahasangam Saturday from 7.30 pm to 11 pm on October 9.
  • Special Mahasangam Saturday to introduce 6 days a week episodics
  • Shows like Wagle Ki Duniya, Maddam Sir, Shubh Laabh- Aapkey Ghar Mein, and others.

Star Cast:
  • Rakhi and Ketan will be playing two of the most popular thieves called “Begum and Badshah” who have looted 21 states and are on the run. No one knows their real name and their actual face as they have conned people in one or the other disguise. The only thing police have as a clue is their disguised get-up and their signature Begum Badshah card.
  • Rakhi Sawant, talking about her stint said, "For the Maha Sangam Saturday, Ketan and I will bring exciting twists and turns to the storylines of the channel’s shows, and it will keep the viewers hooked. I can assure you that the audience will love the amalgamation of thrill, excitement, and power-packed performances that will knock on their doors this Saturday kyuki jahan Rakhi Sawant hoti hai wahan entertainment kabhi nahi rukta!"
  • Sumeet Raghavan, essaying the role of Rajesh in Wagle Ki Duniya, said, "The fans have showered us with their immense love, and their constant appreciation has inspired the channel to add an extra day of entertainment to their daily lives. The viewers should just sit back and relax and enjoy the fantastic line-up of content we have for them and check out what's in store."
  • Geetanjali Tikekar, essaying the role of Savita in Shubh Laabh- Aapkey Ghar Mein, said, "The Maha Sangam Shaanivar will unfold a pool of opportunities and intertwining stories. With the addition of Rakhi and Ketan, it will be interesting to watch the episodes build intrigue and suspense as they are here with a motive. I believe it's a blessing to meet your viewers now, six days a week, and I can proudly say that we are the ambassadors of spreading happiness to our audiences."
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